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Korea 2019| Stonebrick 스톤브릭 - Toy Brick Makeup


마포구 와우산로 21길 34, 04040 Seoul, Korea

Creative Colour Play

Stonebrick's idea lies on being playful, colourful and creative at the same time. The toy bricks allow us to reminisce the good ol' childhood days where we had Legos for fun or for some painful feet experience. Their store is full white with all their toy brick makeup products lining up perfectly on the walls and display tables.

You can play with all and every one of their products and shades. There's almost nothing that you can't play with (besides some of their makeup tool). Swatch everything on your hand because makeup removers are literally everywhere! 

They have so many colours for different series and they can get a little experimental instead of MLBB or natural looking. Take the colourful eyeshadows for an example. They also have yellow and purple blushes, how bout that.

By the way, the store is full of people but I just happened to find the timing where no one was around the area I wanted to take photos of.

You don't even have to worry about not having stock because they always restock the products to keep their racks full and aesthetically pleasing.

By the way, they have eyeliners, brow pencils and mascaras in their shop but technically, these are not the main thing for their brand. 

Other than point makeup products, they also have makeup tools nearby the cashier counter. 

Sales & Events!

Stonebrick had some sales when we were there but there is one constant event going on, as long as you buy 2 items of the same category, you will receive a toy brick piece as a gift. Other sales can be seasonal, such as buying 2 stix (either lip or foundation) for 10% off or purchasing any Coverfoundation for 20% off with free gift. 


Lipsticks are one of their main products. The colours on the packaging does not look exactly similar to the lipstick. So, always swatch or at least open the cap and see the colour inside instead of just grab-and-go. I personally prefer MLBB colours but I could only find a few shades that are my MLBB in the entire store. The lip tints are rather neon-ier too.

Their toy brick products have a magnet base in which also helps to attach onto the plain toy bricks. You can also stack them up together and doesn't take a lot of effort because the magnets are strong.

If I didn't remember wrongly, the lip tints don't have magnets on them. Some other lipsticks from non-toy brick series also don't have magnets. 

If you buy the toy brick lipsticks, there's also a magnetic connector like the one you see from Etude House for you to make a 2-in-1 lipstick product. Oh, yes, you will also need to purchase it separately.

I forgot to take photos of the swatches D: I guess I was too pre-occupied at the time. There was a lot of things going on during that day so it was very difficult to stay focused. Anyway, that's pretty much all for my one-time trip to Stone Brick.

I can't say that I'll go back again because the colours are very difficult for me to actually play with. I haven't gone to the experimental stage yet so these colours are really not within my range but it was fun walking around swatching everything. I bought two lippies tho but because one of them isn't a toy brick lipstick so I wasn't able to get the toy brick as a gift. 

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