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Korea 2019| Egg Drop 에그드랍 - Gangnam Main Branch

Egg Drop 에그드랍

1321-9, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
08:00 - 20:00 | 02-598-8833 | Website

Egg Drop is something like Subway but it emphasizes more on the 'toast' part with breakfast as it's main 'ingredient' rather than using salad. Their price range can be a little bit more expensive but trust me, this is really worth the price.

They don't have an elaborative menu but their options are quite satisfying and not so underwhelming. They serve the typical ham and egg (American Ham Cheese), just egg (Mr.Egg), bacon and egg (Bacon Double Cheese) and even avocado toast with egg (Avo Holic). You can also find something new in their menu such as Teriyaki BBQ (no eggs) and bacon, egg with garlic toast (Garlic Bacon Cheese). If you want something light, you can always go for the Tamago Sando (egg sandwich) and their Egg Cobb Salad. Here's a visual menu from their website. 

As for their beverage options, they have the typical coffee options (Americano, Double Milk Latte) and chocolate milk (or as they call it Milk Chocolate), alongside with something less common such as Jeju Matcha Latte and Egg Vanilla Latte (waaaaaaaaaaat). They also serve orange juice, grapefruit juice and mango juice. Apparently, Mango juice can be found almost everywhere in Seoul, which I find super cool. Last but not least, they serve fresh milk and other beverages such as Cola, Cider, Fanta, Dr Pepper and a whiskey/malt (?) called Seagram.

How to order

There's a kiosk available at the side of the counter and you must order there if you want to purchase. The saddest part is that they do not accept cash. They only accept credit card, smartphone payment and Payco. Just pick all the things that you want, then select check out, pay for your food and you're done.

Our Order

I order twice during my one-time visit here. One for eating-in and one for taking-out. My first order was Teriyaki BBQ and then my travelling partner ordered Bacon Double Cheese. I tried a bite of hers and it was quite okay. Pretty much the safest choice amongst the six options.

My Teriyaki BBQ tho. Oh my gosh tho. Really tho. It was really amazing. Pairing with the sliced egg that's almost fully cooked and then the chicken was so tender. The sauce was leaking a little on the side but you can count on the toast to keep the sauce inside. The toast tho. Oh my lord. I never tried something so amazing. It's crispy on the outside, cotton soft on the inside and the best part is, it's not even difficult to bite at all! Normally, regular bread and toasts can take quite some effort for me to bite them off but this one is so soft, it was basically a meal with effortless biting!

The teriyaki sauce is a little bit on the sweet side, so it's really not a fully savoury type of option. If you prefer sweet and savoury, then this is really something that you should try for. Amazing combination and cooking skills. Big thumbs up for these people.

If you plan to takeaway the toasts instead of eating it instore.  here's what it'll look like. They will put it in a box with a plastic sheet separating the toast from the plastic bag. 

The plastic sheet is long enough to keep the sides off the plastic bag too, so you really don't have to worry about getting the sauce everywhere. It's actually a great way for their takeaway orders.

You can basically lift the sheet off from the wider side of the box and then enjoy your toast on your way to your next destination. I was planning to eat this on the train but there wasn't anywhere to sit so I couldn't. I ended up eating it on the street while waiting for my travelling partner to finish her shopping.

For my takeaway order, I had the Garlic Bacon Cheese. I swear to God this is the best garlic toast that I ever had. Again, it is on the sweeter side so please do take note. I love sweet stuff so this is heaven for me. The garlic taste was so satisfying, especially when it's still toasty. If I order again, I will definitely order other varieties with garlic bread. I don't even mind paying a little extra.

The bacon was great with the cheese but I personally cannot handle that much of egg. I felt a little bit nauseous but that could be because I had a toast not long before I eat another one. Then again, I think it's also because they put milk into their egg, which can be a little less enjoyable for me to have.

Overall, this is another must-go place for me to recommend whenever you visit Korea. They have about 72 branches in Korea, each with different opening and closing hours so you should do a little research if you're planning to eat this first thing in the morning. Otherwise, it's always safe to go there between 11pm-5pm. You can search for their store locations here.

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