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Haul 08122013 | Less than RM150 for 6 items

Ehlo guys, it's me D-TTO again.

So, few days back I've finally finished my exams and I'm preparing for college so I'm currently taking a break which I know you'll be thinking like: OMG. TEEN GIRLS. SHOPPING. HAVE FUN. FDNJAOGIOD...

but no.
I decided to get myself another mic, Blue Yeti, which costed me RM550 and I'm nearly broke. Seriously. But I think it's worth it tho since I will be doing covers and all that for a long time.

Now, back to the topic. I'm currently in the saving-money mode but Chinese New Year is around the corner! Which means, I have to get new clothes! So while saving money, I have to spend money, wisely, and there's one place which I find the products are in decent price and decent quality (which can be competed with F21, H&M, etc).

Here are 5 of what I got from Brands Outlet.
To be honest, I'm shocked that the quality are so comfy.
P/S: They even sprayed some perfume on their clothes, which, even after washing, the smell is still there <3

 RM19.90 per skirt.. but this is a BUY ONE FREE ONE!!

   Stripe-shorts RM39.90 + Khaki colour shorts RM29.90 + Khaki long skinnies RM39.90.

I have to say, I love how the long pants feels when I slid my legs in (kinda sounds wrong.. but), it's sooooo soft and comfy!

Then I also got myself some Forever 21 Make Up Brush set for 

This is my second set because if you look at the comparison picture down below, you'll see that one has a concealer brush and another has a lip brush, which is different.
And I need some brushes while hanging out outside :3

The pants are really comfortable but compare to the prices in H&M and F21, this is more affordable for an average person. Of course, Brands Outlet has limited choices compared to that two fashion brands.
I wanted to get some top wears but I reached my budget,so ..

As for the make up brush, for a beginner like me, it's affordable and right what you need to use. The bristles are synthetic instead of animal fur and appears to be quite soft, for a beginner like me.

And all of a sudden, I feel like modelling.

The following content may damage your eyes (LOL)
Please ignore if you don't like it.
Thank you.

I'm using this shirt I got from Forever 21 to model *double cough* the bottom wears.
(Modelling skill, lvl negative)





All rights to me, D-TTO Mah only, and if you wanna use these photos, I'll advice you not to.
'Cause there are plenty more pretty girls who can model better out there. ;)
and no one paid me to do this.

Everything here is just RM148.60 :)
That's all for today.
Enjoy your day.

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