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Foodie| The Safe Room - Nitrogen Ice Cream in Mango & Jackfruit Coconut

I went on a trip with a local Penang girl along with my campus mates and didn't know where we're going until she drove us there. So anything I wrote here, aside from my own experiences, are only realized when I'm doing this blog post.

The Safe Room

42, Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Georgetown, Penang
Penang, Malaysia 10100
12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
04-261 2479 | Facebook 

Apparently, the "Safe Room Penang's first liquid nitrogen ice creams. Malaysia's first Dragon's Breath." Coolio. I've been seeing the so-called Dragon Breath everywhere on my social media but didn't really care to search up where to get in Malaysia. I guess I've just stumbled across one.

On the board:
"Making a commitment in serving delicious & healthy food, we handcraft ice-creams using fresh ingredients and freeze instantly with liquid nitrogen fit for your lifestyle all fresh"

I can't see any punctuation soooo... moving on.

On a mini board:
"What makes our ice-cream THE BEST?

We use fresh ingredients, fresh milk, fresh fruits and even freshly brewed coffee! We make your ice-cream only when you order, every time! No preservatives! Healthy!

Simple! We don't use any sorts of cream, instead, we use fresh milk! We use coconut water & flesh, no coconut milk!

Cool & Creamy
Our ice-creams are all frozen instantly using liquid nitrogen (-200°C) which gives the most creamy texture & its cool!

Nothing tastes better than freshness! With our best ingredients, we found the balance point of tastiness & healthiness."

The decoration here is pretty decent. Nothing too fancy or special.

Though, it kinda felt like the owner has a thing for lego displays. 

There's a menu behind the bar just like every other cafe.

Here's a close up of the menu:

There are also some liquid nitrogen tanks right beside the bar, hidden behind the main door.

The bar has almost everything along with a self-service counter and a popcorn machine.

The display fridge has Tapping Tapir too, just like every other cafe that I've visited in Penang. They also have some cakes. fresh fruits and coconut inside.

They have a game station right next to the water dispenser, labelled as the Game Station.

You don't need to pay any deposits or rental fees to play the games but you should have some manners and ethics whenever you decide to take a set of a board game to play.

There are plenty of board games for you to play. I didn't explore the station but this picture should give you a good idea of what kinds of games they have.

They've also had some free coffee grounds available and guess what? I took them all. All 8 packs of them. I weighed them and they are about 1.2kg heavy. Yes, I brought them back to KL with me. I know there are cafes here in KL too but not many practices such moves. I took them back with me and heated them to remove moisture. Even made scrubs too and it felt goooood. I'll put it up to my webshop soon.

I'm actually surprised that she wasn't phased when I said I wanted to grab everything. She looked pretty stressed out whenever I walked by. Probably thought that I was looking for blogger discounts all I'm not really that kind of blogger.

The safe room

It's pretty small and messy inside. Most probably because many kids had been playing inside with crayons. I didn't find the appeal to explore inside.

Mango Nitrogen Ice Cream RM16.90

Once being served, it was blasting with nitrogen gas. It took about 15 seconds for the gas to subside and we all started to dig in.

OHOH. I like this. If it's not this expensive, I'll order this every day I'm in Penang. 

They also served it with some mint leaves. Feels alright with the mint leaves.

Jackfruit Coconut Nitrogen Ice Cream RM17.90

Same with the mango one, it was blasting nitrogen gas when it was served.


So this is me saying that: it tasted so goddamn disgusting because it was filled with jackfruit taste. SO HEAVY TASTE. I really don't like it. I just wanted to try the coconut ice cream but blekghgkhkghk the jackfruit taste was EVERYWHERE.

In order words: If you love jackfruit, you will really like this. 

The smell is heavy. The taste is heavy.
I don't likey. You will defo likey.

Apparently, they have another level upstairs too so we went up to take a look.


It's a lounge area with a small stage in front. Probably like a mini bar except that there's no bar here.

However, the only washroom in this entire cafe was only available on this level.


They have a pretty nice retro-styled washroom here.

You can find many potted plants here but it's still kind of stuffy inside. Mainly because they didn't turn on the air-conditioner on the second level.

The stalls are pretty small but it's still okay. Look at the dog toilet paper dispenser tho omg.

Anyway, that's all for this trip to the Safe Room cafe. A pretty decent cafe that's located within a quiet street down in Georgetown. We've also found a shop called the Mugshot cafe that was famously known for their cream cheese bagels. It was pretty okay but what's interesting is that they are linked to another bakery, an optic shop & a hostel. Read the blog post from the button below.


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That's all for this post!
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