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Review| Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 200Nude and Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder in MO

 If you haven't known, I've written a blog post about Cosme website, where I source for the best product of the time. In the ranking lists, I found these two products that I'm about to mention in few moments later. You can read about the blog post here to know more about Cosme.

Anyways, in this blog post, I will be reviewing Revlon's Colorstay Foundation in the shade of 200 Nude, as well as Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder in Matte Ochre.

Let's start with Revlon first :)


Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Combination / Oily Skin
200 Nude (Pinkish tone)
SPF 15
Height (filled with product): 9.5cm (About 6.5 cm)
Volume: 30ml
Made in US
Ranked TOP 1 in Cosme 2014 Liquid Foundation Ranking

Claims from official website:
Flawless, matte finish for up to 24 hours
20 beautiful, long-wearing shades
Build-able to full coverage
Contains salicylic acid to balance skin over time

Few minutes later
Sadly, from the photos below, you can't really see the difference after swatching it.
So, I guess I will describe it a bit here.
This foundation has a pinkish tone and mostly suitable for ladies with fair skin tone.
You can always go for 180 Sand Beige if you prefer yellow undertone.

Forgotten to take a photo of this part

Next up: Canmake!

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder
Matte Ochre
SPF 26 PA ++
Width: 3 Inch
Weight: 10g
Made in Japan
Ranked TOP 2 in Cosme 2014 Powder Ranking

Claims from official website:
Create a sweet-looking face that's as soft and light ♡ as a marshmallow
A delicate powder that combines the smoothness of silk and the softness of a marshmallow ♡
Additive-free mineral formulation that's kind to your skin and can be removed with ordinary facial wash
● Kind to your skin - contains 72% mineral ingredients.
● No need to use special cleansers when removing your make-up - ordinary facial wash is fine!
Free from surfactants, tar-based pigments, alcohol and fragrance.
Formulation that prevents make-up wearing off due to shininess, dullness or dryness
● Contains shine-preventing powder. This absorbs sebum, preventing shininess, stickiness and make-up fade.
Contains 10 beautifying agents to prevent skin becoming dry and rough
Moisturizing agents 
● Aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, lemon extract
Toning agents 
● Horse chestnut extract, perilla (shiso) leaf extract
Emollient agents 
● Squalane, olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil
Contains concealing powder that makes pores and unevenness in skin texture much less noticeable
● The two different-sized types of spherical powder particles create a light-scattering effect, making it hard to notice areas of concern, such as pores and unevenness of skin texture.

I swear, this is the prettiest packaging I've seen.
It's cute and elegant at the same time.
Besides, the size isn't really "small," so you can use this product for quite a while.


Here's a close up of the pad and the powder itself.
Both of them are very, very velvety and smoooooooth.

I did a small swatch on a piece of paper.
Left is two swatch, right is one swatch.

Testing time!
Before applying the foundation, I washed my face and wiped it dry with my towel.
From then onwards, I did not put any other products on my skin.
On your left side of my face, I applied the foundation using cheek//blush brush with swirling motion and downslide motion.
This method was suggested by a famous youtuber, Tanya Burr.

Then from here on, I put foundation on the other side.
So this is a full-face application, including my eyelids and my outer lips.

I suddenly feel that my face is as pale as a ghost :0

In this photo below, I put Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder on the right side of my face, which is the left side of this picture.
I tried to lower down the exposure level but but somehow it doesn't seem to show much difference on camera... but I can definitely see that side of my face turning brighter after application while I'm applying it in front of the mirror.

The pictures below are my full face makeup.
For the base makeup, there's nothing more than these two products that I'm currently reviewing.
Other than that, I used Etude House's Proof 10 Eye Primer and Easy Eyebrow Pencil, Sleek's Eye Shadow in Oh So Special, NYX's Butter Lipstick, Bourjois Khol & Contour, and Canmake's Lip & Cheek Gel.

Review Criteria (First Impression version): 
Price: ★★★★☆☆
Packaging: ★★★★☆☆
Colors availability (in malaysia) : ★★☆☆☆☆
Stickiness: ★★☆☆☆☆
Application: ★★★★☆☆
Coverage: ★★★★☆☆
Natural-looking: ★★★☆☆

Makeup removing: Not so easy
Sunblock: Yes
Moisturizing: Not sure
Dry: No
Colour availability (Revlon): Only in six shades for Malaysia.
Colour availability (Canmake): All three shades.
Cakey (Visual): Yeah
Cakey (Feeling): Not really
I pretty much like//love these two products very much.
Of course, I still have to use it a few more days before decided whether I really like//love it or nah.
Now, let me talk about a few downpoint of these two products.

1. There's no pump or any other methods to obtain product from the bottle other than hitting the bottle upside down on my palm.
Only recently that they introduced a pumped version but it's even more expensive.

2. There's a few ingredient inside that I have seen on credible sources where they are considered as "dangerous."
Ingredients such as various of paraben, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide can be found in the product itself.
You can always refer to SkinDeep, GoodGuide or ThinkDirty to know more about chemicals like those.

3. Since the only way to obtain the product off the bottle is hitting it on my palm, I might accidentally remove too much product.
Also, I'm starting to worry about how long this product will last me.
6 months? 3 months? Or how even many weeks.

4. The sunblock feature isn't so strong. Only SPF 15.
Not SPF 15 PA+ or SPF 15 PA ++

1. The size of the product is considered to be budget-friendly but not compact-friendly.
2. The packaging is not English-reader friendly.
3. (Only applicable in Malaysia) You can't really find any refill here.
4. Coulda been half price cheaper but no it's not.
5. Contains Methylparaben, Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide. (Refer to Revlon.(2.) ) 

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