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NYX Mortal Instruments Parallel Worlds Box Set | Unbox, Review, Test on skin

Ehlo guys, this is D-TTO :)

Yesterday, I went to Sephora @ Sunway and felt surprised to see NYX's Mortal Instruments The Parallel Worlds Box Set and we all know that before we buy the cosmetics, we'll try them on skin and then decide if it's worth the price.

But it is considered CHEAP for this box set at the moment because Sephora Malaysia sell it for RM99 retail price which right now they are having promotion at RM65! Converting the price from NYX Official Website to Malaysia Ringgit, it's $25 into RM81. Sephora sell it at RM99 not only for the product but maybe also the shipping, tax fee and all those additional cost BUT NOW THEY ARE SELLING AT RM65!!!

Aaand I grabbed one home :)

Before we start, you can watch this brief review of this product :)

Let's get started! :D
Let's start from looking at the box. They have their company's name on it and also I love the packaging, I still keep it and never throwing it away.

When you take the packaging out, this is what they wrote on the inside.

So this ball here is detachable which means when you get the box and it's loose, just tighten it up

When you open the box, you'll see the look book first :)
(Click to enlarge)


So here's the stuffs from the inside! So excited already! 

So let's start with the most attractive one -Eyeshadows!
 As you can see here, it has 6 colours.
If you buy this separately, it will be $7.

(Click to see the detail about it )

Let's test it on the skin~
I'm using both my last two fingers instead because I'm afraid to dirt the camera :/
And I don't think these colours have names, too.

Second one will be the blush :D
This is in the colour "Pinched", which is a colour that I would LOVE because it's almost the same colour to when you're really blushing without all those makeups.

Buying separately at the price of $5

It is shaped 3D pyramid shape, so it means that it's not in multiple shades but only one.

Skin test~
(Click to see the detail about it )

Starting from here, the skin test will be done together at ones :)

Third one will be the Mascara :D
Honestly, I really don't know how to pronounce the name but.. oh well hahaha
This one is in the collection of Boudoir Mascara Collection and it's code is BMC01.

Buying separately at the price of $6

(Click to see the detail about it )

Forth one will be the Lip Cream :D
I like this colour and it's in Istanbul.

Buying separately at the price of $6

(Click to see the detail about it )

Fifth item will be the Studio Liquid Liner in black :D
This is my first liquid liner with a wand. I usually prefer pens.

Buying separately at the price of $4.50 

(Click to see the detail about it )

The last one is the Jumbo Eye Pencil and honestly, I think I need to revisit Sephora..
I need a sharpener!
This is in the colour Cashmere but for me, it's not so.. visible.. But I still like it :)

Buying separately at the price of $4.50

(Click to see the detail about it )


Skin test~!
(Awesome if you know what I wrote on the back of my hand :D )

As you can see here, I used them to draw on my hand accordingly.
Pictures were taken with different position and angles.

Here's what I don't like about it:
-The liner needs about 1 minute or 2 to dry and that's the part I don't like it.
-The lip cream is a little watery.
-The eye pencil is not so obvious enough.
-The mascara takes about a minute or two to dry and it's not water or smudge proof like the liner.


I also did a makeup removing test with them.

Products were lined according from "very hard to remove" to "very easy to remove".
1. Lip Cream and Mascara
2. Eye Pencil
3. Liquid Liner
4. Eyeshadows and blusher

Conclusion: The items are beginner-friendly, especially with the price of RM65. The total price to buy separately will be in $33 which is at least RM107. The set also has almost everything a beginner needs. Grab it now if you love it before it's too late!!

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