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Haul| My first experience on Guardian Malaysia Online Store

Good day, lovely gal!
This blog post will be about my very own experience with Guardian Malaysia's online store.

Guardian is a very popular drugstore in Malaysia, besides Watsons and Caring.
Even tho it's popular, this drugstore tends to be a little bit behind Watsons.
For example, Watsons put more effort into their marketing sections, giving discounts and freebies.
They also do a lot of advertising so many people are much more aware of Watsons than Guardian.

Guardian itself carries some of the major brands like Maybelline, In2it, Palmer's, and so on.
However, they don't seem to carry as many brands as Watsons.
If you were to visit their website, you'll realise how little cosmetics brands they are selling online, comparing to Watsons.
Some of the guardian stores also stopped carrying Revlon for some reason.

But one of the advantages is that Guardian carries some brands that Watsons don't, such as Canmake and BCL from Japan, and Catrice from Europe.

Anyway, let me start with my first parcel from Guardian.
The parcel box is clean looking, not giving the impression of which they use boxes that are used before.

I only bought two makeup products this time.

One is a foundation I got from Revlon.
Something that people on Cosme love a lot.

Another Cosme top ranking product would be Canmake's Marshmellow Finish Powder.

Since there will be a free delivery service for orders RM150 and above, I added a few items into my cart to fill up the amount.
The current amount is somewhere around Rm90.

Then I got a tube of Rosken Skin Repair for my awful stretch marks on my bum.

I also got Biore's pore pack.

And also two packs of twin-pack liners.
They are cheaper than anywhere else, selling only at Rm11 per twin pack.

Here's a receipt of my order.
Click to enlarge! :)


Here are my thoughts.
First of all, the Guardian didn't do me wrong at all so there won't be any bias comments.
Second, I enjoyed my 'window shopping' experience on Guardian and eventually did made my first order.
Third, I am pretty happy to receive my parcel with all the items in one piece.

Now, the following comments are based on my honest opinions.
1. Guardian takes a bit longer time to process an order, as well as for their order delivery processing.
 It takes two emails to confirm that the order is ready to be shipped -> within three working days.
The days between the first and the second email was 4 days.
So if it takes 3 days to send out my parcel then it would be about 7 days.
That's a bit too long for me... perhaps the reason why I wanted it to come immediately is that I desperately needed the foundation I order because I broke my foundation about a week ago.

It happened to splash on the floor, on the wall, on my carpet and my dog's bed.
And this isn't a cheap foundation too.

2. Guardian didn't provide much detail on the parcel's delivery status.
No, they didn't even tell me which courier they are using.
I have no way to trace my parcel, as far as I know.

3. Guardian seems to be not aware of the heat absorbed into the products during the delivery process of the parcels.
I actually didn't receive the parcel myself, my granny actually signed it for me.
I came back home about 20 minutes later and noticed the parcel on the couch then, immediately, I took it straight to my room.
Upon opening the parcel, I find both my foundation and my Rosken tube pretty hot.
No, not the appearance kind of hot, but the temperature kind.
It was so hot that it took about another 20 minutes to cool down.

But on and all, I find this experience quite decent. Not too bad, not too good.
Hopefully, they will import more Canmake products with a cheaper price next time since you can buy it for about half the price in Japan :(

That's all for this post!
Hope this helps you while buying from Guardian :)

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