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Woono Accessory

[I couldn't find a lot of information about them on the internet...]
[Store location available below]

From the outside-store photos, you can tell that I been there twice, in which I did. I went there during night time and then went back again a few days later during day time. The reason why I went back was that I couldn't stop thinking about all their jewellery and how I wanted to buy everything back home but that is financially impossible for me.

Funny story, during my first visit there, I asked the staff if I could take photos of the store and she responded very quickly that I can. I took my phone out and started snapping and the whole store was pretty much okay with it. When I was there for the second time, another girl stopped me when she saw that I was taking photos, in which I explained was for my friends to choose (which was true because I got enough photos for blogging during the first visit). She insisted that "it's our product and you cannot take photos. If you want to show your friends, you can only take photos of one item." If she has any idea, she would've figured that it's actually impossible because there are hundreds of designs there, how can I take photos one by one to show them?

I even tried taking close-ups of one portion of the display area, like items on a bowl, but apparently, that's not allowed too. I informed her that a few days ago her colleague was fine with it but she looked confused and couldn't figure which colleague it was. Then she insisted that I cannot take photos of a wide area but only one item per photo. Eventually, I told my friends that I gave up.

But yo, I was given permission on the first day so here are the photos taken:

I hyped this shop a lot because you can technically find the same items everywhere else but you cannot find it as cheap as this shop. However, I say this without shopping in other University districts so this is just my statement after shopping in malls and shopping districts such as Myeongdong, Hongdae and Gangnam. 

If you're familiar with Aurelia Atelier, you can actually find the identical items here with a cheaper price as well. It also concludes that the designs are really Korean designs, in which this was supported by the fact that they do ship their accessories through Korea mail. 

They sell a lot of rings here but they only have two sizes: the regular 12" size and the pinky finger size. Both have lots of designs available but if you want simple and/or gem-less designs, you may not be able to find a suitable one here.

They also have plenty of bracelets and necklaces here. The designs are really pretty as compare to what you can find outside, like say Lucistar (another affordable accessory shop but not as pretty as the items you can find here). 

Their earrings are really to die for. I really wanted to buy everything because they are so freaking beautiful but I stopped myself because I know that I'm not in the cute girl style (still working on it, honestly). 

Some of these designs are really out of the world. Maybe for us and not for them (Koreans) because they are always surrounded by pretty and good-quality items. It's not the same here.

If I'm not mistaken, the majority of their products are priced at 10000 but you can also find a lot of items priced around 5000-8000 and some items at 11000-12000. 

My Haul

I went there on two different occasions and the spending on my second visit was very unexpected for me as well. So each visit was ₩38000 (RM133.50; $32) & ₩54000 (RM189.50; $47), in which the total was ₩92000 (RM323; $78)

Here's what I got on my first visit:
(Sorry, I can't remember the individual prices)

I got a crown ring and I personally like this better as compared to the one in Pandora because this one is much subtle and has thinner bands, which is what I'm looking for.

Then I got myself a pair of cosmic earrings which is absolutely stunning because you can hardly be able to find gold accessories with purple stones on them. The majority of what you can find in the market are usually blue gem, white gem, red gem or pink gem. So this really caught my eyes immediately.

I also got myself a pair of earrings with a combination of pink stone and pearl. It is a very subtle design that is for people like me who don't have a very girly aesthetic but wants to boost our femininity for a little bit. It was ₩10000.

I also got myself some sakura bracelet because I like Sakura and I don't have a lot of bracelets. It's also very thin, which is very suitable for a small-figured person like me. (I'm chubby but I'm also small, what is this contradiction.)

Here's from my second visit:

I found a pair of earrings that has an under-cupping type of design. It's a little bit edgy but also a little bit fairy-styled. It was ₩10000.

I figured that I should get a pair of silver earrings because the others are rose gold. I saw this and I instantly put it in my cart. It was ₩9000.

I also wanted something really cute and childish. When I saw the cherry earrings, I instantly took it too. There were two sizes for the cherry earrings but I took the big one instead. I can't remember if it was because they had the same price or the smaller one was more expensive. This pair was ₩10000.

I also got two more rings during this visit. I took quite a long while to choose a plain silver ring because there weren't many options. Then I saw this which was very similar to the Wanderlust Wishing Star ring that I've gotten for my birthday but this is a lot smaller. These were ₩5000 and ₩10000.

Oh, I also managed to buy something for my friend. This is a pair of Sakura earrings which isn't very big but it's big enough to make your face look smaller and boost your femininity. This one is ₩10000.


Okay, so in order to locate them, it can be a little bit difficult because they don't have that information online (I even tried with Korean spelling). They are located directly next to Soo & Soo, another accessory brand that sells higher-end accessories (some of their items are similar toooooo). They sell it a little bit pricier than what Woono would. I wasn't so interested in Soo & Soo but you can go to these two places to feel their quality.

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