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Review| Tarteist Toolbox Brush Set & Magnetic Palette [Limited Edition]

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So Tarte had released these limited edition brushes and I got one (in which I coulda wait a few days more and get it during Black Friday... but I didn't...)

max.. regret..


Anyway, I decided to give a small review on these brushes.
They literally killed my plan to buy Real Technique in Bangkok, since it's somewhat cheaper to buy there.
For Rm185, I've got a complete set of 9 synthetic brushes in gold metallic handles.
The design of the casing.. well I'm not a big fan.

I tore the plastic off without even thinking that it's part of the casing.
I did.
..without ever thinking that it is to hold eyeshadow palettes... but it didn't matter anyway.

The Sephora salesgirl told me that this version is better than Last Year's. 
"A huge improvement," she said.

That made it interesting.
Now let's look through the brushes kay?
So we've got da Foundation Brushes

... we've got the stippling side

... and the plain foundation side.

Then there's also these Concealer Brushes

... where we got da large size

... and da smol size.

Next up, we have the Eyeshadow Brushes

... where there's also a bigger size

... and a smoler size

Furthermore, we've got da Cheek and Highlight Brushes

 ... where there's the highlight brush

... and also the blush brush.

Lastly, we have the multi-use Complexion Brush

... and seriously there's only one side for this brush.

Here are my thoughts and opinions:
- The brushes feel soft and not painful when I stab them to my face.
- They don't feel ultimately luxury though.
- The handles can be heavier. The current weight took away the luxury feelings.
- The inner casing design, I dislike the pouch-pocket since it could create odd frays from the brushes.
- The shadow palette side, it wasn't a great idea to put cheap-looking-and-feeling plastic cover. 
Something more sturdier is better.
- The outer casing design, well, I guess you wanted it to look retro? The Nineteen-Seventy's kind of feeling?
- I think it'd be better if we put some of the weight of the casing to the handles of the brushes instead (??) No?
- The brushes pick up colours well. 
They don't 'swallow' all the colour and each of them did a really great job.
However, sometimes they do shed a strand or two.
- There are some strands sticking out as well, as in an error in cutting or something. Just, there are like some strands sticking out from the design that feels really odd to be there. It doesn't affect the applying process but the appearance does disturb me. I'll trim it manually since I really don't like seeing it. *snip snip*
- I could use some directions on which brush is for what makeup-job too, but it doesn't matter now since I've memorized it :/ I'm not a brush-person, you see. I'm pretty dumb at fancy brushes.

Final thoughts:
For the price of Rm185 (Original price Rm200), they really made a great deal for those who are not a professional in makeup but are doing good at it. It's really a dream-come-true for those who travels in a frequent manner. However, because of the price, I'd prefer to keep them at home instead. Given the fact that Malaysia Ringgit has been falling drastically. It's quite an expensive set of brushes for a student, which it does provide a little feeling of "luxurious-like" but it can still do better.

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