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DIY | Book cover with Shadowhunter Runes

Hello guys :D 
Today, I wanna share with you a mahstahpeese of mine AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

I had hours to waste until I get my bumbum into college and I thought 
"Hey, why not make something to show off in college?" 
Well, maybe not showing off because some bullies may come to me and say "Hey, freak. What's that in your hand, princess tattoo?" or "Hey cult, done with your satanic practise?" aand then laugh.

Now, I'm not saying that there ARE bullies who did bully me, but, you'll never know, right

So I recently just remembered that my sister stuffed two bags of recycle goods into my room.
One is a bag of used books and one is a bag of tore-off-papers-from-books.
Then in one of the bags, I found two hardcover school notebooks and I thought I could use it for college

So I kinda rummaged my stuff and found a black manila paper.
I was having a headache about the cover and I even went to the Type online store page to see if I could make something like theirs BUT the runes popped out and 
my very own Black Book!

Now the shadowhunters have the Gray Book with informations about the Runes but I'm just a shadowhunter-wannabe so I won't need the descriptions in the book.

I basically had the front cover of the book with runes arranged to my name.
By that, I mean that the runes that look like my name.

Then, I had the back cover with the remaining runes that I found in a 22 rune chart.
Soon later, I found some other runes in ShadowhunterWiki and 

psssst. if you noticed, the Mourning rune is in white and Wedded Union is in gold.
 others are in silver, by the way. :3

So because my experience with hard manila and glue is not so... good, I decided to use hot glue since I'm so in love with it these days.
(check this Just Hot Glue Angelic Rune Ring if you haven't :D)
It holds the paper pretty perfectly, by the way.

If you're wondering what's with the extra glued paper at the top of the cover, it's because I had the design very wrongly.
I should have just leave it blank but my hands were itchy and I wrote
with very ugly handwriting.

Then at the side, I wrote SHADOWHUNTER because it doesn't look nice without anything.

This DIY took me about 4 hours of sketching and painting with paint markers.
I had 2 silver markers and 2 gold markers for the filling up.
I also had 1 of each silver and gold for the writing.
Sketching takes me about 3 hours and painting it is just a very simple task but it's easy to overfill the lines :/

So basically, that's what I did to my one and only left manila paper.
Yeeaaah, I know my drawing sucks but at least I love how it looks like from far hahahha
I know I've been pretty crazy about Shadowhunter Chronicles lately, but I must say, I love that chronicle by Cassandra Claire very much!

Also, about me selling Angelic Rune rings, earrings and necklaces; my stock is being dispatched at the moment and it may take about 2 to 4 weeks to reach.
I know.. I know.. it sucks!
But I'll make an announcement here once I got my website set up.
Again, I'm only selling to Malaysians because I suck at international shipping :/

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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