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Shop Luv| An Althea Wishlist for Santa Althea & Recommendations! 2018 Edition

I love shopping! Well, mostly window shopping. See, I always go around to check out new stuff and remembering prices. Althea, among many local online stores, is surprisingly the cheapest and most convenient. Honestly, there are so many things that I want and the amount grows a little bigger each year. However, there are a few things that have been catching my eyes but I'm always not ready to buy them because they feel very luxurious to me.

Top 10 Wishlist!

Etude House

Play Colour Eyes - Caffeine Holic

RM59.00 | Shop

Photo: Kbeauty Mart

I was actually very tempted to buy this especially when it is so much cheaper than buying in-store and on Hermo. It's from the most recent release called Coffee To Go with 4 lipsticks and a blusher but the palette always catch my eyes. I thought I have some light nude colours already but I'm kind of tempted to try their burnt orange and their shimmers.

Etude House

Play Colour Eyes - Cherry Blossom

RM59.00 | Shop

Photo: Kbeauty Mart

Same as the previous palette, it's very affordable on Althea. The reason why I'm so tempted to get this is that I don't have anything that's playful and pink. It came out a while ago but I'm still very itchy to get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marine Blue Makeup Brush Set

RM69.00 | Shop

CORINGCO Marine Blue Make-up Brush Set (6p)
Photo: Althea

I have a thing for big brushes. Thicc brushes. I still haven't gotten anything as thicc so when I saw this set, oh myyyyyy. Not only that it's affordable, but it also has both thicc and eye makeup brushes! I have the angle brush already but ngeh, I can always give it to a girl who needs it :>

A;T Fox

Tea Cell One Step Clear Pad

RM46 | Shop

a;t fox Tea Cell One Step Clear Pad (60ea)
Photo: Althea

A;T Fox has been getting my attention for a while. I do like the packaging and somehow I'm just really pulled into liking the entire product without even trying yet. My heart is itching to know if my instinct is right about its quality. I would be knocking every door just to recommend this product if it's as good/better than what I've expected.


Lip Sleeping Mask with Green Tea

RM45.00 | Shop

innisfree Lip Sleeping Mask with Green Tea (17g)
Photo: Althea
A girl needs a pair of smoochable lips and I've yet invested in another lip mask since my first lip mask purchase from Apieu. It felt like wax on my lips and I need more washes to remove it. Innisfree's green tea series is always complimented and I always like skin care products with green tea. Also, the packaging makes it feel so reliable somehow. Like, my lips can totally depend on it to feel smooth again.

Dr Jart+

Dermask Shaking Rubber Hydro Shot

RM24.00 | Shop

Dr.Jart+ Dermask Shaking Rubber Hydro Shot (50g)
Photo: Althea

Doesn't anyone feel curious about how this works? I mean, it's a freaking rubber mask. I'm not saying it's like rubber-rubber, it's just a concept but yooooooooooooooooo don't you actually wanna try it? I'm really curious but the price always sets me off HAHHAH! One day.... *ambitious look*

Dear, Klairs

Midnight Blue Calming Cream

RM102.00 | Shop

dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream (30ml)
Photo: Althea

This has been in my list for a while because I've always heard of how good it is for sensitive skin. My skin used to be way worse so I was looking around and found this. Always wanted to try it but the price always sets me off whenever I plan to check out. I was worried that it wouldn't work on my skin especially since the price tag is sorta scary. (P.s.: I once bought an over RM100 moisturizer from Mary Kay and the first try stung my face so bad, it was burning, sore and itchy as heck. I've never used it again and the bottle is still full.)

Dear, Klairs

Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

RM122.00 | Shop

Photo: Wishtrend
This one. I have the same reason as the one above except two things: I always wanted to try serum and it's in my wishlist the longest. If you've checked my wishlist on this blog, you'll see it there already. The reason why I want this more is because it is more liquidy than cream so the absorption rate is much faster. Back then, my skin was flaking and unable to absorb nutrient fast enough before I need to wash my face again so I was desperate for a faster solution. The price still sets me off every time... Now that my skin is better, I'll only try it if I have enough moneis.


Secret of Sahara Oil Essence

RM117.00 | Shop

Huxley Secret of Sahara Oil Essence (30ml)

Just as I've mentioned before, I always wanted to try the serum. Huxley has been highly promoting the hydrating quality in their product. The name itself really does sell. I mean, Secret of Sahara. My skin was burning hot and dry like a desert and I was extremely tempted to try this out. I've bought it's sleeping mask and I'm going to try it soon. If it works well, then I'll get this to try. 


Time Freeze Face Fit Roller

RM178.00 | Shop

LANEIGE Time Freeze Face Fit Roller

Would you feel disbelief if I told you that my skin is getting loose? Somehow, my skin and muscle degenerate faster. Also, recently I've been dehydrated, bloaty and feeling very fat. Anyway, I was planning to get something like this and Althea is already selling one from Laneige. It's tempting especially when my face is extra bloaty lately. Not to mention that I have a stubborn double chin. It gets bloaty sometimes. It gets stuffy sometimes. However, it will never go away no matter what I try. Maybe this product can help me out with all my issues.


I really want to buy all the things above but as a fresh graduate, I would want to spend my money wisely. However, if I have enough cash to buy something from the list above, I think I really want to try the face roller from Laneige. At this moment, I can still live with substitutes for other products but it's not easy to find a reliable face roller here. Perhaps it would turn out to be a great investment. Oh well, no one will know until I tried.

Anyway, I do have some recommendations for you to shop at Althea! All these are backed with my genuine and honest reviews. I will link them down for you too :)


Althea Exclusive

Bare Essentials Set

RM104.40 | Shop | Review

ALTHEA Bare Essentials Set (10% OFF)
Photo: Althea

These are my all-time favourite skin care product. I've never found a combination that can work as well as these while being affordable! The cleanser and toner can last me about 8 months while the moisturizer lasted about 4 months. I've recommended it to so many of my friends and every single one of them praised these products. They never failed me so I urge you to try if you need a new skincare set!

Althea Exclusive

Petal Velvet Set

RM53.10 | Shop | Review

ALTHEA Petal Velvet Set (10% OFF)
Photo: Althea
I praised this product so many times in my review (smells good, no white cast, strong UV prevention and sebum control) but one thing I've never really stressed out is that: it adheres makeup to your skin so well. Honestly, I really believe that this can work well as a primer. I tried using the most powdery foundation I've got and gone out the entire day. Got home and my skin was still fine! The foundation didn't even crease or get powdery. 


Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X

RM45 | Shop

innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X (100ml)
Photo: Althea
I don't have a review for this mask but it has been my all-time favourite since discovering it! I always use this right after exfoliation and it never failed me. Also, I never stopped recommending this to my friends who always asked me for acne-prone skin care. This is essentially the must-have item for everyone!


Silky Perfect Foot Peeling Pack

RM17 | Shop

CALMIA Silky Perfect Foot Peeling Pack (20mlx2_1 Pair)
Photo: Althea
I also don't have a review link for this but I can tell you that it really worked. The reason why I keep stressing it out is that some will never work at all. I tried Tony Moly's and it never did anything. I was so disappointed and down because I cannot stop thinking about how ugly my dried-up feet was. I can even see some cracks at the heel part. However, once I tried this, my feet were glowing with youth again! It's absolutely painless and very easy to use. 

That is all for this blog post!
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