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January Love! Hoshi No Utsuwa aka Star Vessel by Sukima Switch!

Beginning the music talk starting from this year and let's get the love going on and on!

This month features the most famous soundtrack of all time in the history of Kishimoto Masashi's all-time masterpiece, Naruto!
If you noticed, I deliberately drew a scarf on Naruto as
Hinata had made him a red winter scarf as her sign of love in Naruto: The Last.
If you're like me -or not like me-, a fan of Naruto series will never miss the last movie that puts a full stop to Naruto Uzumaki's legend. Now this does sound a bit too much but Naruto Uzumaki has been, like, the most heroic hero that I've ever seen! (Also, he's quite the dumbest.) Kishimoto has been working with this series for FIFTEEN YEARS, yes, 15 years, and now he's starting a new era which features the son of Naruto, Bolt(Boruto) and I'm a bit sad to accept that fact... lettin it sink...

I must admit, before a few weeks of catching back about 200++ episodes of Naruto Shippudden, -because I stopped around 6 years ago-, I DO NOT FANCY JAPANESE SONGS BEFORE THIS. I really don't. Japanese songs to me is like Chinese songs to Caucasians, I don't understand them but then I don't dislike them. I just couldn't find the way to listen to these songs until watching the Naruto Shippudden series and some of the theme songs grew into me. I started to listen to Japanese songs that are similar to the ones they have in their opening and ending. 

Now, the funny things is that, how did Kishimoto decided to use Sukima Switch's Star Vessel?
I swear, this song is the most emotional and yet deeply meaningful to me. The song does not go along with simple words like “I love you,” "Let's fight for love," but something like "Why? I wonder why we cry when we’re born. Some day will our tears flow until it reaches the stars."Meaningful, isn't it? It's also dreamy at the same time. When I'm listening to it, I feel like I'm in a movie drama or something.

Yes, they do have good taste in most of the music. 

So now, if you're curious about the song and want to know what it's about, well, here's the english translated lyrics for you so you can understand while listening to it. You can read the Japanese and Romanji lyrics here too! 

Why? I wonder why
we cry when we’re born
some day will our tears flow
until it reaches the stars 
Why? I wonder why
we know how to shed tears
despite not being taught how 
This overflow of teardrops
shed incessantly is proof of love/affection
guides gently and softly
to go and come back 
From heart to body
From body to heart
continuous pattern
of many intertwined spirals 
One by one
Future can be seen in
the sky we’re looking at
look, look to the universe 
Why? I wonder why
the moon always,
without saying anything,
is shining light upon the darkness 
Why? I wonder if
knowing that there’s a limit,
it makes these heartbeats
completely futile 
the size of the vessel
carried in one’s chest
is not what’s of value
It’s if inside exists
the want to experience life 
No matter how hard you look
if you try to see by yourself
you won’t be able to see in the haze
end up completely losing sight of them 
At the end of your searching for something lost/desired
if completely scattered
learn by watching others
by doing this, you’ll be fine 
When talking about living/existing
surely, little by little
parted with many things
after parting with the last one
i’ll be near, and cause/give you tears
and they will be happy tears 
from heart to body
from body to heart
continuous pattern
of many succeeding spirals 
doing this repeatedly
until the time comes i say no way
the entire scenery before my eyes
now, the universe is here
the universe is here - (source: Naruto Wikia)
Now, isn't this song lovely?
If you like it too then why not go ahead and watch the last movie of Naruto? 
I would guarantee that it is less childish as they all have became about 20 years old in the movie, so it makes em all pretty matured.

Now that I'm done expressing my love to this song, I'll continue filling my ears with the lovely melodies of this song~

I love this song-ttebayo!

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