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Take a Look | The Butterfly Project 6th Year Anniversary ft Yves Rocher MY 60th Anniversary

Hollie cow it's already 2 months after the party and it still felt like it happened few days ago. I suppose this is what people call "post-party syndrome" πŸ˜‚ If you had followed me on Instagram, during 27th to 28th I was spamming 9 posts of this event. 

Anyway, it was a fun party but beyond what I've experienced in the past two years.  Let me show you why.

The Butterfly Project
6th Year Anniversary Party

27th April (Sat) | 3pm - 6pm | RM66/pax
Venue: Vilej Damansara Event Space, Damansara Perdana
Dress Code: Pink, Nude, White or Green

This year around, it's not just a cafe or dessert shop but Mamasan decided to make it big so she chose an event space. It's in Damansara Perdana and while the building itself wasn't so appealing, the venue was gorgeously decorated with tons of balloons and pink items to fit the theme of the year: Butterfly Flower Party. 

Once we've gotten to the venue, we have to register ourselves, get a name-sticker as well as a flower wristband. Prior to the event, Mamasan asked us if we would like to be seated with bloggers that we've already known or just to be randomly seated. Me and the majority of the attendees prefered being randomly seated, so by the time we registered ourselves before the event started, we were told which table we will be seated on. My table was Table 10 and I found my seat by looking at the names written on the goodie boxes.

Okay, I didn't deliberately look for my seat. I just happened to walk to it, sat down and realize that the boxes have names on them, then realizing I sat on the correct chair.

Also, like, "Hey Y'all," look at the lighting in this place it's just so amazing. I couldn't stop taking selfies and on top of that, my make up was just πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

God dang, I'm still taken aback by how great the selfies turned out to be.

On our tables, we were given a goodie bag by The Butterfly Project filled with flower crown crating tools by Avantgarde Blooms, a goodie box by Yves Rocher, a cupcake with a candle on top by Jomparty, flower blossom balloon by Blossom Balloons, a lovely macaron by Macarons by Madeleine and last but not least, a menu with party activity list.

There was also a lovely surprise gift given by Mamasan herself hidden in a small gift box. As for the party activity list, here's what it says:

3:00pm - Welcome Speech
3:05pm - Birthday Cupcake and Speech
3:10pm - Opening act by local comedian, Joanne Kam
3:30pm - Avantgarde Bloom Flower Crown Workshop
4:30pm - Jomparty Buffet, Selfie Garden, T-stick Sampling 
5:45pm - Yves Rocher Malaysia 60th Anniversary
6:00pm - Best-Dressed
6:30pm - End

Walking further into the venue hall, we could also see the three best-dressed prizes for the best dressed of the day. The prizes are compilations of items from all collaborators and the grand prize is a party catering worth Rm500 from Jomparty.  Now, we're not really told specifically what they would access us on. This has been happening for three years and we always find it a little confusing on their accessing style but honestly, for future party attendees, just go in there with what you look best while being comfortable in them. Just have fun while being yourself! That's what I've learned over the years because being too stressed about looking the best or having the best picture would ruin your experiences in these parties.

Right next to the prizes, there were buckets of local flowers available to make the flower crowns. Majority of these are fresh cut flowers and they've also provided the leaves for filler-decorating.

Flowers and bomb lighting? Yes to selfie again.

I've also taken a picture at the selfie garden with Blossom Balloon's signature balloon that features coloured dried-baby breaths inside a transparent balloon.

In the middle of the event hall, there was a long banquet table filled with all sorts of delectable edibles. These are all made and laid nicely by Jomparty.

Honestly, the centre piece was really well-made.

The whole table was really long, so kudos for their love!



Before the event started, I bumped into these lovely people (again; because a week before, we were attending another event) πŸ’“ Here we have Frydolina Fay, Bee Lee...

Dash and Ridley, two of the people whom I love to kacau..

Li Ya Na, who I happened to get a lot more closer with during this event (like, after 2 years attending the same birthday party πŸ˜‚) as well as Sylvia who wasn't around for a while because she was busy with working her Sweet Generation legacy (you go girl!)...

Rawlins, like, can we all appreciate how freaking gorgeous his outfit, crown and peacock feather wings were! I was very disappointed when he wasn't allowed to participate in the best-dressed competition because he's been winning "too many times." 

We have mama Mira and Sydney (before her blue hair dye).πŸ˜‚

We also have the amajjing Eros (Fishmeatdie) who volunteered as a photographer here, as well as Mel, who was also someone I got closer during this event. We followed each other on IG and I feel very good after looking at her content because they are all body-positive and "idgaf bout your bad opinions." Love it.

- Quick Break -

Okay before we go any deeper, I just want to give a huge shout out to Eros and Bo (@BoKoaz) (omg I just realized I forgot to take a selfie with her!!!!!) for their photography skills and huge thank you for taking pictures of me, especially when I wasn't even aware of it. It's kinda rare to see myself through another person's eyes, ya know. Not always that I get to do that too:

This was during registration when we were told to scribble something :>

Can you... find me? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ If you want to see all the Official Event photos, do check out this Facebook post. (On the side note, would've been great if they have a website with all the photos throughout the years to be there but that would definitely take up a lot of space eh.)

- Break Ends -

There are more photos from Eros/Bo below. I'll leave a remark so you will know ;) Also, I would totally grab more people to take pictures with but we have to start the event already. So we all just went back to our seats and let the party begin!


Our party started with our lovely and regular MC's by introducing us to the collaborating sponsors for the party as well as what we were going to do during the party. At the same time, we were also being introduced to the person-in-charge of Jomparty.

You can look up Jomparty here:
Facebook: Jomparty || Instagram: Jomparty

Then, we were told to hold up our lighted candles to make a wish together, then blow the candle all at the same time. It was my very first time to blow candles with so many people though.

You know what's funny? People ate the cupcake right after and said that it tasted good while I left it on the table and forgotten about it until I went home. I regretted it a lot.

Later on, Mamasan had introduced us Joanne Kam Poh Poh, our very local Comedian; 'also, not a drag queen,' she stressed out, up the stage to give us a good laugh. Honestly, the jokes were really good albeit you've got to be familiar with some Mandarin and Hokkien to fully understand what it means but her gestures really helped to translate it. Also, if you're closed-minded or below 18 years old, please do turn around because her jokes can be a little 'colourful'. Go to her stand-up comedy show if you want a 

You can find Joanne Kam Poh Poh here:
Facebook: Joanne Kam Poh Poh || Instagram: JoanneKamPohPoh ||Website:

I swear, her jokes were so funny but it does take a special mind to understand them because it's a compilation of super-msian-cina lady style with not-so-innocent materials. If you're not familiar with those kinds of stuff, then you'd most probably couldn't find it funny. Ehhem, not saying my mind is tainted but I do have friends, ya know, funny friends with dark humours. Cough.

At the end of her stand-up, she was also given a token of appreciation by Mamasan and the collaborators. (Photo of me taken by Eros/Bo.)

Next up! My favourite part of the event: Flower Crown Workshop! We were introduced to the lovely lady in charge from Avantgarde Blooms who had guided us on how to make our very own flower crown.

You can find Avantgarde Blooms here:
Facebook: Avantgarde Blooms || Instagram: AvangardeBlooms || Website:

We were given some tools to help us with the process, such as a pair of scissors, some craft ropes, a flower crown wire as well as floral tape.

When we were told to take the flowers, honestly, I kinda wish people could go by tables but I guess it's fairer this way. Everyone just went in and tried their best to get better-looking flowers. Prior to that, we were also informed that local flowers were used instead of foreign flowers as they are fresher and can last longer.

I've gotten myself three pink roses, two orange roses, some smaller flowers and baby breath for flower fillers as well as some leaves as decorations.

You can tell how focused I was during the process by the photos that Eros/Bo took. I swear, I was too focused until I didn't know we could actually take food and eat. I didn't get to eat anything during the event but just a few items. Kinda sad about it to be honest but hey, I was glad about how my flower crown turned out to be.

I had trouble hooking the crown up because it was heavy (oopsies) but Li Ya Na and Joanne (Joanneweesjourney) were so damn nice, they kept helping me to make sure that the crown was perfectly secured on my head. They also played with my hair a little.

This was the first attempt. I, later on, took it down because I was worried that the crown looked better when rotating it but Li Ya Na was being damn nice again for not letting me do it on my own. 

Hello, gorgeous crown.

This was the second attempt and she added more baby breaths to it. Really can't deny that a professional artist's hands are definitely something else and something better.

I also took some photo by the Selfie Garden. Credits to Joanne Wee!

Oh yes, you guessed it, more selfies with the crown.

*at this point im just asking for compliments πŸ˜‚*

Okay, okay. Back to the event, eh. I managed to try some food. The plate filled with food was Li Ya Na's and she told me to grab some but I felt bad HAHHA only took a few. The desserts were the bomb! So good though! It really blew my mind especially eating them after the spaghetti cup because it was too salty for me. Again, I really regret not having to taste more of their other food.

While I was done with the flower crown, I had a little more time left to go check out the T-Sticks' sampling station. I wasn't feeling good enough to try them, mainly because my bladder was full and it was too darn difficult to use a bathroom with a romper. So I just grabbed what looked more interesting to me. aka Peach Tea, and went back to my seat. They have many other flavours in which I will show you in the Goodie Gift section below.

You can find T-Sticks here:
Facebook: T-Sticks Malaysia || Website:

About the price, if I'm not mistaken, you can purchase a box of 15 tea sticks at the price of RM35. You can also customize it into a gift box. It's pretty cool.



Okay, this round not all are my friends la but I'm still very happy to be able to take pictures with them. Also, these were before I fixed my crown HAHHAH.

Firstly, we have Joanne Kam Poh Poh.

Then we have Mamasannnnnn πŸ’•

We also have Nicole here (Sharon wasn't around because she was in China) and we also have Tehmina Kaoosji. She's very memorable to me as the main character in the mobile game called "Sarah is Missing" few years back. She's also a Speaker, Journalist, Emcee, Moderator, and Producer. A very talented lady that I think most girls should look at her achievements and maybe even look up to her.

We also have the Althea Sweethearts: Sydney and Anis.

Last but not least, Leonard, our MC!

Phewwwwwwwwwww. Quite an eventful day eh. Honestly, I wasn't even thinking that this was a paid event. It felt like I just came here for fun. Everyone was really enjoying themselves, taking good pictures and fully indulged into the activities. I'd say that this is the best TBP birthday party so far. 

Before I went home, I manage to take pictures of the crew and volunteers of the day took. Fun people. It makes me want to have a group of people as fun as them.

Eh, eh. Not ending yet for this blog post ok.
Jom, move on to the next section:

Goodie Gifts

We have balloons from Blossom Balloons. At the end of the event, they just cut the balloons off the chairs and gave them to us. I took them anyway for the fun of it. I mean, it' I get to play with balloons like a silly child, okay.

Honestly, this is like nothing you can see outside or at least it's not very common. What a crafty gift to have!

We also have a box of T-sticks to bring home. As promised, here's the list of flavours available at this moment. You can also check out their website to find out more.

Here's what the tea sticks look like. They are very convenient to use. I tried a few and there was no spillage at all. You'd think that it's going to drip like when you take a spoon off the teacup but NO, it didn't happen at all. The taste was also great.

All you need to do was literally putting a tea stick into the teacup and spin it.

We also have a box of macaron by Macarons by Madeleine. They taste pretty good and I actually wanted to have more. You can find Macarons by Madeleine here:

Next, in conjunction with Yves Rocher's 60th Anniversary in Malaysia, we were also given a goodie box to celebrate with them! The goodie box contains a card, an aesthetic book and three of their products.

They had given us a HYDRA VÉGÉTAL Ultra Fresh Cleansing Gel, a bottle of LES PLAISIRS NATURE Concentrated Shower Gel - Olive Petitgrain, and BOTANICAL HAIR CARE Detox Micellar Anti-Pollution Shampoo. These products focus on the environment's wellbeing as well as contributing less pollution to the planet Earth, in accordance with Ethical Beauty standards.

Yves Rocher had also given us 50% discount to our followers regardless of how much they've purchased until 12th of May. I mean, by now it has already ended but if you had followed me on Instagram, you would've seen it from there first ;)

(come, come. follow my instagram @zoeliewho 😘 )

Lastly, we were given a part of Mamasan's heart as a gift for us to be a part of the community. I know I've said this every year but I've seen her growth and I'm really proud of what she had come through all these years. She became a better version of herself and during that process, she wants us to be part of it and grow positively with her too. I'm really grateful I've met her and through her, the rest of the community filled with wonderful people.

That's all for this post! Here are a list of amazing people who had helped to make this party fun and happening!

List of Sponsors & Collaborators:

1. Yves Rocher - Facebook: Yves Rocher || Instagram: YvesRocherMy || Online Store: Shopee
2. Blossom Balloons - Instagram: TheBlossomBalloons
3. Joanne Kam - Facebook: Joanne Kam Poh Poh || Instagram: JoanneKamPohPoh ||Website:
4. Avantgarde Blooms - Facebook: Avantgarde Blooms  || Instagram: AvangardeBlooms || Website:
5. T-sticks - Facebook: T-Sticks Malaysia || Website:
6. Jomparty - Facebook: Jomparty || Instagram: Jomparty
7. Macarons by Madeleine - Facebook: Macarons by Madeleine || Instagram: Macarons.byMadeleine

Party Decorations by Avantgarde Blooms and Blossom Balloons
Table Gifts by Yves Rocher, Blossom Balloons, Macarons by Madeline and Jomparty
Thematic Spring Buffet by Jomparty
Event Space by Vilej Damansara Event Space (Facebook)

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