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Music Talk| UsTheDuo in Malaysia! 2015

Anyone who knows this couple would swoon whenever they listen to their music.
Us The Duo is Relationship Goal that everyone in the world would agree and I kid you not, I too want a relationship like theirs.

I've been following their news since... idk how many years ago and to be honest, this couple's genre is special to me. If you've listened to it, you may find it relatable even though you have not started any love relationships in your entire life. (that's me btw)

The very next day after they announced their live show performance, I bought the set of CD+2Tickets immediate since
1. Its affordable. 2. It's a Sunday but I'm on a semester break. 3. I DO NO CARE HOW FAR IT IS FROM MY PLACE.

I would just, go and enjoy it no matter what.

So it began on the day of 5th July, around 11am. I reached the area and decided to shop until 3pm but guess what, people are already lining up. The show starts at 8pm and people are already lining up at 3pm.

I have a lot to say about this even actually, if you know me well, you'll know that I usually talk about the down side of a specific thing. 
Yes. There is something that made me angry during the show very, very much.

Fan girls and boys lining up at 3pm is one thing, I don't mind. I mean the reason why I went there earlier is just to make sure I get the front spot, since I'm like 150cm tall. I can't see sh*t if people are blocking me. But hey you know what, since I have a lot to talk about, I'll just list it down instead of making it into paragraphs. (Oh yes, I'm not afraid to talk about it because you know why? I F*CKIN PAID TO WATCH IT.)

1. The staffs/crew sucks ballz. 
- Lack of unity
- Lack of controlling power
- Obviously lack of experience
-Summary: The staffs looked like they don't even know what they are doing so, why bother working? The worst case is when they cannot control the crowd while allowing them to go in. I mean, I came in first and was at the 4th line while waiting outside. You people said we can go in first but guess what? The people from the back cut queues. I. Hate. It. I f*cking hate it. I waited for at least 7 hours long AND YOU LET THOSE WHO JUST CAME TO GO IN FIRST? Well, f*ck you. Also, I bought the set too? So, why let those who came later and have the physical tickets to line up first, instead of us who can already line up? Boot your system up at least 4 hours earlier please. I don't care if you start the ticket distributing later, just. do. it.

2. The crowds are people who lack of morality and manners
-Cut Queues
- Keep adding their friends into the line
- Does not think of other people
-Summary: I was f*ckin blocked by this couple who cuddled since the beginning of the show till the end of it. What do you want, hunney? I really can't see anything at all and I pitied the girl who is way shorter than me who stood right behind them. UGH. As for cutting queues, *exhale* I don't wanna talk about those f*cktards anymore. At least I asked whether people around me can see them or not.

BUT. Let's just skip to the best parts, alright?
The ticket is actually not bad, instead of making it complicating, they made it more simpler than other shows. The CD was imported (and wrapped by papers with Chinese words...), so it has the importing sticker on it along with a layer of plastic wrap. We were told to take it off so they can sign the inside of the album. The tee shirts were labeled with at least $20 dollar in their store but they sold it for Rm35 per piece. (ITS HELLA CHEAP FOR A YOUTUBER'S MERCH.) I've also got the poster that the crew distributed if we followed the Universal Music Malaysia Instagram account.

Let's go to the other part, THE USTHEDUO SESSION!
I swear to god, Michael has an extremely gorgeous pair of eyes and Carissa is so, so, so, so beautiful!
They looked unreal to me, like, they are so perfect looking.
When they sing, I thought they were playing back records but NO, they are singing it for real. Their voices are so angelic that, I thought maybe the system enhanced their voices. It's so genuine and unique that I still cannot shake off the fact that their voices are better in live than in recordings.

When it's my turn to go up the stage and present my CD for them to sign, I made a small conversation with them. It goes like this:
Me: So hows the weather?
Michael: It's.... not as hot as I thought actually :) I thought it would be hotter but it's not
Carissa: Yeah :)
Me: Really? O.O I thought it would be because uhm.. *stunned by Michael's eyes* I.. don't know.. heh
Michael: Well, its really not so hot here *chuckle* 
(and then I'm forced to leave.)

Here's a playlist of the videos :)

(Includes: Make You Mine, Til the Morning Comes, Slow Down time, Like I'm Gonna Lose You, Sway, Missing You Like Crazy, Top 2014 and No Matter Where You Are.)
(The only thing I own is my video recordings, other than that, the songs are not mine.)

Well, to be honest, I had a great time with them. I love them.
I would say that this event is half great and half bad but.. I would just like to remain in the happy state of where both of these lovebirds are as unique as Tori Kelly. Both my style of beauty in many ways.

And yes, I would love to have them back in Malaysia please, Adam the manager :)

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