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Korea 2019| LINE Friends Cafe & Store 라인프렌즈 카페

서울 플래그십 스토어 이태원점
LINE Friends Cafe & Store

200 Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
02-790-0901 | 11:00 ~ 23:00 | Website

Before going to LINE friends, I wasn't expecting a lot of things because I never really have a lot of interactions with the app and their social media platforms. I genuinely was just going there as a tourist just to see what's around so this is going to be a little brief.

My first impression of this place was: god damn too many people are too obsessed with these things. The crowd was no kidding, I would say that it's a little larger than KAKAO friends. However, once I've finished touring this place, I came to like their lighting and colour combinations. You'll see why in the rest of the photos below.

First Floor

Let's start with big and shy shy Brown the brown Bear.

Brown is the first thing you'll see when you enter the shop. Click into the photos and see how amazing taking picture with this particular Brown can be! It's so cute with the little blushes and its legs are just nice for me to sit between. He'd make a great combination of decoration and a seating chair.

Anyway, once you walked passed Brown, you will immediately feel overwhelmed by a lot of different products and designs in the shop.

Seriously, it's so overwhelming that I didn't get to see everything in detail. I kinda regret not being able to do that. 

Of course, you will also have the BT21 items on the first floor because they're the hit. I'm not a big fan of how they designed the t-shirts though.

Plushiesssss! A lot of other items with the characters' faces on them too. I like that Brown tote bag though.

They were also having sales when we were visiting. I think it was Sakura and Appreciation sales. At the same time, I managed to take a picture when the girl was holding the head-plush to her face 😂

More items on the side of the wall and the racks.

You can also find a bunch of head-plush keychains here with other phone accessories. Airpod casings are a big thing in Korea so naturally, LINE will sell their versions too.

I'm still very obsessed with Brown. Look!

They also have an outdoor section?! A camping zone?! Camping stuffs?!?!


I love their decoration around the store. So many large-sized figurines are being used to portray the cuteness of these characters. You really won't feel bored here.

The pink rabbit was a little too big so I couldn't...

This is also at one side of the staircase. Moon is on the mid of stairs to the 3rd floor while Cony and Sally can be found before reading the 2nd floor.

Poor sally though. I was also too short to reach Cony's face. I really tried.

Second Floor

The second floor is fully catered to all the BT21 fans out there. It really just only sell BT21 items on this floor. If you're a fan, you'd be fainting by the time you reached this level.

Lots more shirts and hats for you to browse than the first floor.

Phone casings available too!

The impressions that this floor is giving me are Sporty, Active and Cheerful. I'm not a fan of BT21 but I like how this floor was decorated and designed.

Near the staircase, you will also find a section of life-sized LINE characters in what I would call a Doll House. Get it? Cuz it's like a house but you can see everything inside and they are all dolls. Heh.

You also have Cony playing the piano on the side too. There are also stools for you to sit on in case you feel tired or that you need to wait for your girlfriend to finish shopping.

I like the frog, he's simply just enjoying good food WITH WINE. Also, the photo I took of the fashionista Choco is almost as though she's spying on you.

I also love this part of the dollhouse hhuhhu.

Also! There's a mirror for you to selfie with! On the right side, there were also a lot of Brown plushies in a different outfit. I picked the one in a hoodie because it fits me more.

Mirror selfies incoming!!

Third Floor

The third floor is mainly the cafe and desserts. You can enjoy some sweetness here but I didn't stay for long because we had somewhere else to go. Too many people were in the line anyway.

I kinda want to try their strawberry menu...

Plenty of seats available but the line is awful so take note of that!

You can also find some other BT21 merch here. 

Near the staircase, they have another photoshoot area. It's harder to take a picture in this one because many people will be walking past and also the lighting isn't so good. 

Bonus: How's their toilet?

They decorated it so well! It was really cute but... I was so disgusted by the people who used it. Basically, only one washroom was available at that time so everyone used the same one. Then some culture-less people decided to wet the cubicles and even not flush their poop. It's either they didn't flush it or they couldn't. Anyway, I just walked away and held on to my bladder until we went to a random Coffee Bean shop. It wasn't as bad but it wasn't great either. Guess I know why cafes and restaurants refused to open their washroom to the public.

I bought something! I did. I bought their plushie and I picked the Brown because it keeps reminding me of my bf (probably why I can just smile so sweetly while I was taking a picture with the big Brown). I only realized it was for babies (because it has a shaker in it) but hey, that's an extra point because the fur is much, much softer.

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