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Foodie| Sugar On Top - Hotcakes in The Pink and Earl Grey Charcoal

I went on a trip with a local Penang girl along with my campus mates and didn't know where we're going until she drove us there. So anything I wrote here, aside from my own experiences, are only realized when I'm doing this blog post.

SOT Nagore

No.21, Jalan Bawasah, 10050
Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Penang, Malaysia

Work Hours : 11.00am - 11.00pm 
@ SOT Nagore | Facebook

When we first walked to this place, it felt superb nice and cosy. The decorations easily out-win many cafes in KL and the colour combination was well-done.

Upon arrival, we were seated in a room that could easily fit 10+ people. We only had 5 people at that time but since we didn't visit during peak hours or tourism seasons, that room was available for a larger crowd and we happened to be the lucky ones.

When you first come in, you'll be welcomed by the sight of a barista busy making drinks for his customers. He was very serious at his job. No smiles but it wasn't really a big deal. When I'm too focused, I don't have a smile on my face too.

Looking to the right, you'll see some merchandise items, books and board games available on the shelves. We had limited time in this place, so I didn't explore the contents and details.

Moving further into the room, there will be some drinks on the counter that are on sale. I found that almost every cafe that I've visited in Penang has bottles of Tapping Tapir in their display fridge. Huh. Anyways, I don't really like the idea of having mugs of plain water there when they don't plan to serve them for free. Apparently, they charged by CUPS at a 'small' price of RM0.50. I'm sorry lah, almost every cafe that I visited in KL don't charge money for plain water. It kind of turned me off after knowing that they do charge money. Business very bad meh?

There were also some photographs and certificates on the shelves behind the barista.

There are some tables on the walkway too but they could only fit two people at most. It's still fine to walk around the walkway. Not too tight.

Behind the barista bar, there is a staircase to go upstairs.

No sign of 'no entry' so, upstairs I went.

Judging by the display, it's pretty much a catering area for parties and celebration.

It's not a big area but it still feels pretty nice to host an event up here.

If you go back to where you've first entered, you'll notice that there's another room to go. This section is mostly dining only. Pretty cosy decorations and design.

A view from all the way back there.

Back to where we were seated, the small room has a semi-transparent ceiling along with a dangling light. They've also installed an air-cond there. 

As for the slogan "We're not crazy, just S.O.T.", it actually took me a while to realize that they made a pun. It's a bad one. The word "sot" means insane in Cantonese. Somewhere around the 'abnormal' and 'psychopath' side. So, I'm assuming they're implying that they're not crazy (like party-crazy), just abnormally insane.

We went there just to check out the desserts because my Penang friend said that the desserts are the main thing for this cafe.

The first order that I made was a Dragon fruit Banana drink, RM 15. Okay ba, the price. I think. I don't know. I just know that if you eat the desserts before drinking this, you can't really taste much besides a hint of banana. The texture is quite thick too.


Charcoal Earl Grey Hotcake RM18.90

This one taste pretty sweet but still manageable. The charcoal taste is there but not as strong as the earl grey's scent. The lava inside is caramel coloured and it tastes super good along with the hotcake, especially when the hot cake still has the crunchie outer side.

The Pink Hotcake RM17.90

I like this the most. I think the entire thing is berry flavour. Not so sure since there wasn't any description but if you like strawberry or any other berries, you will definitely love this too. Eating with the gooey lava is the best because you can fully taste the berries. If I'm visiting again, this will definitely be in the order. Totes suka.

Five of us have different preferences. Two girls preferred the black one and the other two girls preferred the pink one. The last guy just wanted to nom everything.


I really do like the hotcakes. The texture is amazing, especially when you eat with the gooey lava. The drinks are expensive for my own preferences so maybe I'll just bring my own water next time. I saw the menu and the other food looks good too. I'll probably give the pasta a try when I'm visiting Johor. ....I said Johor. Yep. Wanna know why? 

According to the reviews on their Facebook page, the staffs weren't smiling at all while many foods were unavailable despite not displaying a 'sold out' sign on the menu. Some of the reviewers mentioned that the waiting time was long, it was indeed true. Before our food arrived, I actually had the time to move the table outside our room closer to us so that we can have a substitute for the lack of tripod. The food hasn't even arrived after we moved the table back and rearranged the chairs and utensils back to their original form. That probably took over 20 minutes. Not to mention that I had sufficient time to move around the cafe and explore every part of it. 

Even so, Johor HQ doesn't really have better reviews, especially for their staffs. The reviewers are pretty harsh on the comments, too. But hey, at least most of the food is available in their HQ right?

I don't know. I hope they do. Most importantly, I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the desserts without any awful things happening.

Will I recommend this?
Maaaaaaaaaybe. I just hope that the staffs behave well whenever people walk in to try just because I suggested that the hotcakes are good.


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