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Review| Althea BCLxAlthea Sunrise & Moonrise


BCLxAlthea Sunrise & Moonrise

RM140 | 8 shades

Althea said: "Eyeshadow palette inspired by Bunga Cintra Lestari to suit both every day and glam occasions."

Add some celestial magic into your beauty routine with Althea's very first eye shadow palette: Sunrise & Moonrise! Made in collaboration with Bunga Citra Lestari, these 8 shades will take you from gorgeous daytime to sultry night time, giving you the effortlessly glamorous feminine style Bunga is known for. In shimmers, mattes and glitters, these pigmented shadows glide easily onto the skin and blend out like a dream, allowing you to create an array of looks suitable for any occasion."

Althea x BCL collaboration eyeshadow palette

Bunga Citra Lestari is a well-known Indonesian singer/actress that has graced the screens of many across Southeast Asia. She is also a beauty and fashion icon that exudes style, beauty and femininity. At the same time, she is affectionately known as BCL to her fans.

8 pigmented shades for daytime and night time

8 Expertly Chosen Shades
These colours are chosen by 2 of BCL’s most prominent looks: a fresh look perfect for every day, and a glamorous look perfect for the stage.

Your own Sunrise and Moonrise

This palette allows you to create your very own look with a variety of textures, such as pearl, glitter and matte finishes. It was created with a long-wearing formula that blends easily onto the lids for bold pigmentation.

Key ingredient: Finely milled pigments -For easy blendability and pigmented application.

Colour shades (left to right)

1. A shimmery nude with pink undertones, perfect an all over base shade or to highlight.
2. A matte light brown to create definition. Add this to the crease or even under the eye for added depth.
3. A luxurious metallic rose gold with pink undertones, perfect for adding romantic bling to the look.
4. A must-have metallic gold to add shimmer to the look for added radiance.

5. A rich brown with golden shimmer. It adds a little depth to the look and can be worn with the lighter shades to tone them down.
6. A deep wine shade that delivers a sultry look with a feminine touch.
7. A pearly pink shadow with purple undertones for a fine wisp of shimmer, great for illuminating and adding brightness.
8. A cool purple with a subtle shimmer. Use this to add some gorgeous definition to finish your look.


How to use

Peel off the film on the mirror before using. It is a little hard to peel off because there is no opening, so you need to use your fingernails to scratch from the sides of the mirror in order to pick up the film. Pick up product with your finger or a brush and blend onto the eyelids till seamless.

Everyday Makeup Look

1. Use #2 Matte Brown over the entire eyelid.

2. Use #6 Fairy Pink over the entire eyelid.

3. Use #5 Shimmer Brown over eyelid below the crease area

4. Use #6 Shimmer Rose on the sides of the eyelid and lower lash line.

5. Use # 4 Shimmer Gold in the centre of the eyelid.

Love Me Harder Makeup Look

1. Use #6 Shimmer Rose over the entire eyelid and under eye
2. Use #7 Purple Plum on the sides of the eyelid and under eye
3. Use #6 Fairy Pink in the centre of the eyelid.

Watch how I apply these colours

You're Mine Makeup Look

1. Use #2 Matte Brown twice over the entire eyelid and under eye
2. Use #3 Metalic Rose over the entire eyelid and under eye
3. Use #6 Shimmer Rose as eyeliner on upper and lower lash lines
4. Use #4 Metalic Gold on the centre of the eyelid and lower lash line

Watch how I apply these colours


Colour: Buildable and high colour payoff
Texture: Soft, velvety and easily blended

My initial impression of this eyeshadow palette was a little mixed. Before I received the palette, I was very surprised by the price itself and was expecting it to be in the size of a Tarte palette. When I received it, it was smaller than expected. I really like the design of the box packaging but the palette itself looked a little too simple. When I opened the palette, the colours are nicely patted into each slot but I was worried about the powder particles, patchiness and colour payoff. 

When I swatched the palette, I was so surprised by how tiny the powder particles are. They are so fine, soft and velvety, similar to the loose powder from Althea's Petal Velvet range. The colours are buildable and easily blended out. You can start off sheer if you tap onto the colour lightly. You can also start off heavy if you take one swipe with your finger and tap onto your lids for more pigmentation. You'd be surprised by how pigmented these colours are.

The overall performance of the eyeshadow colours are amazing and does not fall out easily. The colours are also very pigmented, especially for #6 Shimmer Rose. The colours #3 Metalic Rose and #4 Metalic Gold are loose glitters but they also do not fall out easily.

Other than that, these are some minor details that I've learned about the palette. I've dropped the palette a couple of times before but the palette is still well-attached. The packaging is easily cleaned although it kinda does attract fingerprints. The mirror is very sharp and clean but I refuse to take the film off because I don't want it to turn dirty 🙈 


Before I've received this palette, my default eyeshadow palettes are within the category of nude, pastel pink and peach. These colours are very feminine and while the nudes are suitable for daily looks, the pinks and purple are very much not within my preference. However, (surprise, surprise), I tend to use this palette more often than I thought. This is especially after creating the You're Mine makeup look (available below).

The price of this palette still gives me a little shooketh but if you think about it, the pigmentation, softness and fineness in particles showed the number of thoughts and efforts into this palette. Sure, they don't have the best packaging for the palette itself. Sure, the palette looked more simple than most available palettes these days. However, it is the content that matters the most, just as how a person's inner beauty matters more than a person's outer beauty.

I do recommend this palette for makeup lovers to invest but I don't recommend this to the makeup beginners because of the price and the colour options. Makeup beginners may find this palette a little bit harder to play with since the colours may seem a little bit too daring.

If Althea is coming out with more eyeshadow palette, I'd love to see more peach and brick orange tones. On the other hand, if they release more eyeshadow palette and the colours suits you, do get it! I believe that thier quality shouldn't degrade and you'll fall in love with how they perform.

Featured in

This eyeshadow palette is featured in three of my new makeup look uploads on my Youtube Channel. Click on the pictures to be directed to the chosen video.

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  1. Wow awesome! I definitely wanna try your love me harder look soon. Thank you for your hard work and support Zolie!

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you, Bokoaz! I am humbled by your recognition. I will keep working hard and won't let Althea & teams down! <3