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Korea 2019| Shake Shack 쉐이크쉑

Shake Shack

Doota Mall 1F #001, Jangchungdanro 275, Jung-Gu, Seoul
Mon–Sun, 10:30am – 11:00pm | +82 02-3398-4003

Shake Shack has a total of 8 locations in South Korea as of today. For a full and official list, you can refer to this page from their official website.

There are ample seats and tables available but the crowd seems to always be there, so many sure you either come earlier or later than their standard lunch hours.

The cashier counters are located at the back of the store and there will be a huge menu board for you to look at. However, if you're not familiar with Korean, you might find it a little bit to decide what you want. It also seems like they want you to decide your items from the board while you're queuing up, so I basically panicked a little.

Luckily, I managed to find a full menu in English to look at. I also found a full Korean menu uploaded by Shake Shack but both were dated back in 2016, so just ignore the price. They mostly sell Chicken and Beef, so I'd assume it's Muslim-Friendly but I don't know if they obtained a Halal certificate.


They do have new stuff in the block but I wasn't feeling adventurous just yet. I mean, I did visit it on the very day that I arrived in Korea. A little tired, ya know.

Our Order

We ordered a Shack Burger, a Cheese Fries, and a Root Beer Float Shake.

It was so gooooooooooooood. The beef tasted nothing like what we have in Malaysia and it has a better texture and after-taste to it. The lettuce and tomatoes are super fresh with that melty cheese in between. Gosh. I would want to go back for another one but I think I want a Shack Stack next round.

The root beer float was just nice and the fries? Yo, don't get me started man. The fries were crispy on the outside but munchy on the inside. The cheese was another level. I swear, it'll blow your mind with its taste and texture once you've tried Malaysia style cheese fries and then try Shake Shack's. It will absolutely not disgust you with that artificial taste. I do hate cheesy food, especially those that dump a load of cheese on top but then I literally found myself keep digging and digging for these cheese fries.

Just this much of the food was already around RM75 but you know what? It was worth the price. We ordered this for two people and we felt pretty full after eating. Shake Shack is also available in Singapore, China, Japan and the Philippines. Would totally wait for it to open a store in Malaysia. Man, the line will continue to stay long for a long while, too.

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