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Unboxing, Haul & Gifts! | It's a birthday!

My birthday was the first Sunday of this month and while I didn't celebrate with many people, I did treat myself the way I couldn't before. Not only that, I have wonderful friends and an amazing boyfriend who had gotten me something too ๐Ÿ’ Not to mention that there are many perks from brands available during birthday month! I redeemed so many perks, my boyfriend and I didn't even spend over RM150 on my birthday (besides the gifts he got me of course :p)!

Read about birthday promos/privileges here:

Here is a list of the things that I bought and received. I'll also explain why I bought those items instead of other available substitutes.

Sephora Haul

Total: RM 1046 | After 20% Off: RM 836.80

I'm a black card member but I don't usually spend money on Sephora. Seeing that my card is expiring on 23rd October and that I needed to spend at least RM781 for renewal kinda made me wanna spend as much. It's a bit of a reckless thing to do but I've finally got my first job, my birthday is this month and there's a 20% sale going on too. Eventually, I thought to myself, why the heck not? So I grabbed a cart and spent quite a long time in the store to decide what I want.

While I was deciding, I also used the Sephora app to do the calculation for the entire cart since it's easier than typing repeatedly on the calculator app. At the same time, I can instantly search for similar substitutes and compare prices without running around the store. 


Fenty Beauty

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick
Spanked | 1.7g | RM80

I've been wanting more Fenty Beauty items and the mini combo that I wanted (the set with Griselda and Spanked together) was sold out in-store so I took a full-sized instead. I wasn't a fan of Griselda, so Spanked it is!

I actually wanted to get the Stunna Lip Paint too but the only colour that suits me (Uncuffed) was sold outttt tooo. I could've gotten Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Colour Splash lipstick (there were a few colours that I like) but it's more expensive than Ri-ri's mattemoiselle. Other brands' lip products haven't really strike me yet too.

Essentially, Mattemoiselle has the sleekest look I've ever seen. Although small, it's still very attractive and vogue looking. Ri-ri claimed it to be long-wearing and petal-soft matte finishing. I've yet to try it because... it's too precious!

Many people who wrote reviews on the Sephora site had also agreed that it has a "vibrant colour", "buttery and velvet texture," "glides smoothly on the lips" and does not feel dry too. However, many agreed that the weight of the lipstick doesn't make it feel as premium as it looks. The casing feels .. "cheap" and some even mentioned that it's not transfer-proof. But hey! I'll still give Ri-ri the credit for the packaging look. It's really something else.


Fenty Beauty

Match Stix Trio
Medium 200 - Bamboo, Mocha, Trippin
7.1g | RM216 

I always love buying makeup sets. Not to mention that I've been wanting to own at least two of these just to be impressed by the magnetic case. There are 4 different shading sets for this makeup set, ranging from 100 to 400. Each set is for different skin tone.

While my skin tone colour is at the Light tone which is the 100's range (it's either 150 or 160, I still can't decide), I decided to get the Medium set because... it's the only set with a pinkish blush colour. The Light set has a suitable contour colour (Amber) for me, the conceal colour (Linen) may be suitable too, but I'm not liking the highlight stick (Starstruck) because the colour feels odd on me. The Deep and Tan sets were obviously too dark for me. On and all, if Trippin seems to be too weird as a highlight, at least I could use it as eyeshadow. Multipurpose at best yo!

In this set, there are three colours: Bamboo, Mocha and Trippin.

I tested Bamboo on the back of my hand and it seems okay. Mocha was really dark. Did you know that Mocha is actually Rihanna's contour colour? Oopsie! I suppose I'll use as little as possible ๐Ÿ˜œ 


Too Faced

Better Than Birthday Sex Mascara
(20 Year Anniversary Glitter Version)
8ml | RM84

Okay, the only two reasons why I got this was because: It was my birthday and I need a new mascara. It says that it's better than birthday sex but honestly... I don't know because... because I didn't have sex lah! Please keep your mind clean... 

I haven't tried the mascara yet but judging from the reviews, some did agree that the formula is slightly better... A good blogger friend kept telling me that this thing isn't as good as they claimed to be tho. 


Too Faced

Peach Perfect Mattifying Loose Setting Powder
35g | RM141

My 3CE loose powder is old. I'm talking like, 3-5 years old. I still can use them but they aren't as good as they used to be. I also wanted to try baking but that requires lots of powder so getting one that will last a while sure is difficult. I've looked for options around Sephora but... they are more expensive. Like, I scrolled through Sephora website and saw a lot of setting powder products but they have a lesser weight than Too Faced Peach Perfect. 

Taking note that this product is at RM141 for 35g, here's a list of substitutes at the similar price range for you to compare and review:
1. Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder RM183 for 10g
2. Jill Stuart Airy Tulle Lasting Loose Powder RM169 for 20g
3. Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder RM159 for 10g
4. RMS Beauty Tinted "Un" Powder RM155 for 9g
5. Too Faced Born This Way Setting Powder RM131 for 17g
6. Pretty Vulgar The Powder Room Translucent Setting Powder RM141 for 25g
7. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Silk HD Anti-Aging Micro-Powder RM117 for 6.8g
8. Tarte Filtered Light Setting Powder RM115 for 10g
9. Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder RM108 for 2.7g

There's a setting powder that has the same weight but slightly cheaper price. Clinique offers RM 122 for 35g with a brush but most of the colours were sold off so it was off the table for me at that time. 

I get that formula and density could be the variables too but yeah, I'm not living the full aiming-for-quality life yet. I still gotta make sure I spend my money wisely rather than recklessly. I mean, this haul is pretty reckless but you get what I mean.


Too Faced

Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Blush
Ginger Peach | 12g | RM122 

I've been searching both high and low to find a really popping orange blusher. I've tried many Korean brands such as Etude House, The Saem, and Innisfree. I went to PlayUp Advance, Fahrenheit 88 to try all of the blushers there. In Sephora, I've even tried Clinique, 3CE and many other brands there. Nothing, I really do mean nothing was popping enough until I tried this. 

Although I'm not really a fan of the packaging because it feels a bit cheap, I really like that this blusher is big. I mean, yea its more expensive but I'm sure I can use longer. There's a bit of cracking on the surface, which I don't know why. I tried googling and most of them don't have cracks. Hmmmmmmmmmm. 


Tarteist™ PRO Cruelty-Free Lashes
RM44 | Little black dress

I.... only bought this because I felt curious about expensive false lashes.
Yea. That's the only reason. I mean, I have some lashes from a Japanese brand but, I'm still curious. Just let me be, moooooooooooooom. I know you're reading this. I know you're judging my spending style.



Beauty Elixir 
100ml | RM195
I've been aiming to buy this ever since I discovered I have eczema!! This elixir is so amazing and it works super well if you pair it with the Vinosource moisturizer. But purchasing both together (Elixir is RM195 and Vinosource is RM135 for a small tube of 40ml) would cause a huge hole in my wallet, so I only bought this instead. I finished my Innisfree mist spray so this is now my next.



Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator
50ml | RM164

Everyone has been raving about how good this product is. I literally mean everyone, ranging from friends to celebrities. It's a highly reviewed item yet the pricing is so... heartbreaking. Did you know that a 30ml small-tiny-arse tub is RM99? A slightly bigger tub at 50ml is RM164. This moisturizer is so expensive! It better work fine otherwise I'll throw a fit for real.




Toasted Eyeshadow Palette

I also bought a palette earlier this year as an early birthday gift. They had a 20% discount and I had a 10% discount code so I got the palette for RM119. Back then, I was into orange tones (I still do, just not as much). I heard that many people bought one of their eyeshadow palettes at the similar range so I thought I should give it a try. After opening the palette with excitement, I was rather a bit disappointed mainly because it's not as orange-toned as I expected it to be. It's more towards the pink tones when you look at it in real life. But hey, no harm having another eye palette, am I right ladies?

Althea Haul

Total: RM445 | After Credits & Discount: RM0.50

Every month, Althea Korea would credit $100 store credits into the accounts of Althea Angels (beauty ambassadors for Althea) during their birthday month. My birthday month arrived and I spent all of it in one shot!


Etude House 

Mini Two Match Nuts & Fruits
RM21 | 2.4g

These little nups are actually inserts. I'm supposed to buy a casing that costs RM11 but I felt lazy anyway since Etude House Malaysia only gives you free engraving if you buy all the nups and a casing together from their store. I'm just not feeling it. So I'm gonna use these just as they are. 

I bought all the 4 colours available on Althea Korea which was listed as Autumn special. (I actually really like Autumn colours.) 

RD305 Dried Jujube (Warm Tone - Autumn)

BR402 Fig (Neutral Tone)

BR404 Almond (Warm Tone - Autumn)

BR406 Hey Hazelnut (Neutral Tone)

The end of the lippie has a magnet and it's supposed to be that way. They were designed for the magnetic casing that clips two nups together. But I'm really not feeling like buying the connector so... I'll just use it like this. After being reminded of my 30% Birthday Discount, I think I'll just get two connectors. Since one is RM11, after discount it should be RM7.70.



Silky Perfect Foot Peeling Pack
RM17 | 40ml
This one... it's pretty self-explanatory HAHAHA I just wanted to get a foot peeling mask to revive my feet again. They are pretty dry and neglected. Hopefully, these work tho because I've tried some and they didn't work for me (my skin didn't peel)



Beauty Water Set
340ml+60ml | RM94 

Okay, hear me out. I do have a bottle still unopened BUT, but everyone really likes this and since it comes with a travel-sized bottle, I figured why not (again). It's really convenient, okay. I can just board the plane with it in my carry-on bag and do cotton-pad mask whenever I feel like it.



One Kill Eyeliner
Brown| 0.5g | RM23 |

I've been dying to get a brown eyeliner but the options are either too expensive or unappealing. I mainly grabbed this because I needed a few items to fit the bag and this has a decent price too. I know K-palette is good ( I have a few blacks) and the Kiss Me Heroine one too but they can be a bit expensive. I just wanted to get a brown liner for experimental purposes. 

I mean, I tried using brown eyeliner pencil but the effects are different, ya know?



Secret of Sahara Sleep Mask Good Night
100ml | RM77

Huxley, oh, Huxley. I've been eyeing on their Sahara Oil but it takes too much of the monetary space in my cart so I dropped it and grabbed this instead. I really wanna try how good Huxley is. Besides, I needed a sleeping mask anyway. I'm too lazy kinda lack of time for 10-20min sheet masks. 



Derma Soothing Mineral O2 Cream
100ml | RM61

I finished my Althea Bare Essential moisturizer awhile ago and haven't opened up a new tub of moisturizer yet. Been looking around tho. I got a Clinique one for experimental purposes (a really expensive one) but I also wanna try other (affordable) brands. Dear, Klairs and Huxley are still a bit too expensive for me whereas I've yet to check out other brands.

I've been seeing this for quite a while so I thought to myself that there's no harm giving this a try


It's My 

Eyelash Curler
RM12 | Comb

I've been using a cheap-arse Watson's eyelash curler so yes, I need a new one. Something good enough but holly crap the ones in Sephora are crazy expensive (RM90 for an eyelash curler?? It better turn lashes into gold, man). This curler has been popping up here and there too. Not to mention that it has a comb on it?? Good enough reason to try.


Colour Deep + Laboratories

Glam Shine RM44 1.5gx12ea

I admit. I don't need more eyeshadow palettes. But please hear me out again, this one is just RM44 and the colours somehow resemble a Naked palette? I've never heard this brand before but after googling it for a bit, it was from Korea.

This palette features 12 colours that suit daily/nude/smokey looks with a hint of romance in the air. I think that these colours suit all sorts of dates. You know, like the casual dates, formal dates, picnic dates, etc.

It comes with a two-headed brush.


Colour Deep + Laboratories

Neutral City RM33 1.5gx12ea

I saw this and I was like, I wanna test with purple eyeshadows. Usually, purple eyeshadow reminds me of those awkward makeup looks that I did on my face with my mom's makeup back when I was 5 years old, or other kids too. About 20 years back, many Asian celebrities used purple eyeshadow and -I'll be frank that- if they use the same technique now, many would think of them as makeup amateurs. I mean, I get that it was a hit back then but not for this generation. So that's why I wanted to test purple eyeshadow using the techniques available now and see if they're safe for my skin tone.

This palette features 12 colours that suits daily/nude/smokey looks with a hint of city life. They remind me of office look, neutral daily looks and workplace events. I think it should be fine for networking events such as in ballrooms or galas, too.

It comes with a dual-ended brush too!

Cotton on & Co

Total RM35.50 | After discount: RM5.50

Did you know that by signing up Perks by Cotton on & Co, you get to have RM30 cash voucher as a welcome gift and another RM30 cash voucher as a birthday gift? Of course, the minimum spending is RM30.01 and you can use it in both physical or online store. Pretty convenient. I saw a peach trinket online and I wanted it because it looks nice but I needed to spend a bit more so I got something from the Cotton On Foundation. I mean, I needed to buy one more thing and I could also be doing a good deed at the same time, so why not? Not to mention that the delivery was so speedy! I ordered it on 11th of Oct at 6pm, received a NinjaVan delivery notification at 8pm and received the item on the very next day at 11am! So impressive!


Cotton On Foundation

Typo Difference Tote Bag
Happy Moon | RM5.50

I saw this tote bag and instantly want it because other designs are not my style.



Novelty Trinket Box Peach RM 30

This is the trinket that I wanted. At first I thought it was the size of a coffee cup plate but apparently, it's bigger than that. This is about the size of a normal plate. Maybe slightly smaller but just know that its bigger than the size of a sauce plate or the plate underneath a tea/coffee cup.

There's been an obsession with peach in me lately. I really do like the colour and it was on sale for RM30 instead of RM59! Instantly adding this trinket into my cart when I noticed what a great deal it is. It does feels like a smoking tray somehow.... but nah, I'm gonna use it as photoshoot prop. Not gonna waste this on cigarettes. (Kids, please stop smoking.)


Total Spending

On my own gifts: RM961.80

This year is definitely the year that I spent the highest on myself for my own birthday treat besides the one-and-only birthday bash I had last year for my 21st birthday (I mean, make sense right? Because being 21 is such a milestone). I've spent like about 300 on the cake and about 600 on the decoration. I probably bought myself something but I can't really remember. I only remember the Kat Von D primer and the Fenty Beauty foundation.

Do I regret it? Nah, not really. I mean, when I was in high school, I had to lived on allowance just enough for food. In college or university, I lived on allowance just enough on food and transport. I've only started working part-time during my last year in university, which was enough to cover the expenses used on the birthday bash. So now that I'm working full-time and have a bit more to spend for myself, I really don't feel like I should be holding back as much as I used to. I mean, when I earn more, I'd definitely spend more but right now, the satisfaction is unmatched with any other time, whether in the past or in future.

Alright, let's move on with some of the things that I've gotten from the people who cared bout me ๐ŸŒธ (There are some other things which I didn't feature here, please don't hit me, I still luv u and the present you've gotten me uwu I was too sick and forgot about them. Quite frankly I almost forgot about the rings that will be featured below, too.)


Wanderlust & Co

RM 255.40 | After  40% discount: RM153.24

I'm a fan of Wanderlust & Co ever since my boyfie and I discovered their offline store in 1Utama (I call it offline store because the pricing is different than their online store, meaning you can't really call it a 'physical' store unless they have the same pricing why do I sound like Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99?). I mean, I'm aware of their existence but never really thought about them until I saw the items in real life. After he bought a ring for me, I think its safe to say that he had planned to buy me another one since I was eyeing on the Wishing Star ring. The only thing was that, I don't know when will he buy for me. 

Cute thing was, he planned to buy it when we settled down in a restaurant. His plan was to sneak out (using the excuse of going to the washroom), buy it, and then surprise me when he returned but then my dumbass wanted to visit the offline store and we saw discounts. Of course, I got excited and started to give him puppy eyes. Eventually, he got me two rings because he felt that it's much more worth it. Here's why: The discount plan was: Buy 1 for 30% off, Buy 2 for 40% off and Buy 3 for 50% off. By purchasing two, it became the price of purchasing 1 ring. By purchasing three, it became the price of purchasing 2 rings. 

P.s.: Some people are uncomfortable with buying/receiving gifts with the discounted price but quite honestly, me and him are thrilled at it because this means that we can buy more stuff for the other person!

Wishing Star Gold Ring

This has been in my wish list for a long time. I really like the design and the fact that it's adjustable made it even better! It is a 18k gold plated ring with cubic zirconia crystals on it. If you take a closer look, the side of the ring has two moon phase and a star. I'm really glad that this is now in my ring collections ๐Ÿ˜š It really looks nice on my hand.


Luna Pave Gold Ring

Among the items that were displayed with discounts (and aside from the wishing star ring), this is the only ring that caught my eye. It's a simple 14k gold plated crescent moon studded with Swarovski Elements crystal alnog with a monochromatic outfit. It was inspired by modern boho queen in reminiscent of midsummer dreams. Not to mention that it is adjustable too!


Tiny Pinc

Pineapple Cookie Stud Earrings

These wasn't meant to be a birthday gift but I really want to feature these. I think they were given as souvenirs, not sure since the gifter didn't really specify. (Still, thank you ๐Ÿ™! Oh! And the hot choco too!) These earrings are made of polymer clay, mounted on surgical steel ear studs using resin and they are glazed. The size is about 1.3cm * 1.3cm big. When I found out of the price, I instantly felt shooketh. But, but, but, I will not talk about it here...... because it feels a bit disrespectful in my opinion so yah. Google yourself if you want to find out :D (Hey hey, sotong, expect something back from me hehhe)


Bath & Body Work

One of my bosses got me these. Surprisingly, I've been wanting to try them too. I have a room spray of this particular scent for my room. It smells very pleasant. I also have the other one for sleeping. 

Focus - Eucalyptus & Tea
Body Wash & Foam Bath

I don't really have the heart to buy body wash from B&BW because they are expensiveeeee. So when she got me one, I felt giddy because I can finally try what it feels like hhehe.

Description: This fast-foaming body wash is infused with soothing skin conditioners, aloe & bamboo extract. An aromatherapy blend of essential oils & natural ingredients benefits body, mind & mood. Breathe deeply for best results.

Focus - Eucalyptus & Tea
Nourishing Body Oil

I hardly ever feel like I would buy body oil because I'm not really the 'essential oil' kind of person? This is especially for applying directly to the skin. I'm only familiar with using essential oils in soap or for candle burning. Definitely gonna try and see how this feels. P.s.: there was a leak on the cap and it felt quite oily, in which I thought it was watery ๐Ÿ‘€ So curious to feel the texture now.

Description: Infused with shea butter & argan oil, this lightweight, quick-absorbing body oil nourishes & softens skin with an aromatherapy blend of essential oils.

That's all for this post!
It's mainly to show my curious friends about what I bought, I'm not here to brag. I do have friends who are really curious about these. So yep, there you go! If you wanna check out my other posts, please feel free to click around ๐Ÿ˜˜ I'm glad that you've read through my posting and I hope you have a great day/rest ahead!

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