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Korea 2019| Mint Heim 민트하임


서울시 마포구 서교동 366-28
366-28 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
11:30 am - 9:30 pm | 02-324-1359 | Instagram

Mint Heim, just as it is named, mainly make food fusion with mint. The building is very easy to be seen. You just need to enter the gate and keep walking straight until you see their main door. There are ample seats in the cafe but be sure to visit during non-peak hours.

Almost all of their items have mint in it. For example, out of 17 beverage options, 10 of them contain mint. 

Minty desserts can be seen with green food colouring in them and it's really not hard to miss. They have four main cakes: Mint Chocolate Chip Cake, Mint Nutella Cake, Mint Chocolate Cake and Mint Oreo Cheesecake. 

I'm not sure what's the difference between Chocolate Chip and Chocolate cakes but perhaps it is that the Chocolate Chip cake has some crunchie texture in it as compared to the Chocolate cake. Nutella cake is probably very tempting for many people but I personally can't feel the interest in trying it, sorry. >.<


The bestsellers are Mint Chocolate Cake (among Korean customers) and Mint Oreo Cheesecake (among Japanese customers). It can be safely assumed that many Japanese tourists will stop here for some refreshing desserts too.

The only desserts that don't have mint in them are the ones in pink, such as their macaron and plain chocolate cake with pink deco.

Also, look out for their Macaron deals as well as their mint ice cream to try out.

Our Order

We ordered mint milk tea and mint chocolate chip for our short break while we were walking around Hongdae. At that time I really wasn't feeling the other three cakes and we could only stuff one cake down. The milk tea was there to help to quench our thirst a little (we ordered drinks somewhere else afterwards). The cake does sweat a little but that's because the fridge is a lot colder than the outside. (That, and also global warming. Yes, kids. It's real.)

The mint milk tea was absolutely refreshing albeit it shouldn't be a thirst-quenching drink but the mint in it was really doing a great job. It definitely didn't feel like artificial mint for me and I'd gladly gulp down the entire cup if we didn't have to share. The mint chocolate cake was just nice with the sweetness. It's really not the type with overpowering sweetness and the mint cream helps to balance with the chocolate. 


Mint Heim is an amazing store to stop by. It's definitely a must-go whenever you visit Hongdae. Visit it at least once because it's not always you get to find a dessert shop that sells mint desserts that has the right balance. It's not too minty nor too sweet. I personally think that the non-sweet eaters would be able to accept this but then it may still be a little sweeter for them. 

Bonus: How's the Washroom?

It was okay? I kinda find it a little bit hard for me to accept since it's very small but it's still okay. Also, outsiders cannot use their washroom so you must be a purchasing customer in order to use it.

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  1. Damn.. I want to try that chocolate mint cake too... Never tried it in cake form before... Lol.. But this place is like goals for my home/workspace... The colours of this is just ughhh.. I loves...

    1. Must try!!! It actually tasted really refreshing yet rich with chocolate >w<

      I love it too! But if you have to do that, it's gonna take a lot of effort eh? For the repainting part.