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Review| Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter: All 2 Colours


Spotlight Eye Glitter

RM24 | 4.5ml

Althea said: "Dazzle with the wonders of the galaxy and the glittering shine of a diamond

Have all eyes on you with Althea's Spotlight Eye Glitter! This sparkly number doubles up as both an eyeshadow and a liner to light up the eyes for some perky, glamorous peepers. Whether you like a subtle glow or a full-on glitter look, these have a hydrating formula that glides on like butter over the lids, allowing for an easy blend. Don't wait too long though, as they do set down, making them virtually budge-proof after. Pick from two pretty shades to suit your look!"

A sparkling eye glitter product

Spotlight Glitter
Add a little sparkle to your look and have all eyes on you with these glittery eye toppers. (Key ingredient: Finely milled shimmer pigments - For a reflective glow)

Natural Moisturizing Complex
Hydrating on the eyes, this formula is made with a moisturizing gel matrix that gives eyes a sparkling touch. (Key ingredient: Squalene - Conditions and improves the suppleness of the skin)

Dries down to a long-wearing finish

Long-wearing formula
This liquid formula melts into the skin, allowing the glitter to adhere better to the eyelids

Super Fitting System
It creates a film for longer wear, preventing smudging caused by sweat or water

Precise Application
Easily blendable to use as eyeshadow, comes with a slim applicator allows for precise and even application

Colour Options

#01 Gold Light

#02 Pink Light

How to Use

Upper Eyelids
Apply onto the lids using the applicator
Gently pat in to blend and wait for 3-5 seconds to dry

Lower lash line - Aegyosal
Apply onto the bottom lash line for Aegyosal style makeup
Blend out with a finger or a cotton bud and wait for 3-5 seconds to dry


Normal view

Closer view


Colour: Limited options yet versatile.
Glitter: Infinite amount
Texture: A little sticky but doesn't feel so when settled.

The colours available are in Gold Light and Pink Light. Although it's pretty limited, I actually find these colours versatile for most of my makeup looks. I can use it for my casual makeup to special occasion makeup. Both of the colours can use on coral, nude, pink and peach makeup looks. 

The amount of glitter in a small dab is shocking! The glitter particles may not be as small as a shimmer eyeshadow but to add on with Spotlight Eye Glitter puts extra ohms to the eye makeup. 

When applying the eye glitter, it started off with a wee bit of tackiness. After it sets down, I hardly felt any stickiness unless I deliberately feel it. When deliberately rubbing the skin, the amount of glitter doesn't seem to lessen but my fingertips did collect a lot of glitters. There is no smell to the product which is a relief. It also doesn't irritate my eyes too.


One day when I was finished getting ready for Valentine's, my boyfie turned around and couldn't stop looking at my eyes because to him, the eye glitter that I used (Pink Light) was shining in pink, purple, white and blue. It was as if I had the "universe in on my eyes" and immediately after that, he said, "it also looked like unicorn peed on your eyes." Romantic much, eh?

Anyway, I loooooove these eye glitter. Oh hunney, I really do. I've brought these everywhere I go because I can't get enough of the glitter. I love them so much because my makeup looks better with the extra ohms from the eye glitter. Even if it is just a casual day out, I would still dab Gold Light on to the centre of my eyelids. A tiny little dot can really go a long way. 

This is one product that I would definitely repurchase and recommend to everyone. It's an extra eye-tem (gettit? pffft I'm lame I know HAHHA) in your makeup inventory but it can do a lot of help in enhancing your eyemakeup and overal makeup look.

Featured in

These eye glitters are featured in three of my new makeup look uploads on my Youtube Channel. Click on the pictures to be directed to the chosen video.


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