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Journal | The little old town of Ipoh.

During my previous semester break, I've decided to join my friends to hangout a few days in Ipoh.
Ipoh is a small part of Perak that has gained a lot of tourism attraction since decades ago, known for their food and mural wall arts.

One of the most famous term in Ipoh is "Old Town," which is also the famous local cafe franchise in Malaysia.

During our trip, we went to the old town & Old Town itself, a garden, my friend's relative's hotel and their own coffee house, and also mural art hunting.

First of all, let's check out the murals.
There are a total of 9 mural arts, which was mapped on a wall in the Concubine Lane.
The Concubine Lane was known for its previous attraction, brothel houses.
It was said that prostitutes were not allowed to be on the streets, so if you were walking down the lane that time, you might see them waving at you, attracting you in.

To hunt all these mural arts, you can google the map and have a try.
They are located in the same shop lot area, however it takes a bit of walking so if you're like me, someone who has ankle problems, you might want to drive your car instead.

After that, we knew that Ipoh was also famous for their temples. 
Since we weren't wearing long pants, we decided to stand outside and take photos instead.
However, we weren't sure what or why there wasn't much tourists here, maybe it's because it was a weekday.
But I swear, I'm not even trying to be rude, I'm a Buddhist as well but the statues are creepy, unlike other statues that I've seen.

Then, we went to my friend's only choice of Old Town (because she never liked the other franchises')
It was fancy, alright.

Here's a few shots of the items in the menu which I don't think most of the menus in KL have them.

Here's what we ordered. Nasi Lemak, HorFun and Asam Laksa.

After that, we went to check out the M-Boutique nearby.
I swear, their candles are the cheapest I've seen that has quality.

Afterwards, we went to a "Japanese style" garden which almost had no one at all.

Of course, we got hungry, so we went to Patisserie.
The Cabonara is the best that I've eaten.
Personally, I like to try out the pastas that a restaurant can offer, usually Bolognese and Cabonara as usual. Previously my top 1 was from P.H. Pastry but now, I give it to this lovely cafe.
(Something similar to Cabonara, Pork ball herb pasta, which is from Map's is actually my top 1 now.)


We spent the rest of the day walking around Patisserie.
Here's what we saw.

After that, we went to another M-Boutique for their cafe, MYTH.
Ironically, MYTH is their family initials together, prolly their English names.

I silently walked out as my friends were patiently waiting for food in the cafe, taking shots of their merch store.

aaaaaaand time to walk back for my food.

By looking at the photos below, you can easily guess which is mine.

That's basically our few days trip.
I personally recommend the Patisserie (their PR are active on social medias, feedbacks are taken sorta-seriously as well.)

Since we stay in my friend's house, we didn't spend more than Rm300 the whole trip.
Food per meal is still the same as in KL, around Rm30.
We also didn't need to worry about transport since my friend has a car and she can drive.. either that or we can ask her driver to send us to places.

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