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Foodie | The Lucky Seafood PD a.k.a. Lucky King Bun

Lucky Lukut Seafood

 (Lucky King Bun PD Outlet)
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

4366, 4349, Jalan Besar, Taman Port Dickson, 71010 
11.30am - 10.30pm | 06-651 2392

When you are around this area, you pretty much can't miss this restaurant because of the huge signboard and the chicken statue (unless you're driving through the traffic from the right side of the store since it will be blocked by another corner lot). The parking space here is quite sufficient and there isn't the need to walk far from the furthest point of parking lots. 

The buns here are prepared every day to maintain freshness and they are taken care of by the staff in charge. If you need to take away, you can do so too! Just pay at the counter and present your receipt at the stall to collect your buns.

I was excited to come here because I used to love eating curry bun when I was younger and that my mom used to make them a lot. However, she forgot the recipe after not making it for around a decade, so I had to resort to eating from this restaurant. Many people raved about their buns tho.


Our Order

They gave us a young coconut and the flesh was easy to be scoped out. The one on the right is their passion fruit juice which tasted quite... weird... and slimy... huh... I ordered Luo Hon Guo after that and it tastes so much better. Cheaper too!!

We only ordered one curry bun there. This can fill 4-6 people max. We only had two people there and it wasn't the wisest choice to order it but then again, my partner can eat a lot. After we finished, only a one-person portion was left. 

There are only potatoes and chicken in the curry which was wrapped in baking paper and aluminium foil, essentially surrounded by bread.

Here's a size comparison with the things around the table to give you a good estimation of how big it can be. So if your group cannot eat a lot, best not to order ha.


This area was easy to find and we got really lucky with the parking space. Come around 2pm if you want a parking lot. The food was decent, though I wish the curry would taste heavier. The spiciness was just right. The potatoes feel kinda gummy tho, not really to my liking. The chicken was okay but I couldn't eat them because I have braces and they're tough/tiring to chew. I left all the chicken and potatoes to my partner while I stuffed myself with bread. 

The first beverage choice was terrible for me so I really, really, recommend you to avoid fruit juice and pick Luo Han Guo because it helps to cool your body temperature while quenching thirst.

That's all for this post!

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