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Korea 2019| Mapo Mandu 마포만두

Mapo Mandu 마포만두

393-1 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Train exit: Hapjeong Station, Exit 2 (U-turn, go right)
Halal: No | Website



It's a very clean and bright store with friendly and sweet ajjumas to cater to each customer. They actually made me feel at home with their motherly kindness tho. There were plenty of seats when we visited in the morning. A few ajusshis came to take away some food as well. 

To order, you can only use the vending machine right next to the door. You can use either cash or credit card here (some places only allow credit card and/or T-money, so make sure you have your credit card ready). Immediately, the ajjumas will hand you your orders. One of our mandu came right before we even finished paying. They are very quick with the orders and preperation.

They offer free soup with some ingredients in it. They also offer pickled radish which are refillable. I wanted to refill on my own but ajjuma asked me nicely to sit down and that she can bring it to me instead.

The tables are small and all the utensils can be found from the drawer. There are also some other condiments that you can find in the drawer.

Assorted Dumplings

4000 won

We ordered assorted dumplings because we wanted to try everything and we also ordered kimbab (it's giant sized). The assorted dumplings came with two of each type: pork, beef, kimchi, spicy and curry mandus.

Pork Rib Mandu

I LOVE THIS! It's actually amazing! I've tried a few mandu's around Seoul and honestly, this is the best! I mean, I prefer pork over beef but then again, it really does taste better than beef.

Spicy Mandu 

Spicy mandu is really, really spicy. It literally felt like eating a tiny chili that burns your tongue quite a lot. I could cry eating it and I honestly don't want it anymore. It's a good challenge if you want to know your limits with spiciness.

Galbi Mandu (Beef)

I'd rate this my Top 2 favourite mandu here :> It's not smelly and the taste was rather smooth with a really nice chewiness. Not hard to chew at all for braces-wearers.

김치만두 | 카레만두
Kimchi Mandu | Curry Mandu

It's quite okay. Basically Kimchi in a mandu and it's not too spicy. Totes handle-able. Curry mandu, on the other hand, smelled and taste like someone's armpit........ I think they put too much cumin or something. Spicy mandu and curry mandu are my lowest rating mandus.

Tuna Kimbap

3500 won

They are really huge. Normally, you will only get smaller kimbaps outside. I enjoyed eating these and they aren't hard to chew at all. They are also made with fresh ingredients so you don't have to worry about the freshness.

They also have other kimbap available but I think the pork one isn't always available. I was a little disappointed as it wasn't made available in the vending machine.


I really think you must try this when you are in Korea as they make really tasty mandus as compared to outside stores that I've tried. The kimbap are huge and they taste better too. They are available in many other locations.

Here are some other locations that you can visit which are compiled by Seoulsync:
  • Sinchon Station, Line 2:
    Exit 1, Take a right on the first street and Mapo Mandu will be to your right.
  • Yeouido Station, Lines 5 and 9:
    Exit 3, Take your first right and Mapo Mandu will be on your right.
  • Maebong Station, Line 3:
    Exit 4, Across the first street corner.
  • Seoul National University of Education Station, Lines 2 and 3:
    Exit 14, will be on your right.
If you can, give other food from their menu a try too because they are not just famous for their mandus. I think their noodles are quite popular as well.

Other menus:

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