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Korea 2019| BHC Chicken Delivery - Wrinkle, Soy Sauce BBQ, Cheeseballs

BHC 치킨

Korean fried chicken is a must-try and one of the most popular brands is BHC. Now, just like MCD, you can either eat this in their store or have it delivered to you. My travel buddy and I were really tired after walking for a long time with lots of shopping loots so we opted for delivery.

In order to place an order for food delivery, you may have to approach a local Korean to assist you with that. You can ask your Airbnb host like we did or you can approach a hotel staff for it. If you couldn't seem to be able to find someone who could help with ordering, you may have to visit their store instead. You can visit here to find a store location. They also have an app or associated with food delivery app to make it easier for locals to order. Our Airbnb host ordered directly from an app but we didn't get to check which is it.

I honestly suggest asking someone to help you order instead because you also need an exact delivery location which can be a little bit hard to get. We tried ordering on our own but it was really difficult. Also, it can take about 20 mins to an hour for their delivery, depending on their order counts at that particular hour.


I heard about their brand but I've never known what to order. My travel buddy suggested "Wrinkle" 뿌링클 flavour, which is a "sprinkle freshly fried crispy chicken flavour specially made with 'magic seasoning' that is composed with cheese, cheddar cheese, onion and garlic. It has a savoury and crunchy texture!" We ordered a set that came with sweet 'wrinkle' cheeseball. In total, it cost ₩22000 (RM78; $19) with additional of ₩2500 (RM9; $2) won for a delivery fee (yes it's quite expensive). 

By the freaking way, this is a 1-person set. Yes, Koreans eat one whole set on their own. If you look at what's in the set, you will only find like a can of coca cola, a yoghurt dip and one unit of white picked radish.

Can we just stop and like, stop and like taking in the fact of how big of a portion this is. This is a whole chicken, by the way. I mean considering that it's almost RM80, it should be a big portion but they only have one size for all the sets and the fact that one Korean can finish the entire set is just mind-blowing. (Btw, this fact was actually given by my Airbnb host. He told us that it's always rare to see Koreans sharing a set and that every Korean is capable to finish a set.)

뿌링클 Winkle


Wrinkle flavour is such an amazing combination of flavour and texture. It didn't really taste like cheese but better? The crispiness of the chicken when I bite into it was just so satisfying. The inside was definitely still hot since it was very fresh upon receiving the delivery order and that they don't get soggy at all! The cheeseball was also crispy and the cheese texture was in the middle of chewy and gooey. This flavour was very much enjoyable for me and I am craving for it whenever I see fried chicken back home. 

By the way, if you feel that you might get sick of this flavour, just know that I didn't. Like, I hate cheesy food in Malaysia because they tend to get so heavy and disgusting after eating but the cheese food in Korea are all amazing. They do not feel disgusting or heavy. The taste is a huge difference from what we have here but if you get sick of sweetness easily, then I do suggest sharing this. The cheeseball is also amazing but the cheese within may not give you the stretchy effect, depending on how long it takes for it to reach you after being cooked. 

A quick tip: Two of us tried to finish it but we were left with like 3 pieces of chicken and 2 pieces of cheeseball so we kept it in the fridge and reheated it the next day. Please reheat separately. The cheeseball could take 30seconds to a minute, depending on how cold it ended up to be. The chicken should take a little longer, like 2-5minutes. Also, after reheating the chicken, it was still crispy!

While the yoghurt jam might scare you, it was actually quite decent. I personally don't find it interesting though. What I love the most is their picked radish. Man, I wish they'd give us 2 more boxes of these. We can't even find it in the nearby convenience store. It's straight up amazing and helps to lessen the heavy taste from the chicken and the cheese flavour. If you can, purchase more because it really makes the whole eating experience really enjoyable.

The coca cola was kinda okay with the chicken but I personally like to eat it with bubbly alcohol. We tried this can of peach sparkly alcohol beverage that is quite popular in the Korean lady community, according to our Airbnb host. It went really, really well with the chicken but it also makes you gassy, which means it might make you feel full easier. `

Chicken, Chicken!

We ordered it again for another night and this time we wanted another flavour (mainly because my partner couldn't handle another night of Wrinkle). I let her choose either Taste Choking 맛초킹 or Soy Sauce BBQ 소이바베큐 (₩18,000; RM64; $15.20) and she chose the latter. I actually prefer the former one because it looked crispier but I don't mind trying Soy Sauce BBQ and see how it tastes like. Another thing is that the Soy Sauce BBQ has sweet potato cubes and lotus root slices too so I felt like it's going to make us feel full a lot faster but it's still okay. I wanted to try.

We also added the cheeseballs (₩5500; RM20; $5) on the side because there weren't any sets for this particular chicken flavour. As usual, we were also charged with the delivery fee (RM9; $2).

소이바베큐 Soy BBQ
뿌링치즈볼 Pouring Cheeseballs


Before we started eating, we went out to the convenient store to get some sparkling juice and additional pickle radish. We could only find the yellow one but it's still better than not having any. Again, the chicken tasted great with any of these drinks.

This round, it didn't have a lot of crispiness, albeit that it was fried. The soy sauce flavour was not as strong as what you can get from Jinjja Chicken back here but it was pretty much acceptable. The chicken meat was tender, as usual. Did I mention that you can bite all the meat off really easily? I mean, this is really great news for those who have braces but if the wires at the end of your braces do poke you, you will want to put wax on repeatedly because there was so much biting and chewing. My mouth ended up really painful and the wound kept bleeding.

Same as before, the cheeseball was still amazing and I'd definitely want it again someday. 

That's all for my first-time experience with BHC Chicken. It was definitely a pleasant experience and I do highly recommend you to give it a try. At least try the winkle flavour but if you could, try everything! I personally believe that they really won't disappoint you with what they are offering. Not to mention, if BHC chicken is reading this, could you guys consider coming to Malaysia because y'all are going to be a huge hit and really just defeat the majority of fried chicken chains out there. You guys are really that amazing.

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