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Korea 2019| BUTTER 버터 - All in One Gift Shop


Butter is a gift shop that screams affordable, cute and functional. Some of the things are technically non-functional (like the beer thingy below) but the rests are really great gifting ideas for those who have hiccups from thinking what to buy for someone else.

There are bottles, socks and hats with cute designs for people who love the cute aesthetics. You can also get makeup tools here as well as different sorts of bags for different occasions and different sizes.

Plushies are very cute and common here. You can find cat, rabbit and strawberry plushies here along with the current year zodiac animal, piggy plushies. There are also broccoli plushies, penguin plushies and marine plushies to satisfy your bed-plushie fantasy.

There are also things that make office people work more comfortably with their bums and backs being taken care of. They also have different size and thickness for you to choose from.

Not to mention, Butter also has gasha style products in which you purchase a box and you will get a random item from the series. You can see all the available items in the series from the side of the box.

Butter also has a lot of cute stationaries available with so many different sorts of designs and the most prominent ones are the Kakao items.

Household and travelling items can be found as well. You can get head pillows, slippers, towels and travel bottles for every different occasion of yours. Oh yes, they also sell makeup products here. Mother's day or appreciation day was also around the corner and they had a money gift box available for a next-level of gifting game.

Summer is around the corner at the time of my visit and they were already selling cute float sets (like that avocado float with a removable seed), swimming towels, sun hats and summer outfits. You can also find earrings and hair accessories here too!

Basic home items can be found here as well. You can find home aromas and scents with plates and pots, containers, desktop table for bed, laptop accessories, kitchen tools and utensils, and even socks. Generally, all sorts of things that you want or you need can be purchased here, all in one stop.

They were also selling a lot of Marvel items, mostly for kids. 

You think that's all that they sell? They also have Kodak film and accessories available near the cashier counter at the entrance along with other snacks surrounding it.

Of course, umbrellas are available for everyone's conveniences.

That's all for the visual experiences that I have in Butter. It's very hard for me to write a lot of things about this store because it's so self-explanatory. If I have to describe this store, it would be like walking around a department store filled with actually cute and affordable items that has quality but also has the Daiso kind of a feeling but just with slightly higher quality.

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