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Beauty Talk| Late discovery of Japan's largest beauty website — Cosme

I'm pretty sure everyone has their own source of information regarding to which product to buy and which one to not. For me, it's pretty hard to decide which one to buy since I'm always indecisive.

"You can always refer to reviews." Yeah, well, usually I don't have any specific product to buy. So when I start to google, I type: The Best [insert product category] [insert year of the time]. That's how I usually know which one to buy.

One of the best website to refer to —especially for Asian ladies — is Cosme from Japan.
Cosme is popularly known for their large community and also their credibility. 
So basically if you're unsure about a product, you can always go to Cosme and check it out.
Of course, the products reviewed and ranked in Cosme are usually products that are suitable for Asians only. So if you want to know about a product that is popular among Westerners, then I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Cosme has several websites.

-is similar to forum-based website, except that they have more features.
Since Cosme is Japanese based, you can follow the picture above to translate the page using Google Translate. Of course, this only works for Chrome.
(I hardly use other browsers, so you have to explore it yourself :3 )
Click < Options > and tick the button to save yourself from trouble while browsing Cosme :D has ranking for products that they do/don't sell, so its pretty diversified.
For some products, they will direct you to a website to purchase them, other than that the link should guide you to Cosme's online store instead.
The category ranges from, basically, top to bottom.
Below is a screenshot-ed list from the website.
Click on it to enlarge the image!

Besides knowing what's hit of the month/timeperiod and even for which age, you can check out what's the best selling product of the year.
But the down part of about this section is that, non/normal members can only see the top 3 of the list.
In order to see the rest of the list, you have to be their premium member.
Right now, they are allowing all other members to enjoy 30 days free trial for being a premium member. There are a lot of benefits being a member but I just need to say one thing, only one thing, to make you feel uninterested.

Some of the benefits: You can get discounts, or maybe even sample and gifts.
Down part: They are still not supporting international shipping just yet.

So in order to buy from Japan, you have to use forwarding services from couriers like Tenso, TensoJapan and Baggage Forward. These are preferred by Cosme themselves, so it should be fine to use their services.
From what I've known, the prices are about the same but some are expensive because they charge a few extra stuffs.

And all of these are troublesome. (I'm an awfully lazy person.)
So I decided to quit the thoughts about being a premium member.

-is their official site for members to purchase cosmetics online also has a ranking list of best selling products. Of course, the list only contains products they sell. So if you're more curious about the diversified ranking, would be your site to check out :) 
Since is only in Japanese, I won't talk much about it. Another reason is also because they recently just launched a new website solely for English readers.

-is their official English website for English-reading members to shop around.
Cosme Shopping has 1148 brands in total, Asian or Western brands, available in their website. The prices are varied too. Some countries sell some specific products cheaper than buying it in Japan, so you should do a little homework before binge shopping in Cosme. You won't wanna feel awfully disappointed after knowing you that you could've gotten it with a cheaper price.

Most brands in Cosme are not available in Malaysia, which is a bummer.
It got me so tempted to buy from them but I kept on stopping myself.

One of the biggest temptation is the brand Canmake. It's at least half time cheaper to buy in Japan than buying it here in Malaysia. Also, Sasa is forever known to increase the price of the products, so it got me really frustrated to know how cheap it is to buy from Japan. 
Another reason why it's so tempting is because Canmake is really, really loved by Japanese. Most of the rankings for mascaras, lip gloss, foundation and blush has the same specific products from Canmake. 

Lastly, Cosme Shopping also has articles for both beginners/non-beginners to read and refer to.
They are similar to reviews and most of them are pretty detailed.

If you're someone who doesn't put much credibility into other sources of information regarding to cosmetics, try Cosme.
For me, it's quite useful but to make sure that the products are really good enough, I would check with the products introduced in a highly credible beauty show from Taiwan called 女人我最大 (Queen). By checking which products they introduced here, I feel more certain that the things I bought are worth the moneyz. (Of course, you should watch the episode for the product to know better about the product.)

One of the product that I recently bought is called Visual Long Lash from Kate.
It was introduced in the episode on December 17 by a popular makeup artist, Kevin.
This product has also ranked up since the last time I checked (last week).
I made a review about it and maybe it might give you an idea on why it keeps ranking up to top 15.
You can check out the review by clicking the link below:

So that's all for this post! Hope everything written here helps you in deciding which products to buy!

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