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As a crafty person myself (or just like anyone else), whether you are professional or not, you might come to the part where canvas art suddenly seem interesting.

I love canvas! You can do so many things with it and apparently they are not as expensive as I thought.
You can draw, paint, sew, print, or do any other things that you could imagine.

There are just so many ways to make use of a canvas, and yes, you can get it in almost every craft stores out there that you could find.
But what's the price offered though?
Are they cheaper than the other store?
Which stores should I buy from though?
Well, to answer those questions, this post is written to help you with how to decide on it.

Now, first of all, what sort of quality are you seeking from?
Do you just want to experiment with it?
Or do you really need it for professional use?

Then, ask yourself, do you need it to be framed or just the canvas cloth?
Either way or do you want to use a canvas board?

Third question, what is your budget?
Do you wish to buy a higher quality one to make your art piece more valuable or do you just want to make it a simple gift for someone's birthday party?


These three questions are essential but then again, we don't really have a lot of choices of canvas to get in Malaysia so, I'll just make this short.

If you want your piece to look less like a factory product and more of a DIY item then you can go for the ones available in Vision Art, which is somewhere behind One Academy, Sunway.
The canvas available are stapled into wooden frames instead of glued onto it.
The frames looks less commercial and the canvas is not perfectly bleached.
The price is almost similar to the store that I am about to mention but I find it slightly expensive.

Now, if you want your piece to look like one of those perfect canvas art on Etsy, then you should visit Art Friends. You can find one of the stores in Midvalley and The Curve.
They sell this art brand called Phoenix from China.
Just ignore the location produced because the quality is surprisingly good. 
Many of the China brands or production factories are actually high-end or are even designer-level. But the poor ones that made the news caused a bad reputation towards the whole nation, so it made it difficult to find a brand with great quality products.

Anyway, this brand is both good quality and affordable. 
Basically, you can find it available in a variety of sizes, as well as in both framed or board-piece.

I've taken photos of the price lists about 3 months ago (October), in which is intended for my personal use but, why not share it(?), for you to look at and you could check it out.
Canvas Panel Price
Canvas Price

(In hopes that the price hasn't change very much)
Now, I've used this canvas for sewing and it's a bit more like paper than cloth.
So, once you punched in a hole, don't expect it to be covered back unless you're a professional art repairer. Otherwise, you'll have to stick with it or get a new one.

Third place to get a canvas is from Daiso.
Now the only canvas you can get in Daiso is in panel form, meaning: no framed canvas.
You can get them in three sizes, if I'm not mistaken, each a only few in different packets.
Reason why I'm not sure about how many are there in a packet is because I always go for the smaller ones.

I got the smallest size, which has 3 canvas panels in it.
For RM5.30, you can get 3 canvas instead of RM9.90 per piece from Art Friends.
Quality wise, they are almost the same, so it's a bargain if you want them cheap.

If you like to explore more, I compiled a list of Craft Stores around Klang Valley for you.
The list are contributed by various of internet users through different platform//on their own social media. Thus, my attempt to credit them right now, here.

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