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Take a Look + Review| Signature Market - A Brand New Phase

I got invited to experience the launch of Signature Market's new rebranding launch. I thought it was one of those really typical launches but the event itself was well-prepared and well-thought-out.

Signature Market

A Brand New Phase

20th July 2019 | 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Majapahit @ Marc Residence, KLCC

Once I've entered the restaurant, the aesthetic hit me. It was a really calming place, full of sunlight and it feels very comfortable during the day. This place might even feel more alive at night with people coming in for a couple of drinks and a few groups of people partying in closed rooms.

There were also catering food trays laid neatly on long tables. A foodie like me got really excited because I didn't know lunch was actually offered. Typically, a normal launch only provides little refresher but Signature Market and Majapahit went all out.  

There was also a huge decor wall on the right side of the entrance with prizes and hampers (with Khind as one of the sponsor for the Q&A and lucky draw sessions. In the middle of the whole restaurant, there was a circle table filled with newly packaged products in their brand new designs. Speaking of new designs, and on top of that this is event is about the redesign launch, let me go through with you of what this rebranding is about below.

What's new

HACCP & GMP Certified
Signature Market is now HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified! It's an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of any safety hazard in food (e.g.: Pesticides, bacteria, viruses, allergens, wood, bones, radioactive compounds, unapproved food and colour additives or anything that can potentially harm a person's body). They are also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. It is a system for ensuring the product qualities are consistent and controlled.

Higher End Equipment
Signature Market had invested in better industrial-standard ovens from Unox that has better slow baking qualities in order to maintain the flavour and the nutrition values in all of their ingredients and food products.

Improved Logistics System
Signature Market decided to implement a more systematic approach which comprises of utilizing the latest SKU ID tagging system in order to manage the flow of goods, making the delivery process from the factory to the consumers' doorsteps faster and more efficient.

New Redesign
Not only that the food packaging designs are getting a re-vamp with a minimalistic design with a vintage tone, the brand's website will also be redesigned to improve the consumer's shopping experience with the swift and immersive browsing experience.

If you don't know why they opted for slow baking, here are a few explanations to help you understand better:

1. Retains nutrients - unlike high heat and temperature methods that break down the nutrients and create unhealthy chemical compounds, slow baking with lower temperature does the opposite.
2. Less Moisture Loss - a sufficient amount of moist kept in the ingredients will ensure the freshness and crunchiness of the products.
3. Improves Flavour - increases richness that comes directly from the natural flavour of the ingredients

Since the redesigned packages are featured, let's take a closer look at how it looks like right now. The new design includes a better illustration of what is included in the package. The logo is clear on the top along with the product name and the product feature displayed clearly at the bottom.

Turning it around, each packet has its own product description, ingredients list and nutrition label.

As the event starts, we were seated in one of the tables. 

The founders of the company made a few speeches and they were such gentlemen! They sounded so friendly and approachable too. They've explained that the reason why they opened a company like this is to keep on promoting healthy food that is within the reach of many people by keeping it affordable yet in good quality.

They were really proud of their new milestone and you can tell by how wide their smiles are. It's really nice to know that the founders have good hearts and qualities. It made me felt that my money was not wasted at all.

Later on, they celebrated with a balloon-explosion ceremony.

Look at these happy souls :D

Back to our table. They had essential oils set up for each table. These essential oils are part of their product range as well. Each guest will also be served with refillable rose citrus with chia seed drink.

Here's the menu of the day. Remember the food trays? These are the food that they will be serving in their catering food trays. Best of all, they were incorporated with Signature Market products! Like I said, this is really a well-thought-out plan.

The food looked really appealing and yummy too! I believe that they were made with really fresh ingredients. Each dish has at least one ingredient from the Signature Market product list.

Yummy right? I took some of the food and quickly recognized what were the ingredients. They had their ready-made ramen noodles which you can see in the photo below, along with other items such as cranberries in the sandwich. Some other ingredients that you can't see in the photos may be the spice powders, sauces (soy sauce, fish sauce) or sauce pastes (rendang, asam laksa).

We all finished our meals really quickly because it was really, really good.

Before we left, I got to take a group photo with Eros, Dash and Aliza too! 

During the event, we were also given a goodie bag!
Let's take a look at what's included.

From Signature Market, we were gifted with 3 packs of the newly designed packaging products, a tote bag and a bottle. We were also given products from event sponsors such as a coffee scrub from Body Breakfast, a sample-sized Garnier cleanser and 2 sets of Je'laime Fulvos hair care products.

Re-designed Packages are their nut mixes:
Healthy Nut Mix, Omega-3 Trail Mix, and Low Carb Mix

Healthy Nut Mix

The ingredients inside are Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Peanuts, and Hazelnuts. This pack has a thick nutty flavour that comes with saltiness. I personally don't like nuts so this wasn't so appealing for me but I do think that it's a very nice combination to enjoy if you're a nut-lover. (No pun intended)

Omega-3 Trail Mix

This pack has Pumpkin Seeds, Pecans, Cranberries, Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios. This pack comes with berries so it will have sweetness in it, which to me is a great bonus because I can't enjoy a pack of snack that's purely nuts. On top of that, the walnuts bring in a little bitterness but the rest of the nuts bring saltiness.

Low Carb Mix

This pack has Almonds, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Cashews, and Pumpkin Seeds. It mainly has a medium level of nutty flavour but also comes with bitterness from the walnut and saltiness from other nuts.

That's pretty much about the new launch! I can't wait to see that they implement the change everywhere! It's great to see a company with gentle bosses and healthy approach to go beyond. I'm proud to be one of their customers and I do recommend everyone to give them a try! Visit their website and surprise yourself by discovering the variety of products that they are selling!

That's all for my post!
Hope you will find it helpful.
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