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First haul of February!

It's been awhile since I went to shopping malls because I've done my shopping in Pratunam, Bangkok.

Recently, I've changed my room's layout a bit and I cleared almost everything on my desk.
Then I've got these to make the desk looks better :)
RM5 each. A container, a cork board and some sticky note tapes with built-in cutter

Watson is having sale now and I swear they have things a lot cheaper than Sasa and Caring.

The first thing I noticed is the Biore Makeup Remover Perfect Cleansing Water 300ml that was currently sold at the price of RM23.03 each.
In Bangkok, Boots sells this at the price of BHT410, which means that I wasted quite a lot when I was there because I bought one.
Seeing this, I felt terribly regret from getting one in Thailand.
How did I not check the price first -,- (My aunt did told me that it's cheaper here in Malaysia when we're in Thailand but... sigh)

Anyways, I grabbed one of them just in case if I finished the one that was cost at 410baht ( *so not happy* )
and my sister took another one for herself (which I paid for her..)
But I don't know what kind of promo they are having.
When I reached home, I found something that I didn't purchase and there's a sticker labelled NOT FOR SALE. Probably something like buying over RM50 and get something for free.. *shrug*

During my trip to Bangkok, I bought a Soap&Glory Peaches And Clean cleansing milk that costed my about 480baht? But it's getting emptier and emptier so quickly, so I wanted to get a cleanser that is also paraben-free and wanting to try Naruko.
This one is the last item on the shelf because it was RM29.90 and now it's RM26.10, obviously people are buying this instead of other cleanser that has no discount. (#Malaysian)

After tearing off the plastic wrap, the texture of the container is matte and hooooolllieeee the smell comes out within 5 seconds....!
It smells so nice! (Ps: the tube is sealed. No leaking, no opening at all)
That rosy kind of smell. Something like syrup but... not so... cheap?
Oh this one smells so nice :3

I'm gonna remind myself to do a review of this soon :)

I've been going crazy about my awfully dehydrated skin.
It's really, really bad until the facial girl that was doing facial on me told the another facial girl that she can't do much with my blackheads because my skin is too dry..!

Then I recalled the time when I tried Sasa masks. 
They do work and they are cheap too!
4 for RM10. I took 8 'cause There were too many to choose from :3

The one that worth the most is the eye mask.
One pack contains 3 pairs.
Which means one week for you doing eye mask is just RM4.90 if you're buying it individually.
I've got two packs so there's 6 pairs for me :)

Sasatinnie masks aren't so bad actually. Give it a try.
It doesn't feel like those cheap masks with unknown brand names.

SooBeaute doesn't look like a high-end sort of brand but the reason why I've got this is because they don't have paraben. At least I don't see the word paraben in all of the ingredient lists.

However, you have to make sure that you get Season III instead of season II because the previous season does contain paraben and the packaging looks different too.

So I've got Soo Beaute Collagen Essence Mask (Nutrition), Bee Venom Essence Mask (Firming), Pearl Essence Mask (Moisturizing) and Pomegranate Essence Mask (Elasticity).

This one looks a bit different but they are under the same brand so... :3
These are the Soo Beaute Oriental Herbal Essence Mask in Ganoderma-Ginseng (Nutrition, 영양공급) and Ginseng (Soothing, 피부진정)

Reviews on these masks? Probably soon :) 
But first, there's a set of 5-Days mask that I've been wanting to use since weeks ago.
So maaaaaybe after that or maaaaaaaybe before that, I don't know :))

Everything here is about Rm107.15.
Seems a lot but usually with that amount of money, I can't buy much in shopping malls.
So this haul is quite a great one for me.

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