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FACE-SIZED BIG PALETTE! | Brief review for Zoeva | Mini Luxola Haul

Hi guys!
After 5 days placing my order, my stuffs from Luxola finally came!
It's pretty quick, to be honest, 'cause they are from Singapore and FREE SHIPPING FOR ANY ORDER OVER RM40!

So it was International Women's Day when I placed my orders and they allow buyers to use the 25% discount on all the normal price and SALE ITEMS!

I got two things from Luxola.
One is the Zoeva Face Contour Palette and
one is the Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Nude Reflection.

especially when I saw how BIGGG the palette actually is!
At first, I was thinking that the palette would be as big as an average size of hand.
BUT when I went back to check out if the palette was out-of-stock (which it is), I saw the measurements written on the detail page and I. WAS. SHOCKED.
Apparently a size of a pan was SIX POINT TWO CM BIG!

The original price was RM84, then after a 45% discount it went to RM 46.
With the Int Women's Day discount, I got the palette at the price of RM34.50.

So, here is the palette out of the box :)

The surface of the palette gets dirty pretty easily especially when my fingers (after dabbed on the powders) touched it. 

The back of my palette also has this 'scar' :(
I'm just gonna pretend that this is just part of the design. 

I did swatches on my arm and the colours aren't strong enough.
But I think it's good enough especially for people with fair skin.
Mine is slightly yellowish so it will be a bit difficult for me to use.
Starting from my wrist, it began with the 
white, light beige, warm pink, fair beige, dark brown and pink.

If you'd like to know how big it really is, here is a picture of the palette next to a normal-sized novel (obsession with The Shadowhunter Chronicle is too strong) and also a metal ruler. 

Next up:
I got this Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Nude Reflection for RM18 after a 25% discount (Normal Price: RM24) 

I love how they design it.
The surface texture of the cap and the pencil is different and it gives an elegant kind of feeling.

 They claim that the pencil is waterproof.
I did a small test with fast-running water (after recording my video) aaand it is 
it's not smudge-proof so when you wipe it, the colour will be wiped off.

After that I did the glide-test.
It is smooth and when you apply it, you do NOT need much force for strong pigmented colour.

And here's a close-up of the pen :) 

I am very satisfied with this order! :D
I cannot tell you comments like professionals because I still consider myself as a beginner.
But with that few tests on my face and hand, I feel that these products are really worth the price.

(especially when they were from Germany!)

You can watch my video about it here :)
That's all for today.
Bai :D

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