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Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner VS K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h 1-day TATTOO

Hello, loveables :)

For this blog post, it will be about both of these liners. These are the only liners that I own and I HAVE SOME SERIOUS 'POOP' WITH THESE.

There will be a summarized comparison and pros&cons down there but I would like to show you how they works first :)

For the makeup remover part, I'll be using this one here, which is my third bottle of Bifesta Cleans Instantly & Age Care with Q10.


First product:
Real Lasting Eyeliner 24 hours [waterproof]
1Day Tattoo

 Starting from the first one on top:
1 stroke
1 stroke
2 strokes 
3 strokes

And now, let's do some experiment with this eyeliner 

The water remains clean after that. 

I rubbed two of these lines 10 times and the one with water acts like sticker tattoos, ya know the temporary one.
The packaging has mentioned that it can be removed with lukewarm water, which is heathay!
The second line was dry and it barely smudge.

Now with the makeup removing test:
1 swipe.
You can see that the cotton pad has some lines on it.

5-12 Swipes.
 Not so clean yet.

13-22 swipes
Not bad, at least it's clean though :)
But of course, if you let the eyeliner on your skin to soak up with the remover by placing the cotton pad with remover on your skin for quite some time, I'm sure it will be easier. 

Second product:
Hyper Sharp Liner

(Like what I said in my latest Youtube Video, I mentioned my birthday and this is what I got from one of my closest friend. In order to not hurt her feelings, I did not plan to make a video about this as she rarely visits this blog.

What I'm trying to say is, I don't know much about this product.)

Getting ready for the experiments ! :D 
I don't like how it is, look at the small little smudgeys on the sides of the lines :/
And also, the tip of the brush is TOO FINE! hard to write :/
Its like a small, lonely strand at the tip of it.

Same as before.
1st line is 1 stroke,
2nd line is 2 strokes,
3 line is 3 strokes.

The water test!:
Well the water went a bit greyish after I put a few drops of water on it

Rubbing test!
10 rubs each.
The 'water' one was very wet and it's still there although its not so dark anymore.
The 'smudge' on was damp and the colour went off unexpectedly.
The 'makeup remover one' was completely dry and a little colour went off.

Makeup removing time!
1 swipe
Well, it's kinda hard to make it gone just like K-palette's, which for me, its a bad thing.

5-10 swipes.
Stubborn lines! o_o 

More than 20 swipes.
This is not good.
I can still see some leftovers there. Hmm, let's call it hangover, 'cause it sounds better XD

Make up products should be waterproof, sweatproof and whatever proof they labelled on their packaging


Let's do some comparison with these two products :)
[PS: Some of this is based on my own personal experience, it may be vary to you as everyone has different skin condition.]

M- RM 23.90
K- RM 59.90 (But I got it for RM47+-, Sasa sale ;) )
[Although Maybelline is cheaper but for this, I still think that what you pay is what you get.]

Stated proofs:
M- waterproof, smudgeproof, easily removed with warm water.
K- Quick drying, waterproof, smudgeproof, resistant to water, sebum and sweat, easily removed with luke warm water.

[After using]
M- Dark lines and easy to draw on skin.
K- Dark lines with temporary tattoo texture, easy to draw on skin, really resistant to sebum and does not give any hangover.

M- Does not resist sebum and cause "heavy panda eyes" just after few minutes[especially the lower eye part], easy to be rubbed off with finger, made my eyelids even more oily.
K- A little bit too easy to rub off with finger.

My opinion:
 -Hyper Liner may not be the worst liner I've ever used but probably the worst liquid liner that I have. Honestly, I don't dare to use it any more.
 -K-Palette is pricey but I guess it did pay off. If you ask me, I'd buy it again when the one I have now cannot be used any more.

So that's all for this post :)
I may not be able to post much due to the important exam that me and Chyng are going to have,so..
Till next time ;)

- D-TTO-

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