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Hey guys :)
So I was kinda wandering around the internet and then I finally brought myself to a website called Luxola, which I have been preventing myself from going in because I thought the price is something like Lazada and Zalora.... SCARY!

But no.
I found some of the products pretty affordable, like, I go to the View All Makeup page and clicked the sorting to 'lowest price' and then the lowest price was RM15.

So lets get back to the topic.

I found a brand called Sleek with prices like NYX (around like that) and I went to Youtube to check on the reviews. (Youtube is such a reliable site to check reviews ;) ) Turns out that a LOT of Beauty Youtubers love their products very much. This Youtuber here did a review for their 6 eyeshadow palettes, 5 Brushes and a Face palette and I think that her opinions are honest enough for you to consider whether to buy them or not. Another Youtuber also bought the palettes and some other things like mascara, lip gloss, etc. (This is not a promoting session, so no worries.)

Now because I wanted to compare the prices of their products that you could get here in Malaysia, I also went to Maqup and Colours Cosmetics to check out the prices and this is what I found.
Here is a list from low to highest. (For Sleek)
  • Prices: Maqup, Colours Cosmetic, Luxola
  • Amount of Products: Colour Cosmetic, Maqup, Luxola
*Additional Info:
  • Free Shipping for a certain amount: Luxola[RM40], Maqup and Colour Cosmetic[RM150]
The list up there is an "average" result, which means some of the products in Maqup may be a lot more expensive in Luxola or Colour Cosmetic.

So, I watched 3 full videos, one from 2011, two from 2014. Then a conclusion that I got was that the Youtubers love this i-Divine Storm Eyeshadow Palette very much. 

They think that the colour is "very/super super pigmented" and "creamy" enough. A lovely thing about it is that you can create a night look or even a day look with it, which is pretty convenient. For the size, they claim that it's "sleek, just like their brand's name Sleek." In Luxola, they sell it RM51.50 but if you want to by a set of two different palettes, or three, they have it too, with a cheaper price. Let's say you wanted to buy a Storm palette with a Natural one, they have it at the price of  RM 95.

I'm definitely going to get one of their products, especially eyeshadow, but that will have to wait until I finish my eyeshadows, like, I still have about 60 eyeshadows, more than 10 colours of lip gloss and about 10 colours of eyeliner with 2 rarely-used mascara.

But I don't have things like bronzer, highlights and primer.
So my focus when to this one:

It is a Face Contour Kit with a bronzer and and a highlighter. This picture shows a 'Light' version of it and it's currently out of stock in Luxola so I couldn't buy it yet. Luxola has tons of choices of products, that I want, currently out of stock and I'm kinda disappointed but I could wait :)

So one of the Youtubers said that it 'is very pigmented and the colour is too dark for my skin, I should have gotten the Light one instead of Medium. " She also thinks that the highlighter is kinda shimmery but it's not so... glittery? 

But yeah, pretty much a favourite of hers :)

Some of the Youtubers claimed that Sleek is a highly requested product to be reviewed because, well I think that, they find it cheeky and the price was surprisingly affordable.
But GAAAAAH I can't buy them yet because it would be a waste of money if I did as I rarely use makeup in my daily life. It just feels inappropriate to wear makeup often when you're not really needing it.

And many people would judge you, of course. Sighh I really dislike those people.
But anyways, I'll be checking out the brand Zoeva pretty soon from now(because that's the name of my little sister) and maybe I'll share with you the conclusion of what I found.

Until then, I'll 'see' ya soon ;)

*I affiliated with the website so the links are affiliate links but I'm still not paid to do this, so no worries.*

*Pictures are from Luxola, no copyright infringement intended.*

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