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Foodie | The Bros. Company Cafe Shop, Seremban 2

Bros. Company, Uptown Avenue

Seremban 2

297 b13, 2, Jalan S2 B13, 70300
10 a.m. - 9 p.m. (Last order 8 p.m.)

This place is quite Korean-oriented. Most of the things have some sort of relation back to Korea. It could be the name or the food fusion. The bosses sound and look Korean to me. I assumed that this cafe was made out of the enthusiasm to mix Western and Korean cafe culture together.

We only found this place because we couldn't find a way to enter the Church of Visitation (very weird management) and I did a quick Google search to find a nearby cafe. This cafe has the highest rating so we drove here to enjoy high-tea before going back to KL.

They have some coffee grounds displayed here and I believe that they are for coffee lovers to take a sniff in order to decide which coffee they prefer.

Some scones if you'd like. Oh, all of their staffs looked very tired and emotionless, even the bosses. I felt empathized instead of annoyed by that, to be honest. Perhaps they deserve a good rest.

They also have some cakes available here and one of the flavours that caught my eyes was the LEMON CHEESECAKE! I love lemon cheesecake. But sadly I've been eating it as my lunch for two weeks and I decided to take a break from cheesecake so I had to miss this opportunity out.

First Floor

There are some magazines for you to read. Some are in Korean and the rest are in English. You can self-service room-temperature or hot plain water here as well as sugar.

The female washroom is located on the first floor at the far end of the shop.

Near the main door, there's a staircase on the left. You can go upstairs but you have to order at the counter. They don't have staffs on the second floor.

They're also selling some toddler clothes and a luggage bag?

Second Floor

It's a very quiet area. My DSLR's shutter kinda startled the kids over there.

I assumed that they're there to study but when I was standing near them to take a shot of the right side of this floor, they all stared at me like I've rudely interrupted a classroom. *Shrugs*

This is another corner that's directly behind the wall that was facing the staircase.

The right side of this floor is rather open and bright. Although they have AC in this floor, the entire floor was rather warm and a bit stuffy. Plain water is provided as well.

They do have a lot of things on display here.



We've ordered a latte and a spaghetti.

My partner said that the coffee was nice but it was rather small, especially for the price.

This pasta dish is called Mr Mushroom. It's basically Carbonara without meat. They put a lot of garlic in it and I love it. I love eating cooked garlic. They have some mushroom in it too. My partner said that it tastes good with the vege/herb they put on top. I find it okay.

I'm a pasta-enthusiast and I'd say that this is a decent dish. Overall, not bad.


I like the ambience in this cafe and the feeling is so cosy. The staffs all looked tired tho and some of the guests looked at us (or just me, I have ombre black-red hair) like we're some weirdos but that's fine. The food here, after looking around, the portion looks good. Their bingsu also looked amazing but we didn't go there for that. The latte was small and the spaghetti was filling. Overall, it's a good experience for an impromptu cafe-visit.

That's all for this post!

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