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Review | Etude House Mini Two Match Nuts & Fruits - Almond, Dried Jujube, Hey Hazelnut, Fig w/ Magnetic Holders

These lippies were purchased during my October Birthday Haul on Althea last year. At that time, it was Autumn season and Althea had these on their new arrivals but I think they didn't have the magnetic holders until later on which I purchase during mid-December. 

(Funny story: I wanted to purchase the magnetic holders around the same time (October) and I had 30% discount from Etude House for my birthday but the saleslady from Etudey House Sunway Pyramid branch refused to sell me the magnetic holders, which is why I only got them now (through Althea). Also, buying from Etude House is RM11 while buying from Althea is RM6. Not to mention, Althea has more discounts than Etude House and I've got enough extra store credits so these magnetic holders are practically free. Actually, the lippies were free too.)

Etude House 에뛰드하우스

Mini Two Match Nuts & Fruits
미니 투 매치 너츠 앤 후르츠

RD305 Dried Jujube 대충말린 대추말랭이
BR402 Fig 무화과자 | BR404 Almond 오독오독 아몬드
BR406 Hey Hazelnut 헤이 헤이즐넛
RM21 / 5800₩ | 2.4g 

"How about a pinch of hazelnut colour in this mellow autumn? Mix nut colours for crunchy fun and various colour options you can choose. Feel the soft pigment texture as if it is finely ground with a sieve!"

(There weren't any ingredients lists available online, unfortunately.)
(It's also very hard for me to read from the label... Sorry about that.)


  1. Mini lipstick that is easy to carry around and used instantly
  2. A magnetic dual container that you easily attached and detached
  3. Infinite colour combination with 5 textures and 31 possible combinations!

How to use

With the wide side, apply on the lips from the inside to the outside as if expressing natural gradation. With the edge, fill in the entire lips to create full lips while highlighting on the lip line.

RD 305 Dried Jujube

Dried jujube is a warm orange lip colour with a hint of reddish tone in it. It is an MBLL (My Lips But Better) shade for a casual everyday look or lightweight evening look. It is almost similar to Hey Hazelnut but its colour is darker and warmer.

BR402 Fig

Fig is the darkest shade among all and it has a very dark, magenta-toned burgundy in it. It is suitable for evening looks and burgundy looks. Although the colour on the lipstick does look very reddish, the outcome of the colour is much more similar to a magenta-burgundy tone.

BR404 Almond

Almond is the lightest shade among all and it is very a very suitable MLBB lip colour for skin tone like mine with one/two shades lighter or darker. It is a soft and warm orange tone that is very suitable for casual looks as well as no-makeup looks.

BR406 Hey Hazelnut

Hey Hazelnut is the main Autumn colour in this set of makeup range series. It is a neutral pink shade with a little bit on the warmer side. This colour is suitable for everyday looks as well as no-makeup looks. Almost similar to Almond, this shade is more towards the pinkish side of colour tone.

Mix & Match

I find the colour behave pretty similarly and I've tried to make gradient out of the two colours under the same colour tone, i.e.: orange and pink. Almond and Hey Hazelnut seem to be in the same category as they are both in orange tones. Almond is lighter so it will be the base while I used Hey Hazelnut for the inner lips. On the other hand, Dried Jujube and Fig are both in the cooler or pinker side, so I've paired them together. I used Dried Jujube as the base and Fig for the centre of my lips.



Likes: Colour shades
Dislikes: The formula

Okay, so, the colours are perfectly made and I personally haven't come across shades that are particularly at these colours shades and tones on the lips and skin. These colours are slightly more towards the solid-colour side instead of offset/muted side. It's fine by me because it's a little refreshing.

However, the formula itself isn't a winner. It mattifies the lips and causes my lips to chap. Not only that, it doesn't smooth out the lines and tends to be a little uneven no matter how many times I try to apply. The colours also don't seem to be buildable after 1-3 times of reapplying.

Smell: Sweet smell.
Texture: Thick but drying
Colour: MLBB

I like the smell. Although it is not strong, it still feels nice to have a moment of sweet smell lingering around during application. They all smell similarly but slightly different. Hard to explain with words but you'd understand what I mean when you sniff each and every one of them. The colours are very close to MLBB with the implementation of Autumn theme into it. I can totally see myself wearing them often, too. 

My favourites: Almond & Fig.

Almond shade really matches my skin and brightens it up a little. It's almost the same as the Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink Liptint in No 6 that I had reviewed before but Almond is a lighter shade as compared with Innisfree's No 6. On the other hand, Fig works really well with the Tumblr-girl look where they overline their lips with the blur technique and the highlights on the cupid's bow.

Furthermore, it's staining ability seems to be a bit weird because the stains on my arm for the swatch photo above is still around after 3 days yet it doesn't stain my lips at all. The colours are all gone after eating one meal so it will definitely not last half a day, let alone a whole day. Also, the lippies are not transferproof or smudgeproof at all. 

Overall, this is just another regular lippie but with bonus points for their colour shades. Sure, I could use it as frequently as every day but I would probably not buy again and I want to try other ranges instead. I don't mind telling my friends to give it a try but I'm not going to tell them that it's a great lippie since the performances were just decent. So far, you can only purchase this on Althea (before they clear out the stock). Etude House Malaysia, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have any plans on importing this here. The international website had taken this range off their website too. So, I guess there's that. 

Next up! Let's look at the magnetic holder that connects two Mini Two Match lippies together. This section helps to introduce how it works and what it looks like for those who are curious like me, before purchasing. I had no idea how it would look like, even at the physical store because they already put two lippies on it. That, or they wrap it in a gift set. So it was harder for me to fathom how it looks like. 

Etude House 에뛰드하우스

Mini Two Match Magnetic Holder
미니 투 매치 자석 홀더

RM 6 / 2000₩ | 10g

Each magnetic holder can hold up to 2 Mini Two Match lippies. These magnets have a pretty strong grip so you won't have to worry about your strength when you're applying the lipstick. Of course, don't apply it too aggressively. 

The magnet (black) is located at the centre point of the holder.

So since I have 4 Mini Two Match in total, I bought 2 holders.

How to use

Attach the ends of the Mini Two Match lippies into the holder.


As mentioned before, the magnets hold the lippies in its place without it wobbling around. So that's a great thing. Honestly, I have more motivation to use lippies after attaching them to the holders because they look more attractive now. The holder itself, although made with plastic, has a really nice surface to touch too. The only problems were from the lippies. 

See, when you're using the assembled product, you'll tend to apply lipstick while holding on to the white part of the product. However, the spinning roller on the lipstick is much more loose than a regular lipstick's, which does not allow the lipstick to stay in place during application. In short, it's difficult to apply because the lipstick keeps spinning around (not the magnetic holder's fault).

Meanwhile, I did a test by wobbling the assembled product around to see if the lipstick will fall off when it's in a bag that's always thrown around. The lipstick was held in place when I try to wobble both ends around but the caps tend to fall off easily . If you pair that problem with the loose spinning roller issue, your bag may have trouble from keeping clean.

What I'll suggest to do is to place it in a compartment rather than letting it rolling around freely in the bigger space of the bag to avoid any spillage of the lipstick. That is unless you're using a smaller bag, then it should be fine. Although, you may find it difficult to stuff the whole thing into a clutch. The entire thing is about the size of thick highlighter. 

So that's all about the Mini Two Match Nuts & Fruits lippies and the magnetic holders!

I personally really like the idea that I can keep changing the lippies because it gives us ladies a lot of free space to customize and switching colours on the holder to suit our mood whenever we feel like it. At the same time, the price is still remaining at the affordable range (at least on Althea), which is really convenient for people who love to have a shade of every available colour. (Ladies, we all know that whenever our mood changes, the preference colour changes too, even if its just one shade different). So yea, I think Etude House really did a great job on this concept.

The only thing I'd cry-whining about is the formula. This range has lippies that are drying, matting and chapping on the lips while it still has space to improve on the colour evenness and buildability. It just felt like the product hasn't really hit it's maxed potential yet, ya know? Like, I know you can do better than this, Etude House. 

Anyway, if you are interested in purchasing anything from Althea (they have like Etude House, Dear Klair, Innisfree and a lot more in cheaper price tags than local physical & online stores), you can use my referral link to sign up, then you'll get discounts to buy things! I also have referrals from other brands and services so check out my referral page to see what's in store for you!

That is all for this post!
I hope to see you around again here.
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