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Review| I'm Meme Fix Lips and Clio Lip Syrup

Recently I've gone a bit mad over Korean lipsticks.
I don't know what's got into me but I'm also aiming at their coral-shaded ones more than ever.

There are two coral ones that I've recently got.
Memebox x Clio

Memebox is very popular for their colour shades and also their collaboration with Pony Makeup
whereas Clio is more popular with their Kill Cover series.
(Peripera is Clio's sub-brand that features lip wear that wins most of other brands)

Here's a quick look with the products.

Memebox's Fix Lips
2016 Pantone Version
Colour: FL01 

Clio Stay Shine Lip Syrup Stick
Rm 68.90
No.4 Merry Go Coral

Here's also some swatches of these lipsticks on the back of my hands.

Memebox is obviously quite vivid and vibrant.
The consistency is considered to be mid-thick.
It's not matte. Not shiny either. 

On the other hand, Clio is more sheer but appears to be more moisturising.
Both looks like a related shade but only that one is lighter and one is darker.

Here's what it looks like in different angles:

I recently decided to have a new method for the makeup-removing part of all reviews.
Introducing: 10-wipes-off.

For 10 wipes, we'll see how much the makeup remover can take off the makeup, as well as how smudging it can be.

Here's a disclaimer that I'd like to place on every makeup review I'll have in the future:
If a product is waterproof/smudgeproof, it shall not be affected by that feature when it comes to makeup removing. This means that they should be efficiently removed by any makeup remover with ease. It is very important to clean off every trace of makeup. At the same time, it should also be waterproof, where it shall not be affect by water during most of the time.

So, let's count down:

It appears that Clio is slightly harder to take off.
For some people, this could be alright for you due to different preferences.
However, I would want to advice you again, especially if you're pregnant, that it's somewhat harmful to use something that stains your skin.

Clio does stains a bit, but it's not the worse I've seen. So this is tolerable.

Final thoughts:
Both of these products are excellent when it comes to producing pretty colours on our lips, though I prefer Clio to change their formula a little less staining if they want to target audience who may feel reluctant about that. (I've seen pregnant ladies talking about makeup, so I guess that's what affected my views). Anyhow, these two products are also pricey for those who are still in school. Packaging wise, both of them looked common (i.e.: nothing special). 

That's all for this post!

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