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Korea 2019| KAKAO Friends Gangnam Flagship Shop 카카오프렌즈 강남플래그십스토어

카카오프렌즈 강남플래그십스토어
KAKAO Friends Gangnam Flagship Store

1-3rd Fl., Yuchang Bldg., 1305-7, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Daily 10.30am - 10pm | +82 2-6494-1100 | Website

KAKAO Friends is similar to LINE Friends but the KAKAO app is mainly used by Koreans whereas foreigners prefer the LINE app over KAKAO. Even the characters have some similarities here and there. You have the shy but heartwarming main male character (aka the boyfriends), then you have a wild and energetic main female character (aka the girlfriends). Both sides also have a timid duck, a stylish and/or narcissistic character (James/Choco from LINE, Frodo/Neo from KAKAO). They also have a tiny character (Edward from LINE, Con from KAKAO), a random round-object character (Moon from LINE and Muzi from KAKAO), and a random ajjushi character (Boss from LINE and Jay-G from KAKAO). 

In my previous post, I mentioned that I enjoyed the lighting of the LINE Cafe in Itaewon but not so much of their products. In KAKAO, it's the opposite. I really love everything here but I hate the fact that I looked weird in the photos that I took here due to the lighting.

One huge thing that I really, really regret is to not visiting the third floor...! My dumbass thought it would be like LINE friends where I didn't have any interest in. But now that I looked at the photos from Google Map, I really regret not going. I forgot what I was thinking...!!! Anyway...

Level 1

Welp, like I said, bad lighting :')

Once you've entered, immediately on the left side, you will see the newest things. This season was the collaboration with IAB Studio.

They also featured the Honey Friends series with their characters in bees outfit! So cute!!

Okay, okay. Let's start to walk around, eh?

They have lots of stuff made to replace or add to your solution list like a portable fan, an extra mouse, 20 extra mugs that you bought for no other reasons besides the fact that its cute and some random pouches that you bought to keep but never actually utilize it. No, I'm not attacking you, I'd do that too.

Lazy Sunday is my favourite series. It features mochi sized Apeach and Ryan with a very cute tag line for both. I would buy everything if I had the money :')

I just had to buy something here and I ended up getting the Ryan mug.

I also wanted the pouches but uwu I guess not

Besides Ryan (who I think has the most products) Apeach also has a lot of items available. You can even get beauty tools from its series. Look at those cute little makeup puffs >w<

Stationaries are a must and will not be missed by any companies.

More figurines and plushies here. I stg I really want all of the Ryan plushies.

Files, folders, pouches for your everyday paper-neat.

Gift wraps are actually pretty too TwT
Oooh, tiny figurines!

Phone case, anyone? Sadly, they only offer iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases. I own a Huawei P30 Pro though.... (All my Korea Travel Blog photos are taken with this phone I got 3 months ago :D)

More characters, more plushies!

Can... I.... get the big ones.... please....... orz

Curious about the price? Me too. Nah, here's what I saw 😂

They're so cuteeeee. Oh, you can get some other electronic applicants here too.

Head-plush keychains are also the cutest and the most convenient thing to buy if you want a piece of something here. I got myself a Ryan head-plush and I'll show you in my Haul stack later.

(Giving you the 360 realness)

Apeach and a butt :>

An official couple of KAKAO friends, Frodo and Neo.
Basically, a rich dude and a fashionista.

Bolster-plush :D
and... humidifier, I think?

I really wanted this. I swear, if it wasn't expensive, I would buy 2 but it was so I didn't get any. I got one for my friend though. I mean, she's paying me back. I'm so sad that I can't have it T-T

They also have stickers but the price, again, didn't justify for me T-T

More notebooks and stickers!

During our visit, they were still selling the Gentle Ryan. It's so adorableeee!

U wan sum cheese cuukies? I mean, it feels weird for me but I trust cheese in Korea. They don't have samples tho.. :( Oh extra stuff by the counter. Would've totally gotten the eyemask if I didn't overthink during shopping time :(

Level 2

The second floor got more stuff to see. It's not like LINE friends where they only focus on one series. It's more like a combination of every other series together.

Don't forget to take a picture with these cutie pies.

Here's the outlook of the store once you reached the second floor.

They got more snacks here and they also have Battlegrounds series as well. It's almost like a LINE x PUBG thing. I'm not sure if that's legit but I saw 2 of their products stated PUBG on it.

Look at this orang Asli Ryan HAHHA

More cute stuff like pins, tiny plushies and passport cover.

More Gentle Ryan merchandises too!

I think right, this floor sells more like house applicants and other functional objects like different sorts of pouches and cardholders.

Aiya, said it too early. There are more plushies here too.

Their pyjamas sure look cosy tho.

At another corner of the second floor, there are more keychains here too. The lesson of the day: don't check out on the first floor, do it on the second floor because there are so many other things and even cleaner things here.


Sandals? Neck Pillow? They've got you.

Wew, they wrapped the ones on the top with better casing. Other places just leave the neck pillows open and exposed. The ones below have hoodie!

More pillows and floor pillows :3

They also have toiletries and fabric perfumes.

Hair tools for toilet use and styling are available too!

This site has more coin pouches and cardholders.

I bought the Ryan cardholder hehheheee but I can't use it in my office since they needed us to show the staff ID and this one doesn't have a 'window' for that. Oh, laundry items too hehe

Summertime means it's time for smoothies and cool drinks too!

Hotel series was still available too. The keychain was absolutely brilliant. It looks like a keychain for a hotel room and it has a gold key attached to it! So brilliant!

More keychains and pouches uwu

Walking into the clothing sections, you will be greeted by the freshly baked out of the oven clothing lines. The time we were there was for IAB studio.

They also have other collaboration items here too, like the Covernat.

More options for the pyjamas can be found here too!

They do have new stocks in packaging on the side but not all are available. There was also a mirror on the wall and I'm not gonna miss the opportunity to take a mirror selfie.

Socks, undies and more pyjamas for your satisfaction 🌝

Near the entrance to this area, you will see the 'higher-end' accessories here too.

The keychain is pretty much available outside but other items can only be found in this very section.



Bracelet???? Hair tie??????..... Brooches...

They look like hair ties to me, idk...

That's all for this post!
Do check out my other posts!
You may find them helpful :D

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