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Unboxing | Sephora Makeup Academy (Blockbuster) Palette

Ehlo peepow :)
tis D-TTO :D

So a month and two days ago, my mother decided to get me a Naked 2 palatte but somehow the Sephora she visited said that they are out of stock, which it didn't happen to be only a week or two but almost a month or so. So, today my mother decided to get me the Sephora Makeup Academy Palette, which is what it says on the box and I'm so, so, sooooo happy to get it.

But I must be honest with you ladies that, I have not touched the products yet, as in testing with the eyeshadow and all that, so therefore this will be only unboxing and not reviewing.

So basically, you can get the details here in the official Sephora website . Which the product name has a "Blockbuster" in it but I'm not sure if it is blockbusting or not because of the comments. But you can just go and check them out, I'm not gonna mention them here.

And from there mirror, it's me lovely doge named Happy which is me schnauzer :)
(yes, I need to groom him, especially before Chinese New Year!! )

I tried my best to make sure that my hands aren't shaking.... heeh :3

So this is how it was when I received it

I have to say, even the wrapping paper has the quality too o.o


I'll just make the thumbnail small but you can always enlarge the picture by clicking it :) 

Time to open it!~
This is how it looks like when you open the box (very carefully) 

And apparently the white cardboard was just a 'filler' hahahha 

Took things out and this is the main thing of this product, yay~! 

Here's how it looks like and to be honest, I didn't know that you can slide it out heeeh 

So let's open it up ! :D

Oh this is one of the fun part heh
You can just do a little bit of flipping aaaaaaaaand


Here are some pictures of how the whole product looks like.
From front views to side views but no rear view, heh sorry.

They come with these brushes.
TBH I don't like those cotton-like brushes..

I did a little research on the price of this product and the O.Website says that this is a $210 value item, but the price is only $49.50. I also did a little searching on ebay which the price is about at the range of $55-$100. If you're converting the prices into Malaysia Ringgit then it would be about RM175 - RM 318... ( WOW, mom why would you buy something so expensive!)

But according to Sephora Malaysia official facebook page, the price for this product is RM159 (Mom, why? I'm feeling bad here.. though I didn't force you to buy but you could get something cheaper, mom...)

Instead of reading this :
This set contains:
- 72 x 0.014 oz eye shadow 
- 10 x 0.017 oz lipgloss 
- 18 x 0.010 oz lipgloss 
- 7 x 0.029 oz blush 
- 18 x 0.011 oz eyeliner crème 
- 3 x 0.023 oz concealer 
- 0.032 oz eye shadow primer 
- 0.032 oz lip primer 
- 2 x double-ended sponge tip applicator 
- Double-ended eye shadow brush 
- Double-ended blush brush 
- Mirror

Just let me tell you what it contains here without all the numbers and stuff. So it has:
72 eye shadow and 18 cream liner along with an eye shadow primer
28 lip gloss with a lip primer
7 blush
3 concealer
4 very small tools
and a mirror

And there you have it :)
I would say that if you're a totes beginner in the Makeup world and wouldn't want to buy a lot of palettes and all that, this is very suitable for you.

As for the professionals, well, not this one here ;)

[Definitely going to try it after the-most-important-exam-in-my-life (YIKES!)  Countdown to 4th Dec!]

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