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I've been shopping on Taobao a lot lately but because of my increasing workload, I can't monitor the purchasing and shipping process from time to time.
This is where I rely on a website called Ezbuy, which I mentioned about them in my Taobao FAQ video on my Youtube Channel.

Let me get to introducing Ezbuy first, then I'll proceed to my hauls :)

Ezbuy Intro:
Ezbuy is a third party company where they help you to buy and ship your purchases to your doorsteps.
It doesn't matter whether you wanna buy from Taobao, TianMao or any other stores, as long as they're from China, Taiwan and America, you get to enjoy the services that they're providing!

They currently have a website and a mobile app at the same time. 

The website has a very user friendly interface and it's mainly in English. This pretty much solves every non-chinese speakers' problems.

The website itself has a lot of different subcategories for you to choose from and the items are linked to the original pages (i.e: from Taobao, Tianmao, etc).
All these product information are in English, so you won't have to worry too much while you're browsing through.

Now here's the biggest reason why I love using their services:

Occasionally they will have 100% discount on the agent fees, which are basically 8% extra charges from your total purchases and shipping. (See below)

This kind of promotion happens around 2 times per week/month, so if you want to enjoy this promotion, you can do it -at least- TWICE and combine them into one shipping at the end of your second round purchasing.

Of course, if you need more info, you can visit their Quick Guide page.
You can also visit their Ship For Me page to know more about buying from China, Taiwan and America from their websites.

[If you get confused by Ship For Me and Buy For Me]
[Ship For Me is when you purchase manually and ship the item to the address they provided.]
[Buy For Me is when you purchase through their website/mobile app and they process up to 90% of the transaction for you (including refund). ]

Here's what you pay for the shipping:
Shipping fee for China purchases 
Shipping fee for Taiwan purchases
Shipping fee for U.S. purchases.
The options available to you are Economic, Priority, Sensitive, Express and Sea Shipping.
I use Economic shipping usually but Sea Shipping is not bad of a deal too, especially when your parcels are prone to becoming being weighted with Volume Metric Measurements.

[Meaning that the size of your parcel may be too big but the weight of it is too little. The courier will then calculate the weight of your parcel using the equation of 
length x width x height/5000
This equation is most likely to cost you more than 1kg of your parcel's original weight.]

[Ezbuy will provide you the information of  your parcel's weight and it's volume metric weight. They will choose whichever that has more volume and use that one instead.
The parcel below was shipped using volume metric weight for payment.]

I normally use their mobile app because it's really, really convenient.

Here's a screenshot of the homepage:

As you can see, this is my account user interface.
It's very convenient and the layout allows me to check on my purchases in a very short duration.

From the screenshot below, you can see the things that I just bought and they are ready to be shipped off the warehouse in China. 

Before you confirm your shipping, you can check out how much it weighs, how much does the shipping and agent fee costs. At the same time, you can use coupon code, if you have any.

You can also choose delivery method and select any of your choice.
You can either choose a courier or collect it on your own, which is totally free of charge.
There are only four states available, which are Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, Johor Bahru, Penang and Kuching.

Since I'm from K.L., I'll pick the first one.
Then, you  can choose to either pick up from their centre, from selected MBE stations or from selected McD Drive Thru stores.

Before my latest shipment, I would usually pick Mcd but then again there's a very limited time frame for them to be at /that specific/ drive thru that you picked. 
They will only be there for around 20 mins then they'll be off to another station.

Right now, I prefer collecting from MBE stations because the only time limit is their business hour, which is around 10am to 7pm (9pm).

Lastly, you can also check the status of your items that aren't in the warehouse yet.
The first status would be "Order Placed."
The second status would be "Dispatched by Seller."
The third status indicates that it's being inspected and/or repackaged. (Repacking can also be requested by buyers but if the Customer Service crew advised you otherwise and you still insist, then they will not bear the responsibility if your items are defected throughout the shipping process.)

Ezbuy has a good customer service system but here are the downparts:
a. The "online chat" app that is supposed to appear at the bottom right of the website does not appear. When it does, the person in charge doesn't reply immediately.
b. Customer Service line took very long time to pick up. First 3 calls were never picked up. The rest of 2 calls took a very long time before they pick up the phone.
c. Even though the customer service crew were polite during the phone call, and that they do reply at the end of the day, I'm still very annoyed by what happened.

But overall, here are my opinions on this company:
1. Great deals being offered (agent fee free, shipping fee discounts, cash off deals, etc)
2. The shipping fees are relatively cheaper than what's provided on Taobao.
3. Provides 2 types of collecting method for more than 3 states.
4. Mobile app has a really good layout design where everything can be seen and done easily, it shortens decision-making time.
5. Making product information from Chinese websites into English. (Saved many lives there)
6. Parcel arrival is always earlier than ETA provided. (about 4 to 7 days after confirming shipping)
7. Customer Service isn't exactly/relatively perfect but at least we get to enjoy great deals.

My Haul:

I made a video instead.
You can skip half of the video to check on my haul. :)
Don't worry I made it quick.

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