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Korean 2019| My Entire Haul in RM6000±

Guys! I have an announcement. Prior to this post, I visited Korea on 1st to 8th May 2019 and had taken lots of photos along the way to give you a visual on what Korea and certain shops there look like. The posts are ready and will be served to you every day in the month of July! Make sure you are following either of my blog or my Facebook to get the news asap! 


1st - 31st July
One post per day
All about Korea

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Before I show you where I've been and what the places look like, here are some of the things that I've brought back for myself and other people in a total of approximately 15kg make you feel more interested in the upcoming blog posts! By the way, these are not all of the things I've bought. I have some other things that I put at other places (aka not my home) and it was difficult for me to find time to take pictures of everything together.

Full view

Heads up! I have way too many receipts and most of these things (info and pricing) can be found online too! I'm just here showing you what I've gotten. Also, most of these things here, I bought them because they have good reviews and/or have good deals. I'm not going into detail as well because it's just a post that shows you what I got, not a review post.

So, now that we're clear, let's see what I brought home!


The Categories:

Kawaiis & Misc
Contact Lens


Kawaiis & Misc

I bought a lot of things from The Recorder Store, which is a wonderful place to search for artistically aesthetic items such as stationeries and accessories. I have a blog post about it too!

The Recorder Store
Shiba Head Keyring ₩7500

The Recorder Store
Kitty keychain ₩8000

The Recorder Store
Pin badges ₩1500

Line Friends
Rattle and Rustle Foil Plush Set ₩18800

I took the Brown plush and Cony went to someone else.

Pokemon Centre
Easter Garden Party Eevee ₩19000

We just happened to walk pass a Pokemon Centre pop-up store in Coex and we lined up for 2 hours! Blog post is available too!

Lanyard ₩3900

I needed one and this was too cute to ignore.

Kakao Friends Haul

KAKAO Friends
Lanyard (Card Wallet) ₩18000

Thought I could use it at work but I later found out that I can't.
It doesn't have a 'window' for my staff ID card.

KAKAO Friends
Mini Ryan with IAB Studio ₩20000

I really wanted this but I helped my friend to buy instead uwu

KAKAO Friends
Ryan Head Keychain ₩5000

I really like Ryan and I tend to relate him to my boyfriend.

KAKAO Friends
Apeach Phone Holder in Car (Magnet) ₩19000

Well, I needed a magnet holder and I saw one. A cute one!

It also comes with a magnet for your phone!

This is for your air conditioner flippers tho.

Look at how silly it looks HAHHA

KAKAO Friends
Lazy Sunday Mug - Mini Ryan ₩12000

No such thing as too many mugs!

KAKAO Friends
Assorted Ryan Stickers and Note Pad ₩6500
[Left to right: ₩1500, ₩3000, ₩2000]

Thought about using these for office but I think I'll keep them :3

CHUU ₩30200

Ice Cream Broach ₩2800 each

One for my bf, one for me.

Strawberry Milk. Just Strawberry Passport Case ₩14800

My first passport holder! I love strawberry milk anyway.

PEKO Hand Mirror ₩9800

I was looking for a cute hand mirror for my videos and I found this! :D

It also comes with a protective bubble packaging to avoid breakage.

Jewelries, etc

Ewha University
Metal Keychain

Look. It's really pretty and I couldn't resist.

Noonoo Fingers
Star Drop Earrings ₩19600

It's pretty and it had 30% discount!

It comes with a thank you note, a guarantee cert and extra stoppers too!

Llyod the Gift
Crescent moon ring ₩79900

Oh yes, honey. I saved money for this because I love all of their products.

Model: LRT17214T
Material: 10k Gold / C.Zirconia
Made in Korea
Colour: Pink Gold / Rose Gold
Size: 1.0mm // 7.4mmx 7.1mm

I love Lloyd a lot mainly because they really did well with making minimalistic jewellery without losing the values in them. Like, even though they are small, they are still very elegant and luxurious without overbearing.

It also comes with a guarantee cert to prove its authenticity. 


This store is available in many places and I've spent like ₩32600 for my one and only visit. I found it at the underground train station near Ewha.

I bought a total of three items which are very feminine.
More feminine than my usual self.

Pearl Hair Pins ₩9900

I wanted to try but I didn't want to over-go with the big ones.

Earrings ₩11900

It's pretty. That's it.

Bracelet  ₩6900

One of the accessories that I don't usually buy is bracelet and then I saw this


I went there on two different occasions and the spending on my second visit was very unexpected for me as well. So each visit was ₩38000 (RM133.50; $32) & ₩54000 (RM189.50; $47), in which the total was ₩92000 (RM323; $78)

These are from my first visit, which was ₩38000 in total

Crown Rings ₩10000

In my opinion, it looks better than Pandora's. It's cheaper too!

Purple Galaxy Earrings ₩8000

Absolutely stunnninnnnnn.

Quartz Pearl Earrings ₩10000

It's another feminine attempt of mine.

Sakura Bracelet ₩10000

I know I bought one already but these are prettier.

Next, here's my loot from my second visit which was ₩54000 in total. I also bought a pair of pretty sakura earring for my friend at ₩10000 but it's in my Woono blog post ;)

Winged Sakura Earrings ₩10000

This is... because I don't have something like this?

Silver Celestial Earrings ₩9000

I wanted to get a silver accessory and this appeared and happened.

Cherry Earrings ₩10000

Aside from trying to be feminine, I also wanted to try to be playful.

Silver and Celestial Rings
₩5000 + ₩10000

I needed a simple silver ring and hello celestial ring so stunninnnnn.

Contact Lens

O-lens & Lens-Me
₩170000 (RM608; $147)

Oh yes. I bought plentiful of contact lenses for my own satisfaction because I couldn't resist a good [1+1] deal! One of my most favourite place to go is O-lens. Their lenses are super comfortable to wear for long-long hours without frequently blurring my vision or feel like there's something on my eye.

Majority of the time, I don't wear contact lenses but when I felt like opening a box of O-lens lenses, I kid you not, I kept forgetting that I wore a pair of their lenses.

I bought 8 pairs at ₩20000 x 4 = ₩80000 (RM286; $70) and I think the other 4 pairs were bought at ₩25000 x 2 = ₩50000 (RM179; $43).

Moving on, I also bought some from Lens-me. I did a review on their Galaxy lenses which was the first version that they released and this round, I bought the second version which is the Qlo 7. These are like ₩20000 x 2 = ₩40000 (RM143; $35). I also bought a random brand from the store in the Ewha branch that has a very blue galaxy look at like ₩10000.

Also, I think that every full-prized lenses that you buy, you will get a lens case? I'm assuming this because I bought 18 pairs of contact lenses in total and I got 9 casings. They also gave me free solutions but I'm not sure how much you'll have to buy to get it because I visited 4 stores in total but I've gotten 5 bottles. 

Skin care

Soothing Hydra Solution Mask and Rubber Mask Moist Lover

I bought these out of randomness and the fact that
I need a bit more to hit the duty-free quota.

I heard that Madecassoside is one of the best from A'pieu and they had a bundle of two (I forgot the price but I think it's about ₩25000). Same with the Bad Eye Cream which was ₩9000, super cheap and I saw that it was being hyped. It looks like a tube of hair dye but doesn't smell as awful. The texture is also very thick. I also grabbed a Super Protein Hair Dry Essence at ₩8500 and dry shampoo to fill up the duty-free quota. I don't like the dry shampoo tho because it didn't do much. Kinda regret that I didn't get anything from the raspberry series.

The Face Shop
I saw good reviews with the Therapy First Serum which was around ₩18,000. Oh yes, it is quite expensive but I just wanted to try it. I allowed myself to splurge anyway. They were also selling the makeup wipes called Herb Day Cleansing tissue which was ₩6000 for 70 wipes! They also had a 1+1 event going on, so arguably it was ₩3000 per pack for me.

I've also gotten a pack of 5 Dr. Belmeur pimple patches which were already unavailable here in Malaysia. I couldn't remember how much was the bundle price but one pack is at ₩2000.

Etude House
They had a bundle promotion event for the newest moisturizer for the Sung Jung line. I couldn't remember the price, it was below ₩20000, but they actually gave me more discount on the second box because I bought so much in the store, in which I just took it because I needed moisturizer anyway. Right now, they are selling the bundle at ₩20000. The Jewel Beam Eye Patch which I bought it at a b1f1 promotion for ₩19000 was not really the best purchase. It didn't really work as well as I expected but oh well.

I also saw this and it was eye-widening because I've never seen a makeup remover bottle this big. If I'm not mistaken, it's a 700ml bottle at the price ₩14000.

I got the second last available coffee mask available from the majority of the stores that I visited and it was ₩12,000 but I think it didn't really work so well, which was why they discontinued it. It doesn't even smell like coffee. I've also bought the My Hair Recipe Calming Treatment for about ₩12,000. 

The Saem
Lastly, I got this due to many reviews and wanted to try it. At this point, you might be thinking that I've bought way more makeup remover than a regular person would. I mean, I use a lot of makeup anyway so I really don't feel bothered by how many makeup removers that I'm purchasing. Also, things are cheaper in Korea anyway. This is one of the best selling items in The Saem and I bought this for ₩5,500.


Etude House
This is a serum version of the Double Lasting Foundation and I personally am not a fan of it because of the weather and humidity here which causes my face to look superbly oily. I personally prefer the matte version of it and it wasn't any drier. Just, imo.

This looks small but it's about the same volume as Etude House's.
I was shookethed but we'll only know how it is until I tried.

Bunny Edition ₩9000

I couldn't resist a bunny!!!!!

I think this is a 'Strawberry' colour. I can't really Korean.
It's as dusty as milk powder.

Gel Liner ₩8000

I just wanted a good and smooth gel liner.

This is a #12 Walnut Brown which glided on super easy and smooth.
The pigment was strong and I was like, yeah totally, why not?

Etude House
Glow On Bass Hydra Blossom Picnic Special Edition ₩16,000

I tried this on the spot and I really liked it.
Besides, it's a limited edition with the same price as the regular one.
So, why not? (Again.)

Klavuu (via The Face Shop)
WHITE PEARLSATION Ideal Actress Backstage Cream SPF30 PA++

This is/was a highly hyped primer and I was like, why not?
(Zoelie, that's really not how you're supposed to shop...)

Ink Blank Cara #2 Volume Curling [1+1]

Peripera had a 1+1 event for their mascaras and I personally think that mascaras can be bought in bulk because it's one of the things that must be thrown away immediately when it starts to smell funky, which they do smell funky pretty quickly. So, when I saw this, I grabbed it without thinking too much. Also, I got the volume one instead of long-lash one because I do have long lashes but I wanted my lashes to look thicker.

Etude House
Mirror Holic [2+2]

I am obsessed with eye glitter gel and I saw a bunch of these from Etude House. One of them was red and I was like, "yes, I need to try this".

These are the colours that I bought and I'll put up swatches in another blog post.
PK001 Pink Ornament & PK002 Rose Ice Wine
RD301 Red Carpet Dress & Eye Glossy Coating

Simply Pink Pro Eye Palette ₩32000

It's a must-buy right now. A huge trend with really pretty colour outcomes.

Olive Young also gave me a booklet for free which I will show you below.

Moisture Lipstix & Melting Glow Lipstix
₩20000 with 10% off

I've gotten the 305 Biscotti Coral from the regular line and 501 Milkshake from the toy brick line.

Juicy Pang Tint ₩7500

This line had a really huge hype on my IG explore page and I couldn't resist after trying it in Malaysia and Korea. This is the BE01 colour.

Zero Gram in All the Jazz ₩9,900

I couldn't find the other series but I love their brand.

Rouge Heel Velvet in #09 Rose Breeze ₩18,000

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Maybe.
I love the lipsticks that I bought, regardless.

Skinny Brow Pencil in Midnight Espresso Brown ₩7,000

I saw Pony Syndrome using this and I'm like, yeah I need a brown pencil anyway.

Etude House
My Beauty Tools Brushes Cleansing Mini Bathtub ₩4,000

Just another item to fill up the duty-free quota.
I do use this since I have a lot of brushes.


I bought too many food and I don't remember the prices HAHHAH

These are like, the cheapest seaweed flakes available and I honestly like it except that they have nuts inside, in which I personally dislike it.

This hmmm. They legitimately called it a cream pie. If you have an innocent mind, just ignore it but yea. I think it's a little bit too mushy for me because of the marshmallow-textured cream. I personally don't like it that much.

Ohhhhh, I seriously love how this tastes but then a part of me was like: in order to cook this, you have to first put it in boiled water to soften it and then into chilled water but it's also kinda like eating plastic or wax. Technically this is cold noodle so you have to do that. So, I think I won't repurchase again.

I wanted to know how this tastes like and I was pretty okay. A little expensive because you only get like three packs out of it.

Daiso goods! Haven't tried yet.
If you wanna buy snacks, go to Daiso first!
They sell things other than their own brands.

This is pretty decent. Not too sweet.

I ate this since high school and I just want to reminisce again.

This one is also from Daiso and it's pretty good.
Not too sweet and easy to chew. Great for kids!

Love, love, love this. If you see the peach one, get it too.
I have this since high school as well. Bought it from Daiso as well.

Banana chips... are ... disappointing somehow.

Cute lollipops. Pretty sweet but they're just fine.

They look like this! Well, I haven't opened the other two character ones.

This is from Japan but I saw it in Korea so I'm like, TAKE IT!

Went home and tried it. It was pretty okay.

Although I would personally sprinkle a little more sugar for taste.
It's also a little bit expensive since I can use a lot for a slice of bread.

Limited edition Kitkat in Strawberry Red Bean Mochi flavour.
Honestly, it tastes weird from Kitkat but it does taste like the Mochi.

This is not food but you can use it for food. It's the silica gel that's made to keep food dry. You can get these from Daiso. I needed them for my chips and such.

I saw dog food at Olive Young and I'm like:
I must get my dogs something so they feel special too.
These have different flavour and texture for different aims.


I've gotten a fabric perfume from W.Dressroom. I think it can sanitize the fabric too. The smell is a little too strong for smaller rooms and it can last for quite a few days.

I got these because we walked too much. I personally do recommend the patches as they work really well but don't use them too often as your skin may feel irritated. Mine did for quite a few days and I switched to ointment. The ointment was okay. Do stock up the patches though.

Also gotten this from Olive Young because I never had one and I needed one.

I've gotten a bunch of stuff in Daiso which may be more expensive here as the ones in Korea has different price settings, starting from ₩1000. I got two airtight containers for my sheet masks with resealable packaging, nail clippers for myself and another for my dog. Silica gel that you saw just now and a pack of sealable bags for random things.

I also got this nail filer for my dog but it's a bit dull.

This is one of the Marvel limited edition from Daiso. Honestly, don't buy neck pillows from Daiso. It's a waste of money. This doesn't even feel good.

Pantyhose ₩5000

Absolutely a scam! It's expensive and the ones in Malaysia are cheaper and lasts even longer than these. They are quite thin and uncomfortable too. 

Bonus: Souvenir

I got this for my boyfriend. A little weird because it's from an all-female university but hey, they started to let males in, I think. 

I got this really expensive and luxurious hair care product for my mom's Mother's Day gift.

These were bought for my friends.
Snacks from Daiso and the skin care products from Etude House.
The earring for my friend is there too.

This was what Olive Young gave their shoppers for free.
It's essentially a gift book, containing stickers and wrapping papers.

They have a few designs for your liking.

All papers are folded but easily tearable.

Gift tags are available too!

Along with some cute stickers.

Gift Samples

These are all the gift samples that they've given me after purchasing so many things. It's very different from what I've expected because everyone keeps telling me that Korea gives out samples a lot but they turned out to be quite stingy already. Also, if you see people handing you free masks, don't take it because they will force you to go into their store and keep watching you (or pressuring you) until you've bought something. I think commission mission is very competitive there. 

Needless to say, I'm disappointed.

That's all for my haul!
It's a little late for the announcement but I am a little busier after adulting.
Thanks for reading and I'll see you in a bit!

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