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Faux Leather Jacket at insane price of RM26! | Taobao haul

Ehlo guys, this is D-TTO.
I've bought some stuffs from China again this time and I really need to stop XD

So I've bought 4 books that comes with picture-frame stickers, 2 Twilight Saga postcards, 4 beanies and one faux leather jacket.

I'll put the price one by one for each items :)

For the books, I bought them in two colours.
They have 20 brown papers and 10 white papers each.
RMB 13 each

The black book's cover content is in gold. 
the brown book's content is in black

Each book has this small file for you to put something else :) 

I also bought a pair of fangs in slightly yellowish at the length of 13mm
They stick in pretty well but it's slightly too yellowish than my real teeth colour :/
RMB 19.19 

4 different colours of beanies :D
Black, khaki, wine red and gray.
These are slightly too small but cute! 
RMB3.80 each 

This faux leather jacket was on sale at a crazy price and I quickly grabbed it.
Although it looks less similar to the picture, I'm still satisfied :D
I just hope that it won't be unwearable that quickly :/

And this one is really, really, really warm :3
RMB 48 

The inside of the jacket is velvet.
It's only velvet at the back part but not the rest of it. 

This is in M size.
I usually wear XS / S size clothes but this fits :) 

The collar. 

For me, flips or not, they still fits nicely for the length of my arms :D 

For the post cards (sorry, forgotten to take picture of it :/ but you can refer to the first picture.) I bought two versions but they consist pictures from all the movies, except for the last one.

The cards are in good and thick quality, too :)

Twilight version:
New Moon Version

RMB 7 each

I bought all these stuffs at the price of about RMB180, which is about RM100 without the shipping fees.
It's not bad, though :D

I'll put some other Taobao shopping tips soon :)
Do check out our blog from time to time ;D
For the first tips, you can find it here :)

Here's some modelling pictures of me with the Jacket and the Fangs :F

And if you're curious,
I'm wearing clothes from Jaspal, some hand-me-down from my aunt :)

 Additional Items: FreshLook Gemstone Green contact lenses, Glasses from Radioactive.

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