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Korea 2019| The Recorder Store 리코더스토어

The Recorder Store

Daily 12pm - 8pm 

서울시 마포구 토정로 37 2층
37, Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

The Recorder Store is located in an area where everything looks really high-end and boujee. The people here give me a feeling like, they are very underrated but they also spend without looking at the price tag.

The location of the store is a little bit difficult to find since all the buildings around look the same and they are also aesthetically pleasing. As long as you use the Naver map to navigate and you see this sign then you won't have to worry about being lost. Just take the stairs and you will reach the store immediately. It's only on the first floor so don't worry.

Once you've reached the store, you will be welcomed by the cute sights of designer illustrations. If you're unfamiliar with the Recorder Store, well actually I'm not that familiar with them too, but they are actually like a small collection or hub of designer goods being sold in the same store. There are many brands available in this store and you will find all of them aesthetically amazing. 


겨울엔토스트가좋아 LIMPALIMPA | 귤제리 kyuljerry | 너구리공장 raccoonfactory | 노낫네버 No Not Never | 달밤피크닉 dalbam.picnic_shop | 다운타운믹스주쓰 oojuiceoo | 더리코더팩토리 The Recorder Factory | 드리밍몬스터즈 Dreaming Monsterz | 러버블오잉 Lovable OING | 룸룸 dabiyam | 리코더스토어 Recorder store | 맘마상점 Mamma shop | 버라이어티숨 everydaymooonday | 부부아일랜드 boobooisland | 브레드햇샵 Bread.Hat.Shop | 비선형 Nonlinear | 수바코 Subaco | 스튜디오달고나 Studio Dalgona | 시루더디저트 SIRU the dessert | 잼있는인생 jam2inlife | 펌즈 perms__ | 폼이 Foam | 할미잼 Halmi jam | 홍단단 Hong Dandan | 히사시부리냥 hinyangnyang | KKKIM

Majority of the items here can be considered as limited edition items as they are not mass manufactured brands. Of course, if you can't visit their physical store, you can always order online. The physical store makes it easier for you to decide if you like the item or not, after looking up close. Also, they have more items in their physical store than their online store! 

Each brand has its very own aesthetics, be it animal or humans, doodles or realistic drawings. Each aesthetic represents the artists themselves and each pricing represents their value in art and quality. Here are some things that you can have a look to take a guess on their price range.

I've also taken pictures of the prices for some of the items so you can have an idea of the price range here. You can also have a look from their website.

Every corner will surprise you with cute items. Just remember to pay attention to every item and every detail. You really don't want to miss anything.

Cats are a very popular choice in this store and you can see many charms, stickers, keychains and even stickers that are filled with chubby-cheeked cats. You can also find washi-tapes with cats on it.

Too many washi-tapes to choose from and I couldn't decide any >w<

Seashells anyone?

One of the artists also sells jam here (?????)


There is another corner that contains even more joyful things!

Just look at how cute these designs are. Food is also another popular theme here.


I wanted the sweater but like a handful of things here, it doesn't have a price tag on it. I kinda felt lazy to ask for the price so I just didn't bother. Not to mention that the sweat is very thick.


Don't forget to look behind you too!

Small little corners may easily get ignored if you're not paying attention.

You want little bags? They have some too!

You can find lots of things here that you couldn't have been able to imagine. 

Postcards, stickers and notepads are largely available here as well.

Doggo not really your thing? How boy foxy?

Look at this cute little thing~

These are pretty much couple-friendly too.

More doggo sections!

I noticed two products that strongly caught my eyes: dog head pins and keychains.

Each of them is just so fekkin kuteeeeeee

I also got a Shiba head keychain for myself ^^

Then you have more washi-tapes and cute designs at another corner uwu

I personally want to buy everything in this store, especially the plushie from the picture on top. That's Siru the Dessert by the way (I think it's a whipped cream). It's so fluffy and cute, I almost died. But a lot of things here are priced a little bit on the expensive side since they are designer made and the quality is really good. I ended up only getting a few items instead. 

There's also a mirror for you to selfie with. 

Most items are small but they also have giant plushies around the store. One is this angry and tsundere looking lemon-shaped thing. Their mascot is a white rabbit which you can find near their window display. Only those are available too.

That's all for my The Recorder Shop experience for you! I really don't have a lot to say but I hope you appreciated their aesthetics and if you love the way they designed things, do support them!

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Related info:

더 리코더팩토리
The Recorder Factory

484-23 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울시 마포구 서교동 484-23

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