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Foodie| The Mugshot Cheese Baguls & Rainforest Bakery ft Spark Optic

I went on a trip with a local Penang girl along with my campus mates and didn't know where we're going until she drove us there. So anything I wrote here, aside from my own experiences, are only realized when I'm doing this blog post.

The Mugshot

302 Chulia Street
George Town, Malaysia 10200
8:00 AM - 12:00 AM
+60 12-405 6276 | Facebook

Located in Chulia Street, it's actually pretty easy to find it but the parking spaces available can be pretty scarce. When we first arrived, I was surprised by the number of foreigners sitting around the cafe. It seems like backpackers do love giving this cafe a visit huh.

Hello bro, why you givin the stern stares m8 HAHAH

The pricing here is about the same as KL price. Nothing too special ba.

They've also had an oven which has a chute that connects all the way up the roof. Pretty cool.

If you're seated near it, you wouldn't even feel the heat, which was pretty nice, I guess.

Before walking any further, there is a connected bakery right next to the Mugshot. They serve fresh western bakeries like baguettes and croissants.

Rainforest Bakery

300, Chulia St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang
10 am - 9 pm (Daily)
Facebook | 04-261 4641

They have cakes in the displaying fridge.

They also have other pre-prepared bakeries in the display container with ingredients like tomatoes, meat, cheese and curry. The ones in this section have a more savoury taste.

The baked goods behind are the typical ones.

If you walk further into the Mugshot, you will be standing in the midpoint of the entire building. There will be two large tables to cater to larger groups. We sat at the one near the green window. Speaking of the green window, I'll tell you what it's about later on.

Here, you can take a mugshot photo with the wall over there. They also have a sign for you to hold but you can no longer erase what's written on it. They were imprinted into the sign already.

The Mugshot is, apparently, famous for selling their cream cheese bagels. We wanted to try other stuff so we also ordered two more dishes. We had ordered three dishes. Two bagels from The Mugshot and a savoury Tomato Focaccia from the Rainforest Bakery.

Cream Cheese RM7

To be honest, I find it alright. I'm not really into the poppy seeds and the cream cheese has more creamy taste than the cheese. I suppose if you're into plain tasting food you'll like this. Though I like how the bagel tastes like.

Turkey Ham & Cranberry Paste RM13 

Ahhhhhhh I wish they put more cranberry paste. One piece of ham is fine but at least give us more jam?? I feel so sad for this little thing. Totes not gonna get this again. I'd rather buy one of their bagels and just smother my own cranberry jam on it. At least I can drown it in jam.


Tomato Focaccia RM 7.50

I actually enjoyed this one more than the bagels. It tastes so good, especially with the tomato. They are baked just right and not to mention the price is more reasonable than the bagels. Super likey.


Separating the bagels into 5 portions can be a pain in the butt when they are kinda hard to cut into but the focaccia is actually tougher to cut through but at least the size is big enough to cut into 6 portions. I personally prefer the focaccia than the bagels because they are actually tasteless for me. I'll probably go back there just to try more bakeries but I'm not gonna get more bagels. I just don't like how they are. If my partners want to try, I will definitely bring my own jam and eat my portion with jam instead. MORE JAM, GUYS. GIVE MORE JAM.

Anyway, let's move on and resume our exploration.

There is a wall art piece located right in front of the stairway that leads you to a bulk dormitory-styled hostel. The art piece is pretty cool and detailed. Props the artist, Thomas Powell.

Olive Spring Design Hostel

302, Chulia St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang
011-1070 7399 | Facebook

We didn't go upstairs so we don't know what it looks like but based on the pictures from Facebook, they seem to be like the time-capsule hotel with many bunk beds together and they should be offering a cheap accommodation price that attracts many backpackers.

If you walk further from the midpoint, there will be another small section here.

It is an interconnection of the Mugshot with an optic shop that sells many cool looking specs.

Spark Optics

302 Chulia Street (Inside The Mug Shot Cafe) 
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
+6042519327/019-442 9903 | Facebook

I've never heard of this optic shop but hey it caught my attention.

Almost every part of this room contains specs and shades.

There's one that caught my eyes and I really love it but when I saw the price.... welp, let's just say that if they are willing to sponsor me this, I will wear it in most of my photos.

Most of the specs are around that price range too, so I suppose they cater to higher up eyewear markets. The most expensive one I've gotten was from Medium Rare and it was only RM150, so it kinda felt painful to purchase one at that price.

*Cough* *cough* I have perfect eyesight so Y'all don't have to custom make the glasses *cough* *cough* I really like dis *cough*, can sponsor me, please? *cough*

There are more specs on the table.

More shades on the other side of the wall.

More shades on the table too.

There was also a box of specs in a custom box. I suppose it's actually a different brand itself.

Here's another brand too.

Anyway, that's all for this trip to the Mugshot cafe. A pretty decent cafe that's located in a quite busy street down in Georgetown. We walked around afterwards and there are more cafes down the streets. We've also found a shop called the Safe Room that caters nitrogen ice cream. It was surprisingly good too! Read the blog post from the button below.

That's all for this post!
Do check out my other post as they may be helpful to you :)

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