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Shop Luv | List of Craft Stores around Klang Valley

Visited Art Stores:
  1. Art Friends (Mid Valley and Curve)
    This is probably the only art store in KL that you might find to have almost everything you need for your craft, ranging from pen to paper, needles to yarns, wood supplies to architecture supplies, clay, glue and so on. Every stock they have can be considered as high-end products, to be honest.
  2. Daiso (Almost any well-known mall: Mid Valley, Pavilion, Timesquare, Curve, The Mines)
    Daiso has a wide variety of products but one of the down parts is that each of these stores import different items. For example, the one in Pavilion is more craft and convenient oriented while the one in Mid Valley/Timesquare is more towards home items, such as cups and mops. The items are cheap, especially their yarn if you were to compare it to the ones in Art Friends'.

    One of the item that is not, is their acrylic paint. You can get a pack of 18 colours in Vision Art for around Rm38 instead of just one colour in Daiso for Rm5.30. Quality-wise, it's still not bad. They have some cute colours.

    Again, some of the items are cheap and some not, such as a roll of tape (for Rm5.30 .. no thank you.)
  3. Vision Art (Sunway. Behind the One Academy.)
    This store is located near one of the exit of that shop lot area. You just need to focus on the block exactly behind of the One Academy that is in purple colour.

    Down part: The shop is awfully small for an art store especially when a crafty institution is nearby. There were a lot of students in the store as well and it's always busy. The craft supplies are quite limited but it's enough for students in designing course. They also don't accept credit card so make sure you have all the money you need. Besides that, they don't sell ceramic paint as well as wood stock... unless you only need a stick.

    However, they do sell some stuffs cheap, such as a very big-sized corkboard, about 60x90cm, for less than Rm25. Some of the paints here are cheap too. They do have no-brand canvas but the price is around the same as the ones in Art Friends. You might want to buy from VA if you want a thinner wood frame.
Other craft stores around Klang Valley:

  1. Creative Cottage at Amcorp Mall (Level 3) – This is a craft shop with a fairly varied selection. They sell paints, mediums, some sizes of canvas, wood craft bases. Expect to find paints for ceramic, glass, wood, paper and fabric.
  2. Scrapbook Memories at Tropicana City Mall (Level 2) – They have a wide selection of paints, paper and card stock, rubber stamps, electronic craft machines, brushes and ink pads. This is another place to find paints for ceramic, glass, wood, paper and fabric.
  3. Craft Haven at One Utama (Level 2) – This is a very complete art supply shop when it comes to crafting. They don’t have a lot of canvases or easels; but they have everything a crafter needs. Paints, mediums, wood craft bases, paper and card stock, rubber stamps, electronic craft machines, brushes and a wide array of markers. Expect to find paints and markers for ceramic, glass, wood, paper and fabric. Their selection of brushes is very good.
  4. Da Vinci at Ikano Power Center (Level 2) – Their selection is minimal but sufficient if you are in an emergency and looking for basic supplies.
  5. Yen Ji at Ikano Power Center (Level 2) – If you are looking for wood panels to paint on then this is the place to go. You can even custom order your own wood!
  6. Superior Art & Graphic Supplies: they provide art and graphic stationeries, printing paper and fine art materials, items used for technical drawing, drafting and drawing machines as well as materials used for exhibitions and events as well as many more items of a wide range. Their address is 9-2, 1st Floor, Jalan PJU 8/3B, Damansara Perdana.
  7. Nanyang Art Supplies in KL town. If you are looking for cheap art supplies in bulk and you need Chinese art supplies, then this is the place to go. They have the biggest canvas cloth in town. Expect to see really good materials here as this shop is very established, however that comes with the drawback of expired goods. If you are buying paint, make sure they are not dried up. They also have a wide range of paper here.
  8. Venus Art in KL town. Premium supplies but old and overpriced. Haze was a customer but the price tags chased her away. Brushes, ink and Chinese art supplies are good quality though, look for their sable horse hair brushes.
  9. T-Square in Central Market. This is a well-known store which has been supplying business, students and artists with the good brands of stationery, art supplies and printing. They also have a selection of imported art materials, and a framing service for canvases as well. Foreign brands or tools available.
  10. Master Art at Street Mall, Cyberjaya. A Vision Art equivalent in Cyberjaya. Much bigger with a lot more stationery supplies. You can get a discount if you mention that you are a student from LKW or MMU.
  11. Multifilla in Balakong. Art supplies in warehouse style. The more you buy the cheaper it gets but beware of bad quality products though, things are pricey for a reason. Don’t expect to be served enthusiastically either. If you need art supplies for events or in big quantity, coming here will save you money but otherwise its not worth the trip.
  12. Yy R Us Sdn Bhd offers a wide range of clay-related material. They sell all types of clay-making material including multi-coloured clays, the tools and accessories as well as Clay Tool Sets, Glitter Tattoo Kits and patterns, Fabric art material, Canvas Art Kit, Scratch art material like patterns, etc. AEON Lot No.F26, Mahkota Cheras Shopping Centre. Tel: 03-9075 4146.
  13. The Art Shop: No 65, Jalan Negara, KL. They claim to have over 11,000 items in their inventory with a retail and wholesale distribution network all over Peninsula Malaysia. Their product list includes stationery, fine art materials, architectural modelling material and etc.
  14. Czip Lee (Yelp link): 1 & 3 Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. 03-2287 0699. User Aida47 from Expat suggested that the price are high and most are from China
  15. JR Stationary Sentul (Yelp link): No. 4, Jalan 15/48A, 51000 Kuala Lumpur. 03-4042 3007
  16. Spotlight in Ampang Point, Ikano Power Centre and The Mines. Also available to buy from their online store.
  17. Taman Melawati area (Expat): User Ash Shahabudin suggested to visit wholesellers from Jalan Pasar 
  18. An art store in Publika (Expat): User pipiempuk suggested that the price there is cheaper than Art Friends, Spotlight, etc.
More links to specialty stores:

*list credit to Art Misfits, YelpExpat
*more stores to come

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