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Korea 2019| Eros Fortune Telling Café 에로스사주카페

Eros Cafe

37, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03766, South Korea
Open today: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Eros cafe is located upstairs of Juicy, Natural Laundry and Day (currently these are the stores but I'm not sure about the future). There are no elevators so you will need to climb the stairs. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the bartender and he will ask you if you need anything here. If you are here for the fortunetelling, he will ask you to buy a drink in order to have a seat. It's almost like an entrance fee but hey, the cafe needs money to support its business and I'm guessing that the fortunetelling money largely goes to the interpreters themselves.

How to get your fortune told


Choose a language that you would like to be spoken with: Korea, Mandarin, English and Japanese. I read from certain sites, they've mentioned that it's better to call before dropping by to inquire if they have foreign language interpreters for fortune telling to avoid disappointment. I didn't do that because I figured it might be difficult to communicate on the phone with English so I just winged it. 


Firstly, make a choice in what type of fortunetelling that you would want to have. Saju (四柱;八字 Bazi) is the main fortunetelling option (basically also what we call 'feng shui' here in Malaysia) whereby they use your birth date and time to find out about yourself. It is more accurate than palm reading or face reading because it analyses the constellations that you were born to, which sets you into a specific fate, life, personality and luck. It tells you about your sub-conscious, love life, career path & luck, family relationship, fortune luck, marriage luck and most importantly, your health luck.

Note: Saju is said to be what you were set to or what God had given you but how you live your life is all up to how you interpret it or how you make an effort into changing it. Your interpreter can give you advice on how to change it but it's also up to you if you would put actions to it. 

Note 2: Saju is also mostly identical to the Mandarin version. You can basically do this in other countries but trust me, it's a lot cheaper doing it in Korea as compared to Malaysia. There's almost a 10-1000 times difference in terms of payment fees for a same service, where Malaysia is on the expensive side of the price range. 

The other options are such as palm reading, comprehensive tarot card reading, individual tarot card reading and face reading.

Do note that every interpreter has different interpretations and explanation on your life so if you're hearing from more people, you will get a better idea of what it is.


Check your cash balance before you opt for any options. They only accept cash here so if you're tight on cash, you may want to come back when you have sufficient amount.

My Experience

Tony was my interpreter. He didn't ask me what option I'd like to have but I suppose he could only do Saju and he was most probably told by the bartender to do Saju for me. Tony only took my birth time and date to interpret my life. I didn't even need to tell him a single thing about myself. He had a piece of paper to write down the terminologies that are related to my life and then started to analyse for me. 

Now, the part about him being accurate, it's not as spooky as it could be for anyone else because my parents are quite into Feng Shui readings so I'm used to being told about myself accurately but I just don't get a lot of reading time whenever my parents inquire about their children. They just want a general explanation about how we're doing and how our lives could affect them in their future. When Tony interpreted my personality correctly, it was quite fun to hear because I get to hear more about it. There are so many things that he mentioned in which is hard for me to let everyone else know because these things are actually only meant for ourselves but I'm giving some examples so you know that it's pretty accurate.

He first started with my sub-consciousness by telling me who are spiritually 'around' me in four different directions. Some people have their mother or their friends around them. Mine, on the other hand, I have different versions of myself in every four directions to assist me in every aspect of my life. This is not to say that I am a self-centred person but rather that I'm extremely self-aware, and this is true. I am aware that I have many different versions of myself telling me what I should do or what I should not do, which is also why I'm easily conflicted with myself because they'd just keep arguing about what's right or wrong. However, they do tend to give me extra energy whenever I needed it. 

Then, he continued to mention my main element, which is fire. My fire element is not strong, it's just a small candle lighting up a small circle and in that small circle, it consists of people whom I care about. This is also true because I only focus on a small number of people in my life. Aside from my main element, he mentioned that every human has 5 elements in their life but it only depends on how much they have. My elements aren't balanced and I am highly lacking certain elements but it is okay because there are ways to sort it out. For example, if I am lacking the water element, I can just wear more blue colour clothing or have more blue colours objects in certain places that I often go to. If I am lacking metal element, I can just wear more metal-made accessories on a daily basis.

He also progressed to the Bazi 八字 part where it says mostly about my life from young to death. There are a set of terminologies for 八字 reading in which would be hard for many people to decipher, even those who are fluent in Mandarin, but if you try, you may have a better idea of what those terminologies are about. Tony doesn't explain a lot on what is what but he used a general explanation on my life is going to be in specific years or within a few years. He did mention about how many kids I'd have or what are my probabilities of getting a daughter. Apparently, I have two daughters in my life but if there are changes in the number of kids that I have, it wouldn't affect the fact that I'll definitely be getting one daughter. He also mentioned about my fortune luck and how I love to analyse financial sources, etc.

He even mentioned that I will be married after my 30's (which is highly accurate because that's what all the other fortuneteller said) and that I may find myself another true love a few years later. Honestly, hearing that, it did shaken me up a little because I did plan to marry the guy that I'm currently being with but with everything that he interpreted, it started to make me think that I may have been a little too obsessed with my fantasies (in which he mentioned that I have a tendency to do so).

See, I know that we all should just listen to these things and brush it off like you were just here to get experience and have fun with it but we should also take into consideration of how we might actually be and/or what we should do after hearing these. Let's take my marriage part as an example. My relationship is really my main core of what drives me in life besides money but after knowing that I may not be able to marry this guy, it kinda just pushed me off the clouds (clouded with fantasies) and put my feet on the ground for a bit (living more realistically). It made me realized that I shouldn't be fantasizing too much about my future life and just see past the fog to know what is really out there. I communicated my fear of that particular future event with my current boyfriend and he said that: Even though I may not be with him as long as I wished but I should also cherish all the moments that we have. He had also reassured me that, if we would end the relationship one day, he would still care for me regardless (this part was mostly about me and my fear of abandonment but yeh). Not only that I made some realizations, but it also pushed me to have deeper communications with him.

Of course, I understand that there are people who reject these sorts of things. See, I also did an interpretation for my boyfriend (he's aware of it before I requested for a Saju reading for him) in which he wasn't actually liking the interpretation because he thought that it was interpreted on how his life must be rather than just possibilities and that the interpretations on his career path were completely opposite of what he wanted to do. But once he got the idea of how he should handle the interpretations, he simmered down a little bit and noticed a few coincidences between his Saju interpretations and his actual life. Now, he's able to just keep those reading interpretations in mind and just go along with his life without being affected by what he was told.

There are so many things you could do with what you were told during your fortunetelling sessions but it's really up to how you're handling it, how you interpret it and how you're going to do with it. I take it as part of the possibilities and live my life the way I do with just keeping these possibilities in mind. There are also certain things in life that are written in our life which couldn't be avoided. If there are things that I'm being told to be cautious about, I would prepare myself and do what I can to minimizes the damages. That's really how I see fortunetelling. How you want to see fortunetelling is completely up to you.

Oh, by the way, we did Saju for 3 persons, that's why the final invoice is 30000 won.

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