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DIY | Homemade Mc Flurry

Hello there :)

This post here is about making your own Mc Flurry ice cream, doesn't matter if you wanna eat it with Oreo or M&M, this simple recipe could satisfy your desire towards McFlurry without paying too much.

I remember McFlurry was once less than RM3 and that was the time when they offer a bigger portion with a bigger cup. Now, they are selling a smaller portion of Mc Flurry in a smaller cup (about one small bowl of it) at the price about RM3.50 - RM5, which is insane!

I can actually make bowls of McFlurry Oreo without paying so much :)
All I need is just any sort of Vanilla Ice Cream, any sort of normal milk and some oreo crumbs.

I bought a tub of Magnolia Vanilla Ice Cream for RM8.80, milk is about (RM6 but let say I need only a small portion of it) RM2 and a pack of chocolate sandwich biscuits for around RM2.80 (cream-o ) to RM4 (oreo).
Adding them together and the whole thing will cost me about RM13.60 - RM14.80.
With that, I can make around 6 bowls of Mc Flurry Oreo, which costs me around RM2.37 per bowl.

So how did I make it?
I take a bowl of ice cream, adding 1 to 4 teaspoon of milk (depending on the texture of the ice cream that I want it to be) and then I add oreo crumbs.
Easy as that :D

Just take any amount of ice cream you like, add in some milk and any amount of oreo and tadaa! you have your own a McFlurry.

So yeah, that's how you make it :)
Go and have fun making your own ice cream and that's pretty much all for this post .

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