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Maybelline BABY LIPS: Smoothing Cherry and Baby Pink Glow

Hi, guys!
I know it's been lon- I know! I know! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me :(
So, it's more than a month now from the 'proper' post and I owe you lots of it but hey, I just bought myself a new lip balm and it's amazing!

I'm pretty much not the lip-colour-craze-girl but I needed something for my lip to: A)Moisturize B)Looking less dead
At first, I bought the one on the left, which is in Smoothing Cherry, about 60 weeks ago (according to my Instagram). 
As you can see from the picture, the colour is not so obvious but it does give a little colour to my lips. However one day, I thought I lost it so I bought the another one and it took me about 20 minutes to pick BECAUSE TOO MANY NAISE THINGS TO CHOOSE FROM.

In the end, I chose a baby pink colour (with the smell of Mixed Berry) because I find it more suitable for me. 
[*whisper* I look freaking ridiculous with dark lips...]

Now because they are two different sort of lip balm, I decided to do a quick 'See the difference test' and it's a really quick one.
All you need is just that one glance at the photos.

I tore a paper and then 'applied' the lip balms on it, back and forth for 3 times.
The result is pretty obvious and the Mixed Berry one does have a little glowy at some point.

I know they kinda made a lot of flavours for their lip balm series but with these two is already enough for me :)

That's all for this post for now.
Hope you enjoy this and if you're into The Mortal Instruments, I'll be selling Angelic Rune necklaces, rings and earrings in about 30 days from now.
BUUTTT they are only for Malaysians.
The prices are affordable and they won't cost you as much as the prices after changing the currency of UK, EU and US sellers :)
Stay tune ;)

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