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Hot Glue does not stick to what kind of surfaces?

Lately, I've been doing nothing and then one day, I found a video and I was inspired by the Youtuber, Aodhamair's project. (She doesn't know that, tho, so it's not a promoting thing.)

Hot Glue can be such a wonderful thing to be used in Crafty Art. You can use it to do different things such as masquerade masks, accessories, etc. However, it is pretty sticky and most of the things do stick to it.

Hot Glue, like the name, is designed to stick things via a glue gun. It needs heat so that it could be melted and then be used. Therefore, you need either a battery or electricity in order to use it.  But because it is burning hot, plastic stuff that is used as 'moulds' cannot be used as they will melt and stick with the hot glue itself.

Therefore, I did a little research on google. I find a few people claiming what the hot glue won't stick to and some of them are easy to get in the kitchen. Answers like kitchen foil(aluminium foil), wax paper, baking paper and even sticker paper were listed out.

With these answers, I did a little experiment with the following 4 materials and also with a clear file just to prove if they are right or wrong.

Most of them were wrong.

Yes, some papers are designed for the heat but not all can get rid of the stickiness of the glue.
The only one that allows the cooled Hot Glue to be peeled out with just liiiiiittle strength and no shape-changing is............... the baking paper! :D

If you don't believe me, here's a video to prove my conclusion :)

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