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Less talk, more action.
So this post is about my latest and my first Taobao haul of the year 2015.
Since I've graduated from my college, I wanted to start fresh for my university life.

Let's get started!

I was quite surprised to see a small free gift that they gave me :)

I got these notebooks from them and they are all very cute


This is what written on the front cover page:
The Contour- I fantasize about not telling anyone and going off to some RANDOM PLACE
The sky then I'd never see me again.
Don't be jealous that people have done better than you. All you need to do is to keep breaking your own record every day, for success is a fight between you and yourself.

What I like about this is that, in Japanese, deers are called Shika.
Even though there's an 'h' missing but still it's close enough :)


This one is a bit... not so responsible. 

Here are my goodies :)
Total is 28.90rmb

First, the disappointment. 
I was expecting a lot from this but ..whaaaaaaat

I wanted to get something for sketching but the book is a bit ... it's shedding? 

They gave me a small... bracelet? I don't know what's that hahaha
I wasn't expecting much from this because it's quite cheap.  

This one is quite the disappointment...


Very cheap looking and smelly too...

If you've read my previous post about buying Taobao on your own without an agent, you will know that the weight plays a huge part in each and every haul.
Supposedly, they should charge me a 2.5kg fee but since the exact weight was 2.501kg, they wanted to charge me 3kg fee instead. 

So, I decided to get something small and this happened.

This one has some cute deco stuff :)


I used the courier, 4PX, and they sent me my parcel right away. I received them exactly one week later. Just in time :)

Total bill for his haul, well, it's quite expensive since Malaysia Ringgit has depreciated.
The shipping alone is RMB 91 (for 3 kg.)
The total price for the items is RMB 129.25.

So basically there's about RM130 here.
Quite de pricey.
But really, comparing from buying in local, this is already considered as cheap.

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