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Taobao Haul+tips 24102013 | mini review on whitening product

It took four days to reach Malaysia after reaching their warehouse and the total duration was about 20 days.

Let's start with the most fav-ed to the worst fav-ed/regrets :)

NiBai With MoBai
Ingredient for Nibai is only Korean Volcano Mud + Bamboo Particles + Vitamin E !!!
Super natural :D

I tested it out right after I opened the packaging.
To make sure that the effect is correct and without the effect of the lighting and all that,
I closed all the curtains and only switched on one white light.

But it may still be a little different than in real life.

This are my arms before applying Nibai. 

This are my arms AFTER applying Nibai.
See the differences between them? :)

The another one is Mobai which is a lotion you apply after showering or before sleep.
I applied them and I'm really surprised.
At first it is sticky because there 's citric extract in it but in about 1 minute,
my skin became smooth and tender, NO JOKE!

Ingredients in Mobai are
Citric extract, Licorice Root extract, Aloe extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin C, etc.

This is just my first time and I will continue using it. So far, after 4 hours, I feel nothing(bad effect) but very satisfied.
These cost me about RM45 but it is WORTH THE PRICE ~!


Now to the second item:
Glow in the dark Skeleton Hand hair clip.
I thought they don't really glow because the price is cheap but they do! :D
It's fine for me if it doesn't because I can still wear it like that.

There are eight more colours to choose and it costs me about RM0.50.


Korean Drama Dream High inspired(?)  Headband

I love how thick the faux leather is and how heavy it is.
If your hair is messy in the good way, put this one and you'll look punking awesome (Y) :)

This costs me about RM2.50.


Vintage 20 cards holder
I mainly bought this to be my instax film album heheh :3

It can hold up to 20 cards or something in the size of credit card.
Removable. Which is good if you wanna use the cover as something else :D 

This cost me about RM3


ASA 1000pcs Double Eyelid tape.

I'll be honest, my double eyelids are semi-double eyelids.
"WTH do you mean by that?"
It means, my lids have double eyelid lines but they aren't deep enough, 
so I need to 'enforce' them with the tapes.

Sometimes I wake up with one double-lid and one single-lid due to the other line is not deep enough.
So I need to wear it sometimes.

Why fake is a wrong term.
It is called semi-fake ;) (don't hate me)

I haven't used these yet so I cannot categorize it as 'My Favourite'.

1000pcs for about RM15 with free variety of tapes, do you believe it?


Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you the most remorseful product that I have ever bought,

Cable turtle.

This poop SUCKS.

It smells, it's not the same colour as illustrated, not what it seems like as the what it is shown in the picture.


Luckily, this poop is quite cheap.
Almost RM 0.50.



If you do understand Chinese then this tip works for you.
If you don't, I'm sorry that this tip won't work for you and the best you do is to not buy from there.
It is not safe.
One thing that I found out is that when you purchased some items from some certain shops, 
they give you these.

What are these?
These are the one of their strategy to obtain 5 Stars rating.
Give them 5 stars rating with good comment, email them with a printscreen and they will topup your account with a certain amount of money such as what you saw from above.

Therefore, before you buy, read the comments be sure to check out the 追加 comments and also bad comments if possible.
Some shops they won't show bad comments due to the design of their shop which cannot be modified.

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